ROH: Role Model Industry
August 9, 2006 by Nathan Ritchie

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My column is all about the Ring Of Honor (ROH). I would like to get this straight. Apart from WWE, I would have to say ROH is my favourite wrestling organization.

"Ring of Honor is a company based on work rate and has a roster full of loyal amazing workers who often go above and beyond the normal independent call of duty.. Ring of Honor has a cult following and has no problem whatsoever selling out their Arena for shows that are guaranteed to be packed with action from start to finish."

This is a description I found on the OWW site. I personally think that there is no better way to describe what ROH is all about. Selfishness does not take any part in the ROH. You can talk about the difference between superstars and wrestlers. These ROH wrestlers are wrestlers and future superstars. The talent which these ROH wrestlers produce is amazing and can not be matched anywhere else.

Samoa Joe found success in ROH then joined TNA but he still wrestles for ROH. Samoa Joe is recently getting a massive push by TNA and he is on Vince McMahon’s wanted list. He is a giant talent and for a guy who never speaks on the mic. That’s damn good.

Christopher Daniels after not really clicking anywhere on the top promotion he joined ROH and then was spotted by TNA where now he has found success, ROH has made the best out of this talent.

Colt Cabana wanted by the WWE and is an awesome competitor I believe he is real success material in the world of wrestling. He has been a regular competitor for 4 years at the ROH.

A.J Styles, Chris Hero, American Dragon, Nigel McGuiness, Austin Aries, Jay Lethal and The Briscoes are just a few of the names that make ROH a success and there is not one of those competitors who doesn't give 100% every time they wrestle.

I haven't even mentioned the wrestlers that previously wrestled for ROH such as Brian Kendrick, Mike Mondo (Mikey), Shawn Daivari, Eddie Guerrero, Matt Hardy, Super Crazy, C.M Punk and Christian Cage. They have all wrestled there and many superstars have made their name. It has an atmosphere where everyone appreciates the product and everyone is watching to enjoy the wrestling.

ROH had also made some names for the women of wrestling including Mickie James and Trinity. They do not 'prostitute' women like the WWE. They are treated with class and respect. They also often show off their ring ability.

The Ring of Honor is the future of the wrestling industry. They produce good wrestler after good wrestler after good wrestler. They do not insult talented wrestlers and leave them with gimmicks that don’t suit their style. They treat them for who they are. Whether they’re big or small, tall or tiny, women or men, they are always perceived as a wrestler with immense talent.

by Nathan Ritchie ..

Dan F (From Kent, England) wrote:
I absolutely agree with what you've written about ROH. They let their wrestlers use the names they want and give all the wresters in ROH an equal opportunity to showcase their talents, with or without microphone skills very well said!!!
NICK wrote:
ROH is a great role model industry, and I personally wish ROH would come down to Tennessee sometime (especially in the Knoxville area; I know some fans who never got over Smoky Mountain's folding, and ROH would fit right in). But it's not just the wrestlers and workers who make ROH great; the fans also are a huge part of ROH's allure. They're intelligent without being obnoxious about it. They're into everything you do. They are loyal to their product, and they respect the business and the wrestlers. I believe ROH's fans are the best in wrestling today, and are also responsible for ROH's incredible success story.






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