Lita: From Extreme Queen To Edge's Ho
August 23, 2006 by Michelle S.

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What can anyone say about Lita" Not too long ago, she had superstardom. Some would say that Lita was the toughest female wrestler ever to grace the ring. However, what can be said about Lita now" Well, she definitely does not wrestle the way she used to, not since she has been with Edge. The most action fans see Lita in is when she interferes in Edge's matches, the rare times she is in a wrestling match, and when she and Edge have their live sex celebrations.

So how did Lita go from extreme queen to Edge's ho" Let's take a walk down memory lane.

Growing up, she was in search of a direction in life. She traveled throughout the United States and Europe seeking her calling. Finally, she found it in the wrestling rings of Mexico.

Lita wrestled in MCW, EMLL, and NWA while in Mexico. In 1999, Lita came to ECW. There she was invited to Dork Funk's training camp. She graduated the Funking Conservatory in August 1999.

Lita used her training to become a wrestler worthy of a WWF contract. She started as Essa Rios valet, but then joined up with her old friends, the Hardy Boyz. She competed in mixed tag team action with the Hardy Boyz. In those matches, she earned the respect of other male and female wrestlers.

In August 2000, she defeated Stephanie McMahon Helmsley for the Women's Championship. She reigned at the top of the Women's Division for two months and lost the title to Ivory in a fatal four-way match that also included Trish Stratus and Jacqueline.

In 2002, she was at the peak of the Women's Division. Her vast array of high-flying, acrobatic maneuvers was almost impossible to overcome and, even without the title, she was always one of the top contenders.

Then, her journey to winning the Women's Championship stopped dead in its tracks in April 2002, when she sustained a broken neck while rehearsing her own stunts for her role in the series finale of Dark Angel. The neck injury sidelined her for more than a year.

She returned to in-ring action in 2003. After her return, things started to look good for Lita. She was back in the title hunt and she was back with her boyfriend, Matt Hardy, who saved her from Kane in April 2004.

That started the whole Kane-Lita storyline. In the storyline, Lita was going to have Kane's "baby". Kane defeated Matt Hardy in a "Death Do Us Part" match, which meant that he would be the one to "marry" Lita. During the Kane and Lita wedding, Matt Hardy came to rescue Lita, but was injured by Kane. Kane and Lita got "married". In September 2004, Gene Snitsky hit Kane with a steel chair from behind which made Kane fall on top of Lita and made her "lose their baby".

With Lita back in action again, she set her sights on winning the Women's Championship. She started to feud with the Women's Champion, Trish Stratus. In the past, the Lita-Trish feud created many classic matches. This time around, fans were not disappointed as Lita and Trish produced classic matches once again.

Lita defeated Trish for the Women's Championship on December 6, 2004 on RAW. Nevertheless, her championship reign was cut short as Trish Stratus regained the Women's Championship at New Years Revolution in January 2005 and injured Lita in the process.

After Wrestle Mania 21, Lita betrayed Kane by helping Edge win the "Gold Rush" finals. In doing so, the Edge-Lita story started to unfurl.

Soon, a man from their past continued to haunt Edge and Lita. It was Matt Hardy. Hardy was rehired by the WWE and was in the mood for revenge. Hardy confirmed what Internet wrestling sites were reporting. While Matt Hardy was injured, Lita was cheating on him with Edge. Edge, with the help of Lita defeated Matt Hardy several times in the late summer and early fall of 2005 until Matt Hardy went to SmackDown!

Lita continued to be with Edge. She constantly interfered in Edge's matches and wrestled once in every couple of months. The only action she was in is when she and Edge had the live-sex celebration after he had won the WWE Championship in January 2006 and the very rare times she wrestled.

Watching RAW on August 14, 2006 shocked me. Just the week before Trish Stratus was going to face the Women's Championship, Mickie James, for the title. However, she was interrupted by Edge and Lita, which led to a mixed tag team match where Edge and Lita took on Trish and Carlito. The match ended with Lita pinning Trish after Edge speared her. Then, surprise, surprise, Lita gets a title match against Mickie James and, thanks to Edge; she won the Women's Championship.

From that match, we can clearly tell that either Lita does not know how to wrestle anymore or maybe since she has not been wrestling for such a long time, her wrestling skills are rusty.

Part of me wonders how Lita deserved to win the title because she does not wrestle full-time anymore. The other part of me wants to believe that she could still have it in her.

What I do know is that WWE missed out on taking Lita to the limit. Putting her with Edge was the worst thing for Lita's career because suddenly, Lita's career was put on hold while she helped Edge's career. Now, I just think that WWE cares more about having the WWE Divas for people to look at than having the Divas actually wrestle. It is sad to see that Lita went from the extreme queen to Edge's ho, who does nothing but cheat for Edge and wrestles rarely.

Yet, there is still time to turn Lita's career around. If WWE would only stop the Edge-Lita storyline, then Lita could be the extreme queen that she is. If that happens, then maybe, years from now, Lita will be remembered solely for being an extreme queen who gave it her all in the ring. Because who really wants to be remembered as Edge's ho"

Lita's fans sure miss the fiery redhead who threw caution to the wind in order to be the best female wrestler. Deep down in our hearts, we all know that Lita has what it takes to be the best of the best. Only time will tell if the old fiery redheaded extreme queen will return and go down in history as one of, if not the best female wrestler ever.

by Michelle S...

Ernesto Diaz wrote:
Lita's career went downhill since she's been with Edge. But first let me say that the whole "pregnant" angle with Kane was really bad. Back to the subject. Lita used to wrestle full time and boy was she a fine wrestler. Her matches wit Trish were great. But now she is Edge's ho. She;s been doing Live Sex Celebrations and cheating to help Edge win matches. I mean who wants to help someone's career skyrocket and theirs fall. She also cheated to win the Women's Championship from Mickie James (who was a great champion). Well right now I think all of us are expecting Lita to wrestle regurlarly sice she is champion. She could at least start off to training and doing top rope moves and hurracarranas.
Uolus1 wrote:
NAIVE, VERY NAIVE My friend, you have ALLOT you need to learn about the business. Lita is a very funny subject and Im surprised someone had the balls to bring her up. BUT, unfortunately it was either a very young person or a very ''casual'' wrestling fan. First of all, Michelle let me tell you a little about lita. She used to be a stripper, and I don't really know your motive for leaving that out in your article (Im assuming you didn't know). Second of all, it's been confirmed by numerous of wwe's former workers both in-ring and out the ring that lita is a sloppy worker. From her thong eye candy pants, to her sloppy executed moonsalt she has done everything to get male and female peers to roll their eyes in disgust at her. And serve as a blind inspiration to little future ''rebel'' girls. ''What has lita become'' she's become nothing. This is who she was all along, Michelle. Im sure you've seen hints of it. Trish and lita segments that seemed to get a little too personal" References from fellow wrestlers backstage on how her counterpart wrestling companions seem to be doing so bad when she is doing so convenently well" Getting the picture. Lita rode her way to the top by using her male companions as stepping stones to the point were she has conveniently placed herself right at the wwe champion's side. While other females who rely on what she has never had WRESTLING ABILITY. To get to a respectable level and attempt to earn respect on the way. While lita, like so many women before her (like Miss Elizabeth) traded in there looks for a quick ladder to success and succeeded in doing so. Michelle, I don't know if you're a boy or a girl or a man or a women but if you are grown, I suggest you get a clue. And if you are a kid, you just got a reality check. It's sad that fans like you have been duped by smart booking and helpful storylines and it goes to show how stupid the majority of wrestling fans really are. Women have clawed and wrestled there way to the top to get a chance at stardom, only to be shot down because there boobs aren't big enough or they won't sell as much merchandise as a micky James or a no talent hack like Candice Michelle. And Im sure the last thing they want to here is that there is a fan stupid enough to have pity on lita. When she screwed her way to the top, wrecked a marriage, and left while her ''old friends'' matt and Jeff are either screwing themselves up with internet bashing's or screwing there mind up with ecstasy.

Poor LITA my ass! Who in the blue hell approves these STTTTTUUUUUPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDD COLUMNS, and the real question is, are these things posted so they can see how bad it will get ripped apart" Because if this is bogus, than that is really cruel (yet ironically funny) of this site to be posting bogus columns just to piss the readers off at some non-existent, made up character. BUT, if you are real Michelle and you aren't part of a cosmically conspired joke, then I seriously hope this helped you understand that not one of lita's matches was a classic and not a damn person needs to be pitying her. As for being with the man who holds the most important title in professional wrestling as a bad business move for lita. You're completely wrong, (again....) its a great business move for lita, she gets to liche off the wwe champion while he is stuck with a no talent, man eating, self preserving, bitch of a women(AND I AM REFERING TO THE OFF-SCREEN CHARECTER HERE). MICHILLE I cannot stress to you how wrong this article is and I really hope I've changed your mindset. If I haven't then please, PLEASE search other wrestling sites or look in the archives of this site so you can see your error in thinking. THERE IS ACTUALLY A GOOD RADIO SHOW THAT YOU COULD CHECK OUT AT discussing lita AND WHAT SHE IS REALLY LIKE. I can understand if you don't want to though, narrow mindedness is one of the main problems in today's society, and the main reason why racism is still alive and well. Writing this probably accomplished nothing; you probably read an insult and immediately went into defense mode and Im sorry if that prohibited you from getting the message in writing this. But since we are calmed down a bit now, I would like to tell you, with seriousness in mind, your article was stupid. I am also getting very tired of seeing stupid columns like this on this site. By now, you probably feel very defensive and have discarded everything I said except the insults, and that's to be expected I guess. But I hope you just read this and get your anger out by cursing at the computer screen instead of attempting at giving this a rebuttal. Because I can assure you, YOU DO NOT, WANT TO DO THAT! Alright IM tired now. GGGGGOOOOOOOOD why the hell do I bother commenting on stupid columns if another one pops up the next day!

Kyle gurrent, Overall, your point may be pointless and your opinion may be COMPLETLY WRONG but it's clear you put allot of effort into this and I'll give you a 3 out of 5 for effort and passion.

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John Nelson wrote:
Can't say I have any more love for Lita. One of the few actual wrestling Divas in the past and one whom everyone liked, and now shes about as useful to the Divas as Torrie Wilson now in that she's not wrestling anymore and just skin and legs. The sad fact there is that skin and legs can be found anywhere so whats to bring people to her door"

I'm not even a Matt Hardy fan and after what happened with Lita and Edge last year I still felt bad for the guy. One of your best friends, who was also married by the way if i'm not mistaken, starts fooling around with your girl while you get surgery" I can't stand Edge and after this I will never be a fan of his, no matter what skills he has or how big of a face turn he gets. What an awful person.

As far as Lita goes with Edge, I can't stand her anynmore but on her own she had attitude and skills that put her ahead of the game over all the Divas while they're out playing with water balloons and squirt guns. She was a killer. Now with the belt win over Mickey James, if she doesn't defend that belt often, it will mean nothing and if Edge just cheats for her in all of her matches she ends up looking weak. That belt will just be some other piece of metal for Edge to lick and slobber on. Gross.

Lita, work off whatever ring rust you have, get rid of Edge and make sure that you defend that belt by yourself.

PS, Edge, before you have to give up the belt soon, you better wash it off and give it a penicillun shot cause we can only imagine where it's been.
Michelle S. (Original Author) wrote:
Well, as a matter of fact, I have been watching wrestling since I was born, buddy. You can bash my column all you want. However, you can't bash me. You don't even know me. You just based your opinion of what kind of person I am based on my column. Well, it seems that it's either your "time of the month" or you need to get laid. And if you don't like the columns on this's very, very simple. DON"T COMMENT you jackoff! Everybody has their opinions. But you seem like a kind of person who has nothing else better to do than bash other people. So bash my column all you want. It's only my first one. If it was really that bad, nobody would have commented. So Uolus1 don't mess with me. Bash my column, don't bash me. Think you can write a better column than do it. And thanks for the one compliment you gave me. I did have the balls to write about Lita. But, then again, I don't want a compliment from some jackoff like you who apparently has no life.
Sean S. wrote:
Now, I just got throw reading this column. Now Uolus1 I know you have the right to have an opinion and I respect that but before you rant and run down this guy column. Yuo said Lita was a stripper before getting into wrestling" Now were did you get this from" If she was a stripper you would think it would been all over the place and guess what that infomation is no were to be found on any creditable site. You trash Lita like she nothing back what she plays on character. That all she ever did was screw your way to the top. How do you know that" Do you work backstage in the WWE" Odds are you don't. Have you even ment Lita" Because I heard from many autograph sections and meet nd greet section that she is a very nice person.

Don't get me wrong that what she did with Edge last year was yes wrong and I'm not saying that she perfect but to say that she has NO wrestling ablity is over pushing it. I mean I take it that you didn't watch the match on Raw with Trish last winter. That match got a ton of great reviews and there is no match that going to get that kind of reviews if one of the people it can't wrestle. Yes she does make mistakes in the ring as does just about every WWE womens Wrestlers do. Nobody in the last I say 5 years was the perfect wrestler. All divas weither they trained or not. They all mess up more then the men. You call Lita sloppy. Dude you don't know what Sloppy is. You want Sloppy watch a Jackie Gayda match and then tell me who is sloppy.

Now you say I Quote "When she screwed her way to the top, wrecked a marriage, and left while her ''old friends'' matt and Jeff are either screwing themselves up with internet bashing's or screwing there mind up with ecstasy." Why is all of that Lita's fault" What does Lita have to do with what Jeff Hardy does on his spare time" Edge is just as gulity and Lita is on the Wrecked Marriage. Hell Edge as been devoriced once before thsi who deal even happened. So now how can you blame Lita for wrecking it. What Matt Hardy does in the net. How is that her fault" Ok she had sex with Edge. But It was Matt who desides to ranted and rave on the net about it. That like saying it was Kevin Nash's fault that Scott Hall being a drunk because he is best friend. Which we all know Nash has doesn't to do with Scott Hall live chooses.

You sit there typing like you know Lita like your with her everyday and knows what she does. Then you promote your radio show. Now tell me how two face that is that you trash someones column and then your turn around and pretend that you know everything about Lita's personal life and then tell him to listen you your show and tell everyone else to donate money to this site which they should do if they have the money. But you say a 35 year old man has no excuse" Ok you two young it I guess to even understand life. I mean there are a hunderd reason for why someone could donate" Even at 35. Maybe they have a house to pay for. Food to buy to feed his family. bills to pay. The list goes on and on.
Ryan from Vegas wrote:
I used to think that Lita was the hottest Diva around. Now she is just a trophy girl for Edge. She was on top of the world when she was EXTREME. Now, she is just a ho with a total sleeze bag of a champion. I wish that the WWE would do something about this. She doesn't even compete anymore and all of the sudden, she wins the Women's Championship" What is this" Lita needs to stop the "HO" act and go back to being the high flying, tough, very hot, Diva. HOLLA!!!
Mike Siggia wrote:
Uolis1, have you tried the decaf yet" You went from writing an insightful response to the Lita article and turned it into a pointless (and tactless) tirade against someone who was simply voicing her opinion. And at the end you threaten her should she write a response" Are you for real" The irony of this is that you questioned how old she is. I have no idea how old you are, but you came across like a 10 year old boy who just got his Playstation taken away from him. Regardless or your actual age, please grow up.
Mr. Bones wrote:
1. By "Some would say that Lita was the toughest female wrestler ever to grace the ring." I would presume you mean "Anyone who's never seen joshi peroresu (Japanese women's wrestling) would say that Lita was the toughest female wrestler ever to grace the ring." Or would call Lita a wrestler at all. As anyone who has actually seen joshi work probably does what I do whenever the WWE Divas get in a ring: change the channel. Now, of all the current Divas, maybe Lita is what could be considered tough, but compared to your average joshi, who actually wrestles, rather than engages in the powder puff product WWE passes off as "womens wrestling" these days...well, Lita couldn't carry their sports bras. And that's not an opinion, that's some gospel truth there.

2. The "Extreme Queen" bit" Enough, please, a poorly executed moonsault and an average hurricanranna do not make a performer extreme. You want to see a woman go extreme" Find a clip of Akira Hokuto delivering her Dangerous Queen Bomb or Lioness Asuka driving fellow Crush Gal Chigusa Nagayo through a table with her Tower Hacker Bomb. They make Lita look about as extreme as a Hogan leg drop.

3. "Only time will tell if the old fiery redheaded extreme queen will return and go down in history as one of, if not the best female wrestler ever." That question has already been answered: NOT EVEN CLOSE! Between now and whenever she retires, Lita would have to go to Japan and have about a thousand 3 star or higer matches just to be considered decent. That's not going to happen either. As for the greatest" Well, in order for that to happen first, every wrestling fan who has ever seen joshi puroresu would have to die or be stricken with a massive collective amneisia. Second, all physical evidence of the existance of joshi peroresu would have to be totally wiped out. Third, all current joshi, including rookies still training for their first match, would have to disappear. Finally, Vince himself would have to delve into every tape he has on file in the WWE wrestling library and destroy every trace of Nora Greenwald (aka Molly Holly) having EVER set foot in a ring, and pay her off to never set foot in one again

Lita, was, and is, cheap eye candy that knows a few moves, and whose sole purpose is to put over the male talent she's asigned to work with, like using her prominant fake breasts as a distraction from the fact that Edge sucks on the mic, and posseses the personality of a wet sponge, for instance.

You want female wrestlers to look up to" Invest heavily in some solid Japanese women's wrestling tapes. Over there, they actually had their own promotions. Personal recomendations would be : both Dream Slams, just about anything from the now defunct GAEA promotion, just about any Carnivale Arison, and Arison in general, and JPW tapes. Trust me, worth every penny.
Ike Eisen wrote:
What happened to Lita's "tough girl" gimmick" Part of her downfall came about because Team Xtreme were sacrificed to HHH and Austin when Stone Cold was doing his heel run. Then they were squashed again by a heel Undertaker. Then we had the Matt vs Jeff feud which was booked pretty badly.

Her neck and knee injuries have contributed to her wrestling a different style - both are certainly not minor injuries. But her change of gimmick from tough girl to slut is completely based on her affair with Edge. Seriously, if that love triangle didn't become public knowledge she would likely still be doing the tomboy gimmick instead of getting "she's got herpes" chants.

Uolus1, your approach to "changing people's minds" is as effective as a Klansmen rally in Harlem. Bill O'Reilly wants his gimmick back.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
You know something: Not only has WWE destroyed the Women's Division, but also Lita as well, I think that Vince McMahon is not interested in Lita, but you know something: I think that it's time for Lita as well as other including Victoria to exit WWE and head to TNA, WHY" b/c it's like this: TNA is all about opportunity, WWE is all about money, fame, ego, and greed. Plus WWE doesn't know how to manage people. and that's ALL i'm gonna say.
Jeffrey wrote:
nothing is lita's fault expect for the matt hardy break up thing but still if you dont already know lita is leaving wrestling by November yes its true soo they want Lita's 15 minutes of fame again if you dont believe me you can go to (another great wrestling site) by the way michelle nice story



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