The Ups and Downs of TNA
February 16, 2005 by Nathan Speckman

Remember not too long ago when there were three wrestling organizations one could watch in the same week and they all offered something different" If you wanted hardcore action and the stars of tomorrow you would tune into TNN on Friday nights. And if you wanted to see the best wrestlers in the world not being used to their fullest potential you would look no further than Monday nights on the USA network. And if you wanted to see the biggest cluster fuck of all time you would sacrifice the WWE and change the channel to Turner Broadcasting to see a Buff Bagwell's mother on a pole match. But I digress. My point is we no longer have those options. Right now there is only the WWE and NWA-TNA as most people don't get Ring of Honor. The point is the "big three" have been whittled down to the new and vastly different "big two". Now a days if you want to see the best in the world of professional wrestling you have a hard time deciding which show you'd rather watch. I know I'm not alone when I say that TNA's three hour epic events have been far better than WWE's feeble attempts at Pay-Per-View.

And I can personally tell you that I will not be ordering No Way Out and am very happy about where my money was spent instead. WWE already fooled me into thinking that New Year's Revolution was going to be good. It won't happen with No Way Out. Fool me once WWE shame on me, fool me twice... not going to happen. Anyway what I'm trying to say in so many words is that TNA appears to be better now than WWE. That's just my opinion. But while the wrestling quality of the shows is much better than anything WWE has done in years there are a few things wrong with NWA-TNA.

One big problem that they have is that they talk about themselves like they're God's gift to the wrestling world. You can't watch TNA for five minutes without Mike Tenay telling you that TNA is better than WWE or that they're "batting a thousand" when it comes to PPV's when really I think they're just "batting a thousand" with X Division title matches. They constantly bash the WWE and say that they're better and while it may be true I don't care to hear them say it. They're just being really cocky and arrogant. They seem to be begging WWE for a ratings war but if they do that they don't stand a chance. They'll end up like WCW.

That's another problem I have with TNA. They've become like WCW in that they acquire washed-up and essentially useless talent just for name recognition. *Cough* Kevin Nash Scott Hall Diamond Dallas Page Randy Savage Tony Schiavone *Cough* Wait... scratch that last one. They just hired these wastes of space so old time fans of WCW can go "oh look over there, they have DDP and the Outsiders... I want to watch this" If you don't believe me check this out. I watched impact! this past Saturday (caught the replay) and checked out the info on my PPV box. It said something to the extent of Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Diamond Dallas Page get ready for Against All Odds. That right there is a direct slap in the face of people like Monty Brown and AJ Styles and Raven and Fallen Angel and all the people that have worked their respective asses off to make TNA what it is and then along come these big names who really when you think of it have done nothing memorable short of busting their knee in the first five seconds of huge return from injury match. (I still laugh) The point is with the exception of Jarrett non of those guys have been here for more than three months and already they're getting top billing when they have don't nothing inside TNA to prove their worth. Dallas Page, while entertaining SOMETIMES, has done nothing. Kevin Nash, while he did impress me a little Sunday night by being able to hang with a champ the caliber of Jarrett, has done nothing besides being first eliminated at Final Resolution in the number one contenders triple threat match. How he became number one contender after that I'll never know.

Ways to remedy these problems- TNA should stop bragging about how good they are and just focus on the wrestling. They'll be a lot more successful that way. And then fire Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, DDP and D-Ray 3000 while there at it.

I love being right.

by Nathan Speckman..

Joe Joe wrote:
there is a Big 3 today, u said it with TNA, theyre the new version of WCW with extra crap, but you forgot ROH, the new version of ECW with a ton more great wrestling
Shawn wrote:
I disagree, there's nothing wrong with TNA saying they the best in the world,they suppose to say that.

How can they build up Brown and Styles without having known veterans" The veterans guys haven't bad at all. DDP been playing his role well and is willing to job. Nash just had his best match in a decade with JJ.Nash and DDP both jobbed to Brown. Styles and Hardy team up with Savage to beat Hall,Nash and JJ,another jobbed by the veterans. Hall been a small problem but TNA barely use him. Savage was a problem but unlike WCW,TNA told him to pack his bags and leave.

If you watch TNA everyweek like me, you would notice that TNA use the younger guys more than the veterans. The X division wrestlers and tag teams gets most of the tv time. Hell, nobody been on Impact more than Team Canada.
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
Wow i can see that you are a complete idiot. I agree with you on one thing though. New Years Revolution was crap, WWE should limit the number of PPV's. TNA got only one impressive side and that is the X-division. Oh and Monty Brown too. But when you look at their "top superstars", you can find only COMPLETE WASTE from there like Jeff Jarrett or DDP. Storylines are so pathetic that i almost laugh when i see one. I think TNA should stop calling themselves better than WWE all the time. TNA is gonna be good and its gonna challenge WWE maybe some day but till then, they should just simply shut up.
C3breaker wrote:
I agree that TNA does brag about themsleves way too much. On their website they talk about how TNA viewers say Thei rnot buying No Way Out because TNA has the best payper views. The thing I disagree with about this colunm is that you said TNA is better than WWE. I think your totally wrong dude. Tna is trying to hard to bring in old WCW-WWE trash(wrestlers). Instead of wasting their tv time with kevin nash,DDP, and Scott Hall (who all by the way only do like three moves and there done wrestling) they should be trying to create new wrestling main eventers who could help bring TNA main stream attention. TNA needs to get a better tv time slot( who is really home at 4:00 to watch wrestling besides little kids, teens, or bums). Thats my time
nate speckman (original author) wrote:
This article was not about how TNA is better than WWE or vice versa. It was about how TNA needs to improve on some things. So please stop sending me hate mail about how you all think WWE is better than TNA. It just iritates me and makes you all look like fools for going on a rant about shit that this article doesn't even cover. Let me just address everyone personally.

Joe Joe- I did not forget Ring Of Honor. Read my article again and you'll see that I acknowlege it but state that most fans don't have it on tv. I personally love ROH and think that they have a bright future ahead of them but they only way I can see them is by ordering tapes. Which is why I didn't include them and make it a big three.

Shawn- I agree wholeheartedly with what you're saying but you're missing my point. I'm just angry that TNA kind of shoved their homemade talent to the side when DDP and Nash and Hall came in. DDP isn't that bad right now but he was never anything too special to begin with. Lets face it the only reason he went so far in WCW was because he was Bischoff's neighbor. And Nash and Hall havn't been anything to special in the ring since leaving WWE. And Savage did absolutly nothing in his match except throw some punches, and for a guy who spent the better part of the last two years training to become a boxer they didn't look all that good. You bring up a good point about the aforementioned gentlemen jobbing to certain superstars. I had not considered that. But what I'm mainly mad about is that if I were AJ Styles or Monty Brown I'd be mad that I've busted my ass for TNA since it started and Kevin Nash is getting paid more and getting more exposure for doing nothing.

Erkka- You seem to agree with me on more than one thing my friend. You think New Years Revolustion sucked, you think TNA should stop saying that they're better than WWE, and you think that TNA could one day challenge WWE. But where I disagree with you is about your thoughts on their storylines and on Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett is without a doubt the greatest Heavyweight Champ that TNA has ever had. Now I know that doesnt cover a lot of ground but still with the talent pool they have there's nobody else that I would put the title belt on for more than three months except Raven. And about their storylines. The reason you usually see weak storylines is because they don't worry too much about storylines and just give the people what they want to see. Two guys beating the crap out of eachother for a major title.

C3breaker- You're preaching to the choir. My whole article was basically about how TNA needs to drop Nash, Hall and DDP and focus on making new stars. You basically just summed up my article with what you said but then added your thoughts on how WWE is better than TNA just to argue with me because my article was so air tight you couldn't find anything wrong with it. So you had no choice but to bash me for the only opnion in my article that could be considered wrong.

That's a problem a lot of you had. You can't tell someones they wrote a compelling article that was rich with thought and opinion. You have to disagree. You need to challenge someone to make yourself feel better. My article was not about my opinion on how TNA is better than WWE and somehow a bunch of the people who responded to my article (more people just sent me email's bashing my opinions) thought it would be a good idea to target that particular SENTENCE of my article. Can we all just get off our high horse people and give me a pat on the back for an excellent article and an even better rebuttle"
The Excellent Eddy Broadway wrote:
First things first...I really miss watching all three wrestling shows. I not only am a huge fan but I am also an aspiring Wrestler. I agree that TNA is producing some of the best wrestling ever seen with Superstars like AJ Styles, Elix Skipper, Monty Brown, etc. If Hall fights Jarret, Who will win" Better Question who will care" I agree with bringing in Veterans to pump up the rookies but we do not need The Veterans to hold the title for like a year or something (JJ). TNA also needs to have another title to help boost some of their talent and launch them into superstar status. This would help create more build up and storyline when they are selling these AMAZING seven minute matches. WWE does not sweat TNA and doesn't have to. So TNA should focus on building their brand and stop trying to build a rival (Monday 9Pm and Thur 8PM vs Fri 4pm and Sat Midnight...nuff said). Go TNA!!!


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