A New Breed of Superstar
January 26, 2006 by Mike Molloy

As times have changed it has become harder and harder to surprise those fans who watch wrestling day in and day out. While many shows out there still manage a quality of programming that mirrors the golden area of wrestling, I find my self sitting back and watching certain matches and asking myself "This guy again"" My question is not referenced to a specific wrestler, in truth it is to the types of wrestlers that we happen to see over and over again.

Back in the day, wrestlers where one dimensional and frankly they where allowed to be a one dimensional characters. Hulk Hogan was a big guy with huge arms and a tremendous amount of power. Thinking back, and I could be wrong, I cannot recall a moment in which the Hulkster ascended to the top ropes and pulled of something that shocked and awed you. Why not" Because Hogan didn't have to. Fans of that era where simply amazed to see this monster of a man show them a level of strength we have never seen before, I know I certainly never saw a 500 pound giant scoop slammed before Hulk did it to Andre.

However as the times have changed I believe that so must wrestlers change. I believe we are in a transition right now where over the next several years we will begin to see a new breed of Superstar arrive that while they may be considered amazing now will become the norm before any of us realize it.

Now to the point at hand, what is this new breed of Superstar" This new breed of Superstar will be someone who has many dimensions to his offensive style. They will be physically imposing figures with great power that can slam like Hulk, fly like Rey Mysterio, and make you scream in pain like the Excellence of Execution Bret Hart. They will have to have a charisma both in the ring and on the mic. It is this new generation of superstar that will carry wrestling into another era of fans watching and chanting "Holy Crap!"

Some of you might be reading this right now and saying, "It would be nice to have superstars like that, but lets put down the weed and get back to reality. Guys like that simply do not exist." Oh contra ire my friends, there are superstars around in this era who fit this bill. Their numbers may be small but watch and see as they steadily become more and more frequent in your favorite feds. Don't believe me" Here is a list of just of few wrestlers that I believe are the beginning of this new breed of superstar.

Sean O'haire: At 6'6, 270 lbs Sean is certainly not someone you would call "tiny". However those of you remember him from his WCW days know that this big man can certainly fly through the air with the greatest of ease. One reason I liked him in WCW and hated him in WWE was his finishing move, the Seanton Bomb. It is simply impressive to me to watch a man his size scale the ropes, stand up and then soar through the air to deliver a crisp and clean version of the move; his momentum usually so great he rolls through to his feet afterwards. His mic skills during his Devil's Advocate image showed some talent. I believe the WWE made a huge mistake when they let him go and that he was very underused by them during his stay.

Mark Jindrak: Tag team partner to O'haire and another 6'6 270 pounder who was not afraid to fly. Every see him take out Kevin Nash with his flying clothesline" Then you know what I mean. There where some who said that despite what you may have seen, Jindrak was more apt at high flying moves then O'haire, not something too many other's their size can boast. Here is another guy who could utilize his size in ways we have never seen. I understand since he was from WCW chances are he wasn't going to be used very well but given the right push I could have easily seen him being a main event man now.

Samoa Joe: In my opinion Joe signifies exactly what I mean in this new breed of superstars. The man has destroyed every person he has been in a match with. I have yet to see a superstar that has managed to put together a winning combination against Joe since his emergence in TNA. Name a style and Joe can certainly match it or utilize its weak points to allow him to pick up the V. Examples are as follow: Sonjay Dutt had the speed but Joe's simply hammered him down with those lighting quick Powerslams, viscous holds and that horrific Muscle Buster. Chris Sabin doesn't like to fly as much as Sonjay and was billed as being a better match for Joe since he is one of the bigger X-division members. I'm sure he was, right until Joe made him out. Now you might say that it's all because of Joe's power. Maybe, but those kicks sure look to be as quick as greased lighting and I know I'm not the only one who has seen him go flying through the ropes to an unsuspecting victim who is waiting on the ground below.

A.J. Styles: He might not be as big as the others I've mentioned on this list but AJ is another prime example of what I'm talking about. The man has a very well rounded offense, he as no problem flying around with Sonjay, he has methodically taken Petey Williams apart before, and I have seen some viscous looking slams from that guy. There is no way a one dimensional wrestler could manage to pin Jeff Jarret to win the belt - or defend it against guys like Chris Harris, Raven and Ron the Truth Killings - and still come out on top. That's four different styles he went up against and in all four cases he managed to succeed. Plus his ability to remain at the top of the pack in the X-division shows that he is not just a one trick pony.

Lance Hoyt: Another big guy who isn't afraid to fly.

Randy Orton: A man who has used a Cross Body, singled out a body part, locked in some painful submission holds and also utilized his strength advantage certainly seems to be a tough game plan to prepare for.

The list goes on and on but unfortunately my typing fingers do not.

In conclusion I am not saying that any one not on this list isn't a good wrestler. If that is what you get from my column then I have failed you in this segment and I apologize. The superstars of today are tremendous athletes and with impressive skills that I would never dream of marring their abilities in the ring. My point is to simply watch and wait; one day you won't have to wait for Rey Mysterio to come down before you watch a billion incredible high risk moves, because guys the size of Batista and The Game will be doing them to.

But that is just my opinion, what do I know.

by Mike Molloy ..

Ashton wrote:
Hey, I have only one thing to say. When you said Samoa Joe has destroyed everyone he has been in a match with, the only reason he's done those things is because He weighs more than the other X-division guys. Other wrestlers can't perform hurricanrana's and other high flying moves on Joe holdsbecause he isn't small enough to sell the high flying moves. also Joes has held those wrestlers he's faced back. My suggestion is that he goes to the Heavyweight division.
Navin Panesar wrote:
Wow you do read way to much into wrestling, You do no its scripted so that samoa joe wins the matches, ive never been a real fan of joe but i shall give the man his due that he is great but i do agree that his place in is the Heavyweight Division. and i also do agree that he cant sell moves very well because of his size. Jindrak and O'Haire, i do agree with the O'haire comment he was great but his mic skill were non existing in my view, and Jindrak dont get me started, he is a dime a dozen in the wrestling industry these days, Moving onto AJ well yes i agree 100% im a great fan of his and always seems to please the crowd and has gotten a good reputation of being a nice guy outside the ring too, Orton is another factor just because he does a flying cross body, doesnt mean that hes all that, he is going to be great but just might not be too soon as a heelbut if he turned face then maybe he might climb that ladder alittle quicker.

to conclude i shall say that guys liek Triple H doing high flying moves...well why not turnt he wrestling world into the whole damn X-Division, personally i think technical wrestling is worth more than all the high flying ability and would serve fans alot more than just flying about a ring, but it does hold a big part in wrestling today than it did a while ago.






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