The Rise and Fall of JBL
December 23, 2004 by Nathan Cortez

People may disagree but I like to give credit where it's due. JBL is one of the greatest WWE champions in history, the WWE however are making a big mistake.

When the JBL character first emerged after the draft lottery I was very optimistic, I mean face it the guy had just gone from a redneck Texan in a tag team to the most pushed heel on Smackdown. I remained adamant that it was not going to work up until one point; Judgement Day.

It was the first time for WWE to prove that the JBL character worked when they put him in a world title match with Eddie Guerrero. Going into the match I thought WWE made a big mistake pushing him in the PPV main event so soon, I was wrong. I actually enjoyed their match and felt they made a great decision by having JBL win by DQ so he can still be heavily pushed but I didn't expect him to get another shot at the Great American Bash. Again they put on a good match but I was once again feeling optimistic after JBL took the belt. However he has gone on to be strongly pushed in the right direction and has feuded with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker, Hardcore Holly and Booker T.

I am now more sure than ever that JBL is one of the smartest things the WWE has done in years, and the idea of giving him a cabinet has just made it all the better to watch; I'd rather watch JBL as a champion than HHH anyday. I'm interested in how his angle with the Big Show is going to work; those of us who visit wrestling websites know what match their planning (Got to keep to the commandments). However here comes the mistake. JBL is the smartest option going into WM as the champion but what about the challenger, Anyone who is worthy of being the challenger for a show like WM has been used (Taker, Eddie, Booker T) repeating PPV main events at WM is stupid. They are using the Big Show now so who's left.

John Cena-One of the fan favorites, but that's what will keep him from getting the shot he's like RVD. WWE won't risk someone being in the WM title match just because their well liked.

Kurt Angle-This choice would be good; however their the top 2 heels on SD they wouldn't risk turning one face and a Heel/Heel title match at WM wont sell maybe a Face/Face would but not 2 heels.

That's really it RVD comes under the same as Cena; the only option is for a Raw guy is to win the rumble and feud with JBL like Benoit/HHH/HBK last year. They need to be very careful with what they do next.

Feedback and reply's are appreciated it should be noted that this is my first column and its only a test. I know it's a bit short about 500-550 words if people like it then I will do it more often and like to work with OWW long time; if they would let me. If its not liked then oh well you win some and you loose some. If I do another column then id like to speak about WWE Smackdown in UK where I watched it live; I know its late, it will be worth the read though.

by Nathan Cortez ..

XtremeFalls43 wrote:
I just wanted to say I really think JBL is a top star and just needs to work on getting some decent Matches together after that there fine
Niels J. wrote:
YES YES YES FINALLY. I feel the the same way. back when he won the title at G.A.B i thought NOOO (I live in denmark so I could first start wachting SD from October, but I can by the PPV's), but after I gt more PPV's where he was and wacht more smackdowns I actually realised that I am never bored wachting him in the ring. He is one (if not the most) one of the most intertaining superstars in WWE, so keep on writing you got some great stuff.
Steinerecliner wrote:
I read your column which was interesting. But calling JBL one of the greatest WWE Champions in history is pushing it. I mean there are far more wrestlers in history of the WWE who been greater then JBL. Does JBL have fans flock too arena too see him get beat up" No. Does he draw in anyay" No. Does he deliver great matches fans remember" No. So what makes him a great champion. Because he had a long title run" That nothing. JBL is not that great in the ring and he doesn't do anything like Hogan does too make a match entertaining.

Look at Armaggedon, The ME was nothing but Eddie Guerrero trying too carry 3 guys in a match. Hell, look how the man wins his matches. Twice he beat the Undertaker with help from Hedinreigh. Then Angle when was GM gave him the time pretty much. Sure Heels Cheat but hell, HHH never had that much help in a match.

JBL as a great character. That all he has. But when it comes match time. Nothing. JBL is what you call Honky Tonk Man sinterm. A guy who gets over as a heel because fans just hate you period. Puts on nothing special match wise. But get a long title run.

Great WWE champions do something for the company. JBL has done none of that. He doesn't draw in anyway weither its Ratings, Buyrates, or arenas. Hell, Smackdown as the worst House House sells out fo the brands. As well as over all PPV quality matches. At less Raw World Title matches have all been good this year.

Those are my thoughts. Take them as you want. Hope too see more from you.
BOBBYQ99999 wrote:
JBL is a great character for WWE, he reminds me alot of Ted Dibease. I surley think John Cena will be a most suitable opponent for JBL at Wrestlemania and I think your crazy saying that WWE won't do it just because he's likeable" Dosen't make alot of sense. You are right about JBL running out of opponents but what do you expect WWE to do" In all actuallity it just makes room for new guys to be pushed and get title shots. When JBL was in APA he was an undiscovered gem, he was just doing the beerdrinking gimmick because it was the attitude era an all, and the gimmick overstayed it's welcomed for quite awhile. JBL has it all, he can get the crowd hot when he wants to, he has size and dosen't put on a bad match. He dosen't exactly put butts in the seats yet but you have to give the gimmick time I think. I think Vince is behind JBL 100 percent and he's gonna push the gimmick to the max. I do think Eddy should of kept the title alot longer, he really got the crowd going on a boring night. Anyway, good column, I agree with alot of the stuff you are saying.
Sean Sorahan wrote:
Heres my take on what they should do: Benoit wins the Royal Rumble, and appear on Smackdown to challeng JBL for the title at Wrestlemania. He gets a match with JBL before Wrestlemania and wins the championship. He then challenges the champion on Raw to decide the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. They need to do something like this to rock the boat and make Wrestlemania the event of the year. Otherwise, it's just like every other monthly PPV. Cheers!
Jack Reeve wrote:
I totally disagree JBL is rubbish yes it's good to see a Lower/Midcard wrestler get his 'due' and is more intresting HHH win every World Heveyweight title mach but this cabinet Storyline is BS it's boring and I can't wait to see Big show/ Angle win the belt and face each other. Your views don't reflect what really has been going on at SD I mean the last half decent show SD did was when they were over here in the U.K andthe last excellent/Decent PPV WWE did was WM XX and that was the best WWE show I have seen in years, in my opinion they should drop the J.B.L Charachter and cabinet turn him face bring back the A.PA that was much better than all this crap! Come on vince do us all a faivour get a good young WWE champ for a change!

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