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July 5, 2006 by Nathan Ritchie

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After I did my first column on OWW, I made a promise to myself I wasn't going to be one of those writers that write once a year because they haven't got time. I wanted to constantly write columns to put across certain issues I feel haven't been written about. Now my first column was all about the failed comebacks that have previously graced the WWE. My intentions were not to "bring the party down". It was just a column to make people more aware of the failed comebacks over the years so people wouldn't get too carried away with the return of DX and ECW. However DX have made a great impression everywhere. Also ECW is making great progress. I prefer to write columns that are linked with each other, so in this column I will write on the forgotten comebacks. I mean they have bought back ECW and DX who would be on anyone's want list. So why not please the fans more by going the whole way and bringing back some of the things that have been sadly absent from WWE recently.

The "Wacky" Gimmicks -- This is was one of the first things on my "want list". But I'm certainly not alone. There was a very good column done on "The Return of the Real Gimmick" done by Rag Morton who I must say intrigues me with his writing ability. This would later be contradicted by a column written by Jeff Knott who I must say also did a great column on "The Return of a Real Gimmick... At The Expense Of Reality"". I have to say I disagree with a quite a majority of his column. He claimed that a gimmick characters seemed to only get far when there gimmick was based on them being bigger and better than everyone else. Well I'm sure Sgt. Slaughter; Mick Foley (Mankind and Dude Love) Iron Sheik would have something to say about that. Well I'm not talking the Mr. McMahon gimmick or The Rock gimmick or even the Sgt. Slaughter gimmick. A true "wacky" gimmick is one of Kamala or the more recent Eugene. People criticize these type of gimmicks be "It covers there true potential ring ability". But my in my perspective WWE in 50% Wrestling and 50% entertainment and these gimmicks entertain me to the max. I enjoyed Mick Foley's gimmick as Mankind when he first came in to the WWE then known as the WWF. He was a schizophrenic cannibal madman who was as hardcore as he was entertaining. Unfortunately Mick Foley was larger than his gimmick and it was soon ruined. I was glad to see Kamala back for one match at Vengeance too. But at the moment WWE lack real gimmick potential. Umaga, Great Khali, Eugene and The Highlanders are probably the leading gimmicks in the WWE at the moment. But I feel the WWE needs more gimmicks and wacky ones at that. It makes sports entertainment a hell of a lot more entertaining.

The Politics of wrestling being brought to our screens -- The last column I did I had someone complain about my opinions on The Rock being a half decent wrestler. I knew at the time this would make people split in opinions. Also I feel this subject may make people split within their opinions. Now, I take you back to some promos I have recently looked back on such as Bash on the Beach 2000 when Vince Russo would cut one of the most shocking yet intriguing promos in sports entertainment history. He would talk about the real life wrestling and what he had to put up with. This interested me and I found it very interesting how he was so honest. Also, another example of a great promo would be when ECW was Eastern Championship Wrestling on the verge of changing to Extreme Championship Wrestling. Paul E. Dangerously now known as the genius behind ECW Paul Heyman. He cut a very intelligently spoken promo that again intrigued me because it let me in to the mind of a creative genius. It may have just been a couple of minutes but it instantly captivated me. A majority of fans think that political promos or actions within the WWE is "Boring". But in my opinion the more intelligent fans appreciate what goes on in the minds of the wrestlers or other personals. Superstars should be given the chance to express there opinions on something in an intelligent way. Instead of being conceived as just pieces of muscle.

The Hardyz, Chris Jericho and Edge -- I have put this section into 3 because they meet with each other in a roundabout way. You must be thinking to yourself what do these superstars have in common. Well, I believe these men (As well as X-Pac, Christian and others) could have held the torch to a brand new era within wrestling. These men were modernizing WWE. Jeff and Matt the kings of extreme were a great team. The high-flyers stunned crowds all over the globe. I loved the whole concept of team extreme also I thought Jeff Hardys makeup worked very effective with the team extremes image. At the end of the day I believe image makes a wrestler complete Matt had good image, Jeff had great image. Chris Jericho, before he took over as the "king of the world" and before he won the undisputed championship, seemed very modern and was also a great technical wrestler. When he first came into the WWE he had great image but he seemed to take a steady downhill path as he progressed through his WWE career. I think maybe he should have taken his real image from outside the ring and portrayed it in the ring. Now onto Edge, ok I know he hasn't gone anywhere and is at the height of his career so far in the WWE. But he has become like any other superstar in the WWE in his look. He reminds me of a slightly younger HHH. But Edge needs to have his own original identity like he had previously. He and Lita should have been a great modern and fresh team but instead Edge has taken a more intense approach compared to his laid back style that he had previously.

Good - no - GREAT tag teams -- London & Kendrick caused an upset victory after one of the biggest pushes I've seen in a long while. The keyword in that sentence is UPSET that means the team that won weren't as good as the team they opposed. The Gymini, Velocity rejects. The Pitbulls - two cruiserweights coming together ring any bells. The Highlanders - tag team competition is that bad they bring back The Bushwhackers, but this time even better - they're Scottish. Spirit Squad, hell they're not even a tag team they're a faction. The WWE have for some reason split up Big Show and Kane, yes I know Big Show has moved to ECW but come on that tag team was awesome. MNM, well that was a strange one. I mean its ok for them to lose the titles because I hear Mercury had some personal problems but they were such a good team. The Mexicools were exciting to watch and quite simply crazy there was absolutely no need to split these two up. The last of the good teams have gone, when you think back of some of the great teams from the past such as Brothers of Destruction, APA, Dudleyz, Hardyz and others. Why are there no teams like that anymore, why do the WWE have to simply ruin the tag team division" Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Rock n' Sock Connection, LOD and The Hart Foundation, the list could go on and on. The legacy of the tag team division will be demolished by shaming certain individuals who have worked hard to boost it up. Now, I think the only thing TNA beats the WWE in is the tag team division.

by Nathan Ritchie..

Jose Aguirre wrote:
Stop talking about John Cena. I'm not a Cena Basher but there are other people who hate the guts out of him and wished he could die. I think we've all agreed to disagree, please don't push this issue anymore.
Andrew Riordan wrote:
Nathan, I couldn't disagree more. WWE has way to many boring gimmicks. Yes a decade ago wrestlers would make the most out of their gimmick, as you said Mankind, also The Undertaker and Kane all became imensly popular becuase of their crazy gimmicks. However, in todays day and age, gimmicks kill wrestlers. There are still a few exeptions, like Spirit Squad, but so mant wrestlers have been saddeled with lame gimmicks that make me feel like I'm watching a kids show.

Also on your comments on Chris Jericho, saying his career went on a downhill slope" No way! Chris Jericho rised up, he defeated The Rock four times in 2001, he defeated The Rock and Stone Cold in one night to become the Undisputed Champion, he main-evented WrestleMania, and will go down as one of my favorite heels ever. I loved the egotistical jackass. As a heel from 2001-2003 he cut awesome promos, and put on a truely awesome match against Shawn Michaels. He became a record 7-time Intercontinental Champion, the only reason he wasn't popular" He was heel, he wasn't meant to be.

I do agree with the tag-team part. WWE seems to feel, if one wrestler in a tag-team is over, it's best to split them up. As in the case of MNM. I really hate the fact they split up. As for the Mexicools, I'm glad they split. Hopefully a high-profile cruiserweight fued, becuase that division nees help too.
Ernesto Diaz wrote:
You are totally right about 3 things we need to bring back. The great tag teams, The Hardyz, Chris Jericho and Edge, and the politics of wrestling. We don't really need the wacky gimmicks. We don't need another Eugene in the WWE.





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