The Cutting Edge
January 17, 2006 by Nathan Dewey

On April 3rd 2005, at WrestleMania 21, Edge was able to defeat five other superstars in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match in order secure a contract which allowed Edge to challenge the WWE Champion once in one whole year. After nine long months of waiting and one title shot, earned after the Gold Rush Tournament, Edge decided to cash in that guarantee on January 8th 2006 at New Years Revolution. John Cena, who had just defeated Kurt Angle, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters and Carlito in an elimination chamber and retained the WWE Champion was informed by Mr. McMahon that the night was not over for him. He stated that Edge had decided to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot at that very moment. Dazed, Cena had no choice but to except the challenge. Edge made his way to ring and quickly defeated John Cena with a pair of devastating spears, thus making him the new World Wrestling Entertainment Champion! Just like Mr. McMahon said on RAW the next night: "I love first times."

Edge's career is a perfect example of loyalty and patience. One of the first names that comes to mind when I think of World Wrestling Entertainment is Edge's. He is what the business embodies. However it wasn't until Edge secured the WWE Champion that everything has come into place, as one unbelievable career, and one worthy of legendary status, and it's not over yet! This is a column dedicated to the career of the man called Edge.

The Brood
In 1992, Edge debuted in professional wrestling, moving quickly up the ranks in independent promotions in Ontario. After a long period of time tagging with his boyhood friend Jay Reno who went by the name Christian Cage in a team called The Suicide Blondes the brash young star from Toronto named Adam Copeland made himself known across the world as a future title holder in the WWE. His journey would begin in mid-1998 when he debuted on RAW. His career began just like his personality: quick and merciless. He joined Gangrel as well as his on-screen brother, Christian who had debuted shortly after him and won the Light Heavyweight Title at Judgment Day to form the faction known as The Brood. The group later joined The Undertaker and formed the Ministry of Darkness along with others Mideon and Viscera. The Brood soon turned face and split from the faction in 1999, but were punished for doing so. Edge then took it upon himself to turn on manager, Gangrel with his brother Christian and became one of the most successful tag-teams of all time. During this time, Edge and Christian faced off against Gangrel's New Brood, the Hardy Boyz who were also diamonds in the rough. At No Mercy 1999, the two teams put on one of the most famous ladder matches of all time, competing for the managerial skills of Terri Runnels and $100 000. In the end The Hardy Boyz won, but that wasn't the end of the rivalry which lead to countless classic matches in the future.

Edge and Christian's skilful mat skills led to countless title reigns. With both wrestlers already established in singles careers (Edge winning the Intercontinental Title at a live show from Jeff Jarrett and Christian defeating Taka Michinoku for the Light Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day) it wasn't a surprise when E&C soon became Tag-Team Champions. At WrestleMania 2000 Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz solidified their mark on professional wrestling in arguably the greatest WrestleMania match of all time. In a triple threat tag-team championship ladder match, Edge and Christian won the tag-titles once again, proving themselves to be one of the greatest teams. Shortly after that night the two would become heels, and break away from their lack of personality when they embarked on the 'Reek of Awesomeness" era where they became a comedy duo. The two would commonly give the crowd 5 second poses in order to take a picture and would wear some of the most bizarre costumes to ring - one of them being a completely different gimmick known as The Conquistadors. They went on to win the tag-titles seven more times and successfully defended them against The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz in two Tables, Ladders and Chairs Matches (One at Summerslam 2000 and the other at WrestleMania X-Seven) which followed the same format as their Ladder Match.

King Edge
In 2001 Edge and Christian's relationship slowly fell apart. The two partners qualified into the semi-finals of the King of the Ring tournament. Christian would eventually lose to the past year's King of the Ring, Kurt Angle, and Edge defeated Rhyno. In the finals many believed Kurt Angle could not be beaten but Edge proved he shouldn't be taken lightly by becoming the King of the Ring. A great night in the career of Edge, further propelling him to super stardom. However the next night Christian turned against him out of jealousy and attacked him in their hometown of Toronto. The two would feud leading to a few battles for the Intercontinental title which Edge would win at Summerslam against Lance Storm. At this point in time Edge along with everyone in the WWE entered the Alliance era by unifying the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship! After a few short feuds with William Regal and Booker T at Wrestlmania X8 (at the Skydome in Toronto), Edge was drafted to the SmackDown! in 2002. After defeating Kurt Angle in a hair vs. hair match Edge joined new recruit Rey Mysterio and captured the tag-team championships once again. However their reign would quickly end at the hands of Los Guerreros (EG) at the Survivor Series. Edge seemed to be back in the tag hunt once again and became champions with his boyhood hero Hulk Hogan. In February 2003 however Edge fell victim to a neck injury which lead to surgery, sidelining the young gunner for nearly an entire year!

The Return
Edge returned on the RAW brand after spearing the General Manager Eric Biscoff at the Draft Lottery in 2004. Edge would tag with Chris Benoit, holding the titles for a short time. Edge would then face off against Randy Orton in a classic bout at Vengeance 2004 where he ended Orton's nine month title reign. However Edge would be stripped of the title due to a sidelining groin injury, which caused Chris Jericho to become the new champion in a ladder match against Christian at Unforgiven. Edge would eventually return as a heel. His character became obsessed with the World Heavyweight Championship. He would feud with Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels and enter the Royal Rumble in 2005 and last until the final three! Edge was obsessed, but he was destined when he defeated five other superstars in a Money in the Bank ladder match which secured him a single title shot throughout the course of one year!

Mr. Money-in-the-Bank
Edge would go on to defeat former World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit in Last Man Standing match at Backlash 2005. Edge would go on to win the Gold Rush Tournament where he introduced his new manager Lita, who had managing Kane and was previously involved with Matt Hardy who had been released shortly before. Edge would fail to defeat Batista but would begin a personal feud with a returning superstar. Earlier in the year Adam Copeland had become involved with Amy Dumas. Matt Hardy found out about the relationship from Adam Copeland's wife of the time. Matt Hardy had posted some crude remarks on his web sites concerning the incident and Mr. McMahon rehired Matt Hardy, thus creating a massive storyline which was as "real" and personal that it gets. Edge and Hardy would fight at Summerslam that year and Unforgiven (in a cage), each match brutal in their own right and very controversial. Shortly after Edge suffered another sidelining injury which caused his departure from the RAW vs. SmackDown! face off at Taboo Tuesday as well as Survivor Series. In late 2005 he fell into mid card status while recovered.

Rated "R" Superstar
The Cutting Edge, which featured Edge and Lita interviewing various superstars was launched at the Survivor Series. Edge, who seemed to be out of action had become a brutally honest heel who would shoot against WWE legends such as Sgt. Slaughter, Michael Hayes and Ric Flair. This small portion of 2005 would lead to Edge as we know him today.

WWE Champ
"The Champ is Here!" exclaimed Edge on January 9th 2006 edition of RAW, aline that made by blood run wild. Edge has finally done it! For 14 long years, Edge's career has finally hit it's peek. After using the Money in the Bank title shot immediately after John Cena won the elimination chamber at New Years Revolution, it took Edge a mere two minutes and a pair of spears to secure his spot on the top of the mountain. Whether it's Hall of Shame caliber Live Sex segment on RAW or postponing his title matches by utilizing Lita's oral persuasion skills, Edge calls the shots now, and it's about time!

In my opinion, Edge's reign is a great idea for the WWE at this time. Some believe it's merely to promote John Cena to the point of becoming a face again, but I disagree. Much like Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, this is another case of patience and hard work paying off in the end. It is truly a dream come true for Adam Copeland, the man called Edge, a destined man for greatness.

Thank You.

by Nathan Dewey ..

I agree with you for the most part. Independent promotions aren't really that diffrent from the ones like T.N.A. or WWE. The problem is that scince they lack funds and most of the creative writers are barely starting, the product looks cheap and grity, and the quality isn't as good. Let me Explain. Independent promotions copy most of what's on the big promotions. In 2001 a promotion called, P.C.W (was local in the Dallas/Fort Worth area,) began. It was pretty cool considering that they introduced all the wrestlers and their profiles at the begining of the first show, but one wrestler came across that resembled Triple H, and imediatley I knew he would be heel. I kind of had a bad peromonition but I watched the entire show, which basically held a tournament for the Tag-Team champions and a tournament for the big Championship. This tournament was very exciting because of the wrestling and the good storylined begining to develop. Over the course of a few weeks the tournament finally culminated with a wrestler known as Krusher Kong who resebled Vader won. I stopped watching for about a year because, I got grounded for getting a low B in school and by the time my punishment was lifted, I didn't know the time slot, and I stopped watching.

When I finally figured out that It came out Saturday nights at 11 at night I began to watch again. The promotion had grown considerally because now they had their own arena similar to the E.C.W. arena. Michael Foxx, the guy who resembled Triple H, was champion. Of course he was heel, but was part of a faction that resembled Evolution, but had the purpose of the N.W.O. This got kind of stale because I kind of knew what was going to happen but the effect wouldn't be shocking, scince Evoloution(WWE faction) barely begun and I didn't really know where they were going, and I stopped watching W.C.W. because of the N.W.O. I would watch from time to time but this never changed and by the begining or 2004 the promotion either folded or moved.

Independent promotions tend to copy other big promotions because, of lack of funds, and the virtual inexperience or lack of creativeness, of the writers. This makes the promotion seem Cheap.

E.C.W. is an exception to this because they were original. They were pioneers of Hardcore wrestling and brought a realism that the fan could relate to. The E.C.W. guys did it for the love of the sport, and also because their storylines were original, and they weren't repetative.

Sure the fans love the actual wrestling, but the storylines and the lack of originalism, are the reason why the wrestling business is declining. It is not the job of the fans to come up with the storylines, it is the job of the creative writers. Of course not everybody is going to be happy, but the W.W.E in particular, cannot ignore the unsatisfaction that the fans are expresing. This buisness more than anything is "Entertainment," isn't it"

P.S. Edge is the new W.W.E. champion, and although his real life character is horrible, he is a pretty good wrestler, and he should be given a chance!
Mike Nowak wrote:
Now i am the very first person to tell you that i was all for JOhn Cena losing his Title at New Years Revoultion ( i bought three tickets to see it!) but i never thought he would lose it to Edge. Not only do i think that he deserves the title, i never even saw it coming so i marked out when he won. I remember that night fondly starting a Fu(& this booking chant when he won the Elimination chamber match, and screaming ABC anybody but Cena. I was even rooting for carlito and Masters in the end! But i believe that for once they did something unexpected and i hope that they hear about it from all of us.





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