Win, Win For Y2J"
September 1, 2005 by Nathan Dewey

I've been a lifelong fan of professional wrestling. I lost interest during the Alliance era and didn't watch an episode for a whole year. When I returned I found a new idol, Chris Jericho. I believe he deserves just as much credit as Triple H (some believe Triple H deserves nothing, but I disagree) and The Rock for his personality. He is charisma embodied. But something has happened, that has left me in the dark once again.

As many of you already know, Chris Jericho has recently lost the first ever "You're Fired Match" on RAW against John Cena. It is because of this, Jericho will no longer appear on RAW, at least for a very long time. What does the future hold for Chris Jericho" A career in TNA or just a long time off" This column will explore all of Jericho's possibilities that have been considered, as well as speculated.

After a long, refreshing feud, Y2J finally got his shot at the title at SummerSlam, but suffered another loss to John Cena. Just as Jericho's star began to shine again, Eric Bischoff put Jericho in a "You're Fired Match' against John Cena, were the loser gets fired. Of course, Y2J loses again to Cena, and is carried away by security while screaming and begging. I sat unsure how to react. I knew, in the back of my mind that Jericho would come back either on RAW or SmackDown!, then I thought, What if Jericho is gone for good" What has brought my attention to this issue, (besides the fact that Chris Jericho is my all time favourite wrestler along with The Rock and Bret Hart) was all of the speculation and signs that have showed up this that night in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Recently, I read an article explaining that Jericho said he was just taking a long break in order to spend time with his family, tour with his band Fozzy, and discover a possible career in show business. It was also made clear that Jericho was confident in returning to WWE for sure. As well, weeks before RAW, Chris Jericho denied reports of leaving the WWE on WWE.COM.

Then, a symbol appeared, that shook the Y2J fan base. Now removed, a Total Nonstop Wrestling logo appeared on Chris Jericho's official website! Could Y2J be leaving WWE to go to TNA" It makes sense doesn't it" If Jericho were to show up on TNA, he would immediately be the main attraction, in my opinion toppling Jeff Hardy, and probably A.J. Styles. As well, Chris could maintain a lot of creative control, within the company because of his character. He could probably replace Jeff Jarrett as the main heel, and become the Triple H of TNA. On October 1, TNA Impact will be debuting on SPIKE TV. If Chris Jericho showed up, that could spark a web of events possibly leading to another war of professional wrestling!

If you ask me, Jericho has single handedly devised a win-win situation. He can't lose! If Jericho returns to WWE in a year's time, he will come back with a bang (unlike Matt Hardy) and possibly become an immediate contender for the title. But if Jericho joins TNA, he can lead an army with an iron fist along side Jeff Jarrett. There are so many possibilities!

This is my first column of hopefully many more to come. I'd like your thoughts on this strange turn of events and let me know how you feel, because I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Thank you.

by Nathan Dewey ..

JimmiMack wrote:
i think that y2j will come back to the wwe as a face, and possibly recapture the wwe championship after about two months, i also think he will make eric bischoff's life a living hell...
Joe Poulton wrote:
I read your article I think its wishful thinking Jericho, wants to be a rock star but might not be able to pull it off if he does he wont go back to wrestling. Keep up the good work
Dev Hasan wrote:
I agree with everything you just said. I like the same wrestlers as you do. The same 3 stars were always my favourite 3 stars - Bret, Rock and Jericho. I hope Jericho doesnt go to TNA....imagine that...."Impact is Jericho" It doesnt sound right. Jericho has to be with WWE. I don't think there would be anyone in wrestling that can destroy WWE while Vincent Kenndy McMahon is there. Nice column.
Wendi Alston wrote:
If Chris Jericho became the 'Triple H' of TNA then he'd just strap himself with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship all the time! And what about the people that have been loyal to TNA since day one" Don't they deserve that belt more than him" It's not right for him to just come in and win the world heavyweight belt in two month's time. Sure, he is a big draw but he has not earned his NWA World Heavyweight Championship! Those same people that would support his immediate NWA World Heavyweight Championship reign are the ones complaining about the likes of John Cena and Batista.

I am not saying that he should never win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, I'm just saying that he needs to wait his turn just like everyone else on the TNA roster. For one, he needs to establish himself as a leader backstage. Second, it will give other superstars a chance to shine in the world title picture and get over. Third, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship will mean a lot more to him and the fans when he finally does win it.
Mike wrote:
NWA TNA...Jericho going there" I dont think so its losing money (supposingly dont see how). Jericho is someone TNA needs since they were expecting and hoping for Hardy but didnt get him...I think they are or no longer going after THE DUDLEYS "Team 3D" thanks to Vince and having to ruin The Dudleys name...But this is about Jericho...Jericho is just trying to throw off the fans by throwing that up on his site about possibly going to NWA TNA...The man has been wrestling non stop with out many breaks...According to an article I've read...(forget where). If you look at all the tours hes on hes going to be busy with Fozzy for a while that is why he was "fired"..He even said I am coming back to WWE..Why would he turn his back on the number 1 wrestling federation...NWA TNA isnt as strong and isnt a def sure thing as WWE...People keep dishing in a lot of Cash for NWA TNA but its about time its getting noticed..It would just take a lot more than Chris Jericho and Jeff Jarrett to get NWA TNA competing with WWE maybe if NWA TNA signs the dudleys gets them to work a lot and help out there allready good tag team division..Would of been better if Triple X was still around..But still NWA TNA needs a lot of talent to compete...The open door policy is pretty good how they can get whoever wants to wrestle a few matches...Or if they want to sign a contract...I heard Sean Waltman might even be leaving NWA TNA to come back to WWE...Because his best friend Triple H and Vince are the ones who he says "saved his life" because they paid for his rehab and helped him beat addiction...Whatever the case is there is always going to be people jumping back and forth like a few months ago there was talk about Abyss being offered a contract by WWE dont know if that was BullShit or not...But than he comes back signs just before a PPV and comes down kicks the crap out of Jeff Hardy..All I know is TNA needs a lot of wrestlers (with talent)..Not make the same mistakes as WCW did with the wrestlers that people want to see but not as champs...Like yeah people want to see Hogan do that killer leg drop and the big boot and the old flex and show the 24 inch pythons...but no one wants to see him as champ..Like Ric Flair he puts on a hell of a show and what is he doing" Hes putting over young talent he knows his time is up and its time to show off the younger talent...Chris Jericho's return to either TNA or WWE or else where is going to be big..Why would Jericho fuck it up by not going back to WWE who knows...I know I wouldnt..
Kenny Wisdom wrote:
I agree, Jericho has been my all-time favorite for years now, I think he's the most well-rounded wrestler in the WWE. I also was saddened by this turn of events, but I know that this can bring good things, or bad things. Let me explain. There is a possibility, although doubtful, that Jericho will not return to professional wrestling. He's already been the Undisputed Champion, I.C. champion many times, Tag Champion, European, WCW Cruiserweight, etc. If this happens, I will lose a lot of interest in wrestling, especially WWE, this would be the "bad things" part. The good things would be that Jericho could, as you said, come back to the WWE on Smackdown! or RAW, and automatically be a huge contender for either of the Heavyweight championships, Or, he could go to TNA and like you said, become the "Triple H" of TNA. What a lot of people are overlooking is ROH, sure, they're only at a cult level with no television, but maybe a wrestling purist like Jericho would like to step away from soap operas for a few months or possibly the rest of his career in exchange for some pure wrestling. This is doubtful, but it is a possibility. Either way, as long as he remains in the wrestling business, I will be happy.
[email protected] wrote:
A few days before the "your fired match" (its been done before) Chris jericho renowned his contract with the WWE. So he's probably doing rock concerts with his band, or he's spending time with his wife and kid (wrestlers are people too). So I'm sure Y2J is going to come back as a face and beat the hell out of a certain Raw G.M. People love Jericho, but he makes a good bad guy, so its he always switches between face and heel. During the WCW and ECW invsion he was a face. Than in 2003 he was a heel. Than in 2004 a face, than for like one-second he was a jerk to shelton Benjamin and was a heel, but than like two weeks later was a face. I always said you could tell if jericho was a face or heel by his hair. If he was short normal hair he is uselessly a good guy, if he has the goti and the long hair he is usually a bad guy. But either way I'm a jericho fan after all he is The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla.
Antonio The Great Muscleman of New Havens wrote:
I hope to God he sticks with wrestling rather than his band. I know a lot of Y2J marks out there who really don't like his music. Period. And if I can't even see support from those guys, I don't think he'll pull off much.

Also, I don't want him to return on whichever show Hemsley does. Jericho has enough trouble with the guy saying how he was one of the worst champions ever to Vince, I'd hate to imagine his character being buried any further.
Steven Pettigrew wrote:
i have read your article and I liked it. I only have one all time favorite wrestler and thats Chris Jericho. I knew a while before the ''your fired match'' that he might be taking a big brake and returning but rumers were he was leaving for TNA. When I heard this obviosly I was annoyed but when I found out TNA was going to Spike it made me feel better about it. With out a doubt I really badly want him back with WWE much more that TNA.

I would love to see him making a shock return instead of an add for him or news all over the internet, I would love if he came back out of nowere after a big title match on the Raw side. I think he should use his old enterance and old version of his music that he first had when he debut in WWE.

If he was on TNA and the biggest wrestler I would be realy let down but at least he would be adding more belts to his long list of titles that he won. But even so WWe is were i want to see Jericho going for WWe gold.

Wherever he goes he will be successful. good article...
Paul Glantz wrote:
I agree Jericho should deserve to be on top, he would be the WWE grandslam winner right now if I could control that, but I can't so we were stuck with Y2J being forced to cry like a girl on national television. That right there is the lowest thing ever to happen in wrestling if you ask me.

And there is a couple things I want to comment on in your article. The first Being that you said it would be huge if Jericho showed up in TNA during the first Spike TV show, but that cant happen. All WWE performers have a 90 day no compete clause in their contracts, so as cool as that is, as much as I want to see that happen, it cant.

The second is that you mentioned that if he came back to WWE in a year he would be the main event. IM sorry, but what have you been watching recently. Every time a wrestler goes disappears for a little while (injury, vacation or what not), they come back all watered down and not as entertaining (they don't use good material on him) and his matches arnt as good (they don't put him in matches that would be good for him to compete in). WWE is infamous for pulling crap like this. And I hate it.

And that is where my critiquing ends and where my praise begins. You mention that if Jericho goes to TNA he will be the main event, and your right. TNA has a knack for pulling all the right strings and coming out with a good ending every time. They signed DDP and put him in the title picture, they garbed Kevin Nash and put him in the title picture, same for Jeff Hardy, same for every pick up they have made since they began. They know how to manage their talent, and if they get theirs hands on Jericho you know only good things will happen and I hope Jericho realizes that and goes to TNA. He will be happier, used better and most importantly, people will get to see the Jericho that gives us the faith in him to come back so strongly.

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