JBL: A True Wrestling God
April 18, 2005 by Nick Caramico

Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker, Booker T, The Big Show, and Kurt Angle. Besides being amazing athletes, these five men have one other thing in common. All of these men were beaten by the longest reigning WWE Champion in the last decade, John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Until April 3, 2005, JBL was never pinned in a one-on-one singles match. The facts overwhelmingly prove that JBL is on of the greatest wrestlers in recent memory.

Just looking at the people who fell before him is an indication of how great he truly is. All five, except Booker T, are former WWE Champions themselves. Even though Booker has never been a WWE Champion, we all know how many times he has held the WCW Championship. Kurt Angle is an Olympic Gold Medallist, a four-time WWE Champion, former Tag Team, Intercontinental, European, and Hardcore champions, as well as 2000 King of the Ring. The Big Show, besides being 7 foot tall and weighing nearly 500 pounds, is a two-time WWE Champion, two-time Tag Team Champion, and a former United States Champion. The Undertaker has the longest WrestleMania winning streak (13-0) in the history of the WWE along with being the WWE Champion on four occasions. Knowing all the credentials of these five Hall of Fame bound men; JBL is one of the only men to have beaten all of them on, sometimes, more than one occasion.

Besides pinning these men, JBL has also been through an array of match types while holding the WWE Title. Let's start with the match JBL won to capture his first WWE Championship, the Texas Bullrope Match. After some controversy, JBL stood in the ring a bloodied champion. Then at SummerSlam, JBL retained his title after the Undertaker got disqualified when he hit JBL with the WWE Championship belt. After being put through the roof of his limo by the Undertaker, JBL had two months to rest before a one of a kind match.

On Sunday October 3rd, I had the privilege to witness one of the most brutal matches I have personally ever seen. As I sat in the Continental Airlines Arena, wearing my newly purchased JBL T-shirt, no one thought that JBL could defeat The Undertaker in what appeared to be a match of his advantage. At No Mercy, in the first ever Last Ride match, the entire crowd was in awe after the hearse carrying The Undertakers body drove out of the arena. As I walked out of the arena to the car, there were people everywhere but not one word was spoken. Thousands of people were shocked at what they just had seen. At this point people began to rethink their initial feelings about JBL and began to realize that he was for real.

Then in November, JBL defeated Booker T at Survivor Series. If that wasn't impressive enough, JBL then went on to defeat the three men he had already beaten at Armageddon in a Fatal Four way Match. Now that he had defeated The Undertaker, Booker T, and Eddie Guerrero each twice, JBL needed a new opponent. In January at the Royal Rumble, JBL defeated two men. After being speared through the protective barrier by a 500-pound freight train named The Big Show, JBL was able to pin Kurt Angle to retain his title yet again.

To cap off all of his accomplishments, JBL pulled off another upset in his second "first ever" match. At No Way Out inside of a Steel Cage surrounded by barbed wire, JBL received a beating culminating in a Show Stopper driving him through the ring. As Big Show walked out of the cage door, the bell rang and announced JBL as still WWE Champion. While Big Show was taking his time, JBL crawled out from under the ring and touched his feet to the floor.

But, on April 3, 2005, JBL was robbed of everything he had. In one of the worst title matches in recent memory, John "Bradshaw" Layfield's nine month and seven day reign as WWE Champion came to an end. The man responsible: John Cena. Comparing John Cena to the men JBL defeated is like comparing feces to a one hundred dollar bill. By Cena pinning JBL in about 15 minutes means he did what five legends could not do in 9 months. How could John Cena cleanly pin JBL after no one could beat him in so long" John Cena may be deserving of being WWE Champion but is not deserving of pinning John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Now that JBL no longer carries the WWE championship, what is next for him" Will a man that crushed all opponents for longer than any other man in over a decade just fade away" If JBL were to lose the title it should have been against and equal not a rookie. If JBL were to never win the title again, he still left his mark and etched himself a place in history. But if you hate JBL then he has accomplished what he is supposed to do. JBL is truly one of the best characters, champions, athletes, and entertainers to ever step foot in a WWE ring and will hopefully shine once again as WWE Champion.

by Nick Caramico ..

Tony Mayes wrote:
Okay, JBL is a great WWE Superstar. I will agree on that. But JBL 's title reign was very much a disappiontment. Look at the way he won the WWE title against Eddie with the help of the then GM Kurt Angle. Then he retained the WWE title with the help of Kurt Angle. JBL's title reign has lasted so long because of the help of other either his cabinit or other run ins. JBL has had lady luck on his side by getting away with cheatting and not getting caught. JBL has NEVER beat the Undertaker. The last ride match was great match but when taker lost cause of Hedinrich the fan was pissed and so was I. My point is that JBL has never won a one on one match without help. He is not a wrestling god.
mike dudzinski wrote:
Ok Nick, JBL has beaten five of the best men SMACKDOWN! has to offer, he beat The Big Show in a horrible match at the PPV he beat Eddie Guerrero in another horrible match, He beat Eddie, undertaker, and booker in a four way dance the only reason that wasn't horrible was because 3 of the 4 could actually wrestle. he beat big show and Kurt in another horrible match. and in each one of these matches they all had one thing in common the cabinet interfered in every one of them. Not only did all these matches suck but it brought down pro wrestling in general. notice that almost everyone of his ppv title defenses weren't one on one and if they were they were god awful. his wrestling skill is so bad it makes gillberg look like a main eventer.

to be a wrestling god you must be able to carry a match. Something JBL wouldn't and couldn't ever do. To be a wrestling god you must be able to win a match without using help. even triple h has won quality matches without cheating. (i.e randy Orton royal rumble, cactus jack hell in a cell, and the last elimination chamber.)

I'm not here to bash you just to give a different view, i never thought JBL was a wrestling god or never will be i don't hate him because he makes me want to hate him. i hate him because of his crappy skill and his laughable Charisma. His wrestling GOD name is a joke and he isn't even in the elite of professional wrestling.
robbie_754 wrote:
I somewhat agree with you there JBL defeated Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker and Booker T in a fatal four way match and lost to John Cena, Cena could be a good champion he has the character he's got charisma coming out of his ears but he needs to improve his wrestling abilities what's more the WWE really need to give him a better finisher because JBL kicked out of The Last Ride from Undertaker but lost in one go to John Cena's F-U, I do have somewhat of a feeling JBL will have another chance to get it back I don't feel it will be too quickly however since Cena has his new Title and wouldn't seem that good to just have JBL destroy it in within a month JBL has some good skills first I thought it was Vince McMahon's biggest mistake to push him as champion since signing Goldberg but has improved in recent months JBL has to have another chance at the title though because it's very rare that we'll be seeing a nine month long champion going down to a mid carder again, JBL will probably become champion again and your wish could become true
Jesse wrote:
well actulay Nick, What is wrong with your first paragraph is that you stated that JBL was never pinned in a one-on-one contest. you are 50% corect. but in the month leading up to WM21, JBL was beaten by John Cena at many house shows. you can even check here at OWW.
Jane Kopp wrote:
first of all, I would like to pardon my French for the harsh language I am about to use in the following message. If there are any small children in the room tell them to leave. First of all, u better stuff ur shorts in ur mouth, cause ur talkin out of ur ass. Wrestling God"! Bull shit! This guy is a redneck gone wall street! First of all, he wouldnt have held on to that title for 9 months and 7 days if he didnt have Orlando Jordan, Doug and Danny Basham around him. Second, HE CANT WRESTLE!!!!! If you r looking 4 a wrestling god, look at the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle. Hes a pure mat wrestler, like me=), and is the reason why JBL is WWE Champion. At the GAB, if Angle hadn't shown the footage and reversed the decision, Eddie would still be champ! If ur comparing money to feces, and JBL is the money, Ill take the feces.
Rhey Higgins wrote:
YES!!! I'm actually not the only one who feels this way! JBL was not just a WWE Champion. He was THE BEST WWE Champion since Kurt Angle held the belt way back in 2003. He defended his title in amazing match after amazing match, only to lose it to the biggest piece of shit in WWE history, Joihn Cena. To all you JBL-hating Cena marks I say this: SCREW YOU!!! JBL desrves that title more than Cena EVER will.
Curtis Mcmullen wrote:
Nick, what do you mean it's an overwelming fact JBL is the greatest champ ever. it's not fact, it's your opinion. Do you only base your 'facts' on tjhe length of the title. first of all he has not held the title for the longest in ten years, Disel (Kevin Nashhole) has. Overall, that meansas far as wrestling skill, charisma, number of title reins etc. goes, it is just your opinion that he is the greatest champ everr. I think he, along with Cena, are two of the most undeserving champs ever.
John Asplund wrote:
Ok, I read some of the comments and think those are absolutely ridiculous. JBL - The sloppy, just another big man with few moves (Powerbomb, Fallaway slam, Clothesline, Shoulderblock). Sure he has charisma but talking about America all the time, making Nazi salutes in Germany and all that bs he has made, doesn't impress anyone. Well, ofcourse the hypocrits who love America to the death may like him, I don't.

JBLs title reign was the worst era in WWE history. He was the most non-skilled champ since Hulk Hogan. Yes, I said Hogan because he hasn't got any skill though he has charisma.The Bradshaw gimmick he had was ok, in the tag division he was ok, but after he became JBL it was nothing but downhill on my oppinion.

Rhey Higgins: THE BEST WWE Champion since Kurt Angle " Yeah right...You seem to forget guys like Lesnar and Guerrero. I'm not a Cena mark anymore than JBL mark, because a 30 year old rapper is not very good gimmick. But neither is a America loving redneck from New York. And how about telling WHY Cena is the biggest piece of shit in WWE history"And WHY do you think JBL deserves more" Is it because "he defended his title in amazing matches" Sure...amazing barb wire match.Bunch of crap.If you want to see an amazing barb wire match, you should see CZW, IWA or ECW. Instead you just say screw you to everyone. Not very good conversation to make.
Brad Dykens wrote:
To John Asplund: Don't forget the WWE was built on the shoulders of a "sloppy big man with only a few power moves" and that same man is getting the biggest pops of the show even today in his mid-50s. People forget that this is "Sports Entertainment" and JBL resembles that bevavior perfectly. If you wanna watch wrestling then watch the Summer Olympics every four years.
John Asplund wrote:
To Mr. Dykens: You don't seem to know much about sports entertainment. Sports entertainment includes angles in and out of the ring, but it also includes wrestling. Matches need to be entertaining as well. It's in the ring what truly counts. JBL is like Hogan: Non-Wrestler. He may be an entertainer but his in-ring abilities ain't worth it. If he can put together good promos but awful matches, he ain't sh*t. How can you call that "Perfect resembling"" Look at HHH. I gotta admit, I'm sick and tired of him talking all the time, but he has also great abilities in the ring. Wrestling can be seen in a sports entertainment ring as well, but too bad that the bookers of WWE seem to screw up by pushing guys who cant wrestle, like JBL. So it goes...too bad if you can't admit it.
fannie jackson wrote:
I really don't care what you jbl haters think, you say his brawling tactics suck but I doubt that you would try him on, any givin day. Ever since Brock Lesnar left the wwe to jumpstart a career in pro football, which I have to say was one of the most screwball moves since goldberg being taken out. Jbl has taken the wwe by storm, personally i think brawling should become more than just pancy wrestling, jbl made it look real, so real you could actually hear the fist shots and boot shots, the intensity on his face already told you that he wanted to win more than the other opponent did. when jbl wrestled he systematically picked apart his opponents, by first beating his opponents to fatigue, and then perfected execution through wrestling manuevers at the perfect time.So don't tell me that jbl never lived up to his wrestling gimmick "wrestling god" because you are sadly mistaken.

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