Stacy's Struggles
June 5, 2003 - by Naya


Stacy Keibler Profile.

Stacy is one of RAW's hottest divas and she has found herself in a little stuggle and can't seem to deal with it. Stacy can't stop thinking about what's going to happen June 15th at WWE Bad Blood! What ever happens, it will be her future, because this past Monday night on RAW Stacy was fed up with Test and Scott Steiner and their arguing. So somewhere near the Women's locker room she told Test that she was done with him and didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore. Test then said that it couldn't happen because she is contractually obiligated to him. Stacy was managerially tied to Test when she signed the contract. How long it would be didn't seem to matter to Stacy. Moments later they were out at the ring when none other than Mr. Bischoff came to the ring and said that there would be a match at Bad Blood and it would determine just who would get the managerial services of Stacy! Stacy was in shock and couldn't believe what she had just heard, and neither could Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. Stacy doesn't want to have anything to do with Test so she is very unhappy with what is going to go down at the pay per view. But who will win! Will it be Test or Scott Steiner"

There iss only one way to find out, watch WWE Bad Blood live and only on Pay Per View Sunday June 15th! Tune in and Find Out!

I'm Naya and this is my report of Stacy Struggles!
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