The End of Evolution....Now What"
January 15, 2005 by Nick Marro

January 10th's Raw ended with Batista cussing out his "so called" leader Triple H. The night began with Randy Orton opening Batista's eyes to the fact that Triple H only cares about Triple H, and ended with Batista in even more question.

The Raw writers seem to have been hinting at a much anticipated Evolution breakup, but is this the best way for them to go with the long and successful faction"

I, Nick Marro, in my first ever column ever, am about to tell you.

Over the past year or so, the Raw brand is seemingly doing much better than its counter part Smackdown. One of the main reasons for this is the faction everybody loves to hate, Evolution. When Evolution began it was an all star collaboration of "The Cerebral Assassin" Triple H, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, "The Animal" Batista, and "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. After joining forces, these four superstars became more dominant than ever. After several months went by, and the young talent started to push the old, tension began to grow. Evolution turned on Randy Orton and that was truly the beginning of the end.

After Randy Orton's departure both Evolution and "The Legend Killer" himself continued to be successful. Now that Evolution and Batista are about to part ways, will the same success remain"

The first real question of Evolution's breakup will be whose side Ric Flair will take. Many fans of the sixteen time champion are rooting for the breakup so Ric Flair can be "The Nature Boy" again, and have success as a face like he has many times before. It is most likely that Ric will side with Triple H and continue to kiss his ass for the rest of his career, but there is always the possibility that he will continue to "sculpt" the young talent that is Batista. If Ric does side with Triple H, than what happens during the rest of his career can easily be predicted. Twenty-six championships between two wrestlers can only mean one thing for the fans, ego-tripping garbage. If Ric decides to continue to help progress Batista's career as a face, than we may see more, and more of the heavily loved Ric of old.

The second thing everyone will be asking is whether or not Batista can continue to progress as a character on his own. Due to the massive pops he has been getting at recent recordings, the obvious answer is yes. Batista is extremely talented and along with Randy Orton, he is truly the future of this company. On his own, Batista will most likely become very independent under character and use this to make a constant push at a variety of titles. Batista alone also means that we may start to see some excellent feuds between him and various wrestlers from Triple H, to Chris Benoit and everyone in between. With such a great upside there must always be a great downside. It may seem extreme (and it really is), but Batista may become the next Sean Waltman (X-Pac). It's probably not even close to happening but as many have said time, and time again, "anything can happen in the WWE". If Batista became a mid-card jobber after the breakup I myself would turn away from the sport.

One of the last things that is going to be on everyone's mind is if Flair and Triple H do remain together, will Evolution do the same" Currently in OVW there is a lot of talent signed to WWE. It is possible that WWE uses some of this talent as puppets for Triple H on his way to holding the title reign after reign. If new talent does use Evolution to break into the business then it may seem like where listening to the same script we just endured except with Batista, and Orton's names scratched out and replaced by a bunch of rookies. If Evolution decides to search out talent already in the business then we may see names like Maven (highly possible), La Resistance (who needs a gimmick tweak), or even Regal (not as likely) on Evolution T-shirts at WWE events across the globe. This could lead to some great feuds, but would also mean that the ever annoying main event interference we are currently witnessing will continue stronger than ever. If the do stick as a duo prepare for a long line of Triple H vs. whoever matches ending in Ric Flair causing boring and repeating distraction's at ringside, and boring Triple H title reigns.

Overall this breakup will most likely be positive for fans. Most of us are excited to see Raw shook up a little and this should do the trick. Hopefully this "shake up" will lead to new and exciting champions, and feuds, and a little less Triple H.

by Nick Marro ..

RuthlessGattman wrote:
I am sick and tired of hearing people dissing Triple H. People are saying he's boring, but think about this.. what if people kept watching, to see when he's going to lose" See, the people don't seem to understand that heels make the best champions. Who wants a face as the champion" There was no face who the fans wanted to see champion for months on end sense Stone Cold Steve Austin. They're currently having Triple H stay champion, because in the long run, there will be someone so popular with the fans that once Triple H loses the title, he won't have the title for quite a while.

Randy Orton" He does seem popular with the fans, but come on, all his matches are the same. A flying cross body block here, a drop toe hold there, maybe one or two chops, an uppercut whenever, then the RKO. Randy Orton could be a good champion, but only if he went heel and continued to go on as a Legend Killer, or perhaps a Supreme Legend gimmick. He has plenty of opponents to choose from. HBK, Kane, Jericho, Benoit, Flair(despite his heat, he is pretty popular among fans), and a feud with Triple H is in progress. If he were on smackdown, his feuds could range from Kurt Angle, Big Show, Undertaker, JBL, and of course, John Cena. Granted that not all these superstars I named are really legends, but they are some of the top names of their brand and whether Orton already took them on or not, I'm sure another feud could do him good.

Batista" Ah, the "Animal" or as Triple H said it, "The Destroyer!" Batista has all the potential one could expect, but his mic skills really arn't all that well. Does he need them" Not as long as Good Ol' JR and Jerry Lawler do their job right. I said in an earlier article, as sfhardrock, that Batista's slogan should be "speak softly and carry big guns(muscles)." He is indeed one of those rare wrestlers who are big and who can move quick. Given there are some moves I dislike, for example the knee smashes when his opponent are on the ground, Batista is one of few guys who only need three devastating moves in his list. Perhaps a manager, like Ric Flair or Paul Heyman could be his voice. Very much like they did with Brock, only this time, a face champion.

Ric Flair" I'd like to see Flair tell Triple H to "shove it" and walk out on him. If Flair becomes a 17 time champion, well then, that just makes him all the more a legend. Flair told Triple H, or so Hunter claims, that he'd like to wrestle again and enjoys being the heal. I don't know about him being heal, but I can never get tired of watching Ric Flair wrestle, probably because I never got to see many of his best matches (I started watching wrestling in 97 and only watched WWF at the time.) If Flair becomes champion, I'm sure this would bring many wrestling fans brought back into WWE as long as he doesn't lose it to Hunter.

Chris Benoit" I enjoy Chris Benoit, but like I said with Orton, he does almost the same stuff in all f his matches. Triple German Suplex, chops, Snap Suplex, Flying Headbutt, Crippler Crossface, Sharpshooter. If they gave Benoit different opponents other than HBK and HHH when he was champion, I'm sure his reign would have been more exciting (Kane doesn't count, because their match at the PPV had very little background history.) Different opponents and different stipulations (cage, ladder, submission only match against Edge or Flair) could make Benoit an exciting champion.

Chris Jericho" The first ever Undisputed Champion! Yes, Jericho should have what it takes to make an exciting champion, as long as he is a heel. If he's face, then he has to rely on jokes and cheap pops to get the fans over. I admit, he's funny either way and has enough Charisma to go either way, but people seem to dislike him as a face, because he's been a mid-card heel for so long. The same with Benoit, give him stipulations and new opponents during his reign and I'm sure Jericho can pull the rest off himself.

Edge" eh.. he's a whiny little cu--- brat. I guess he could be a good heel champion, as long as he cheats to win his matches and brag obout not cheating. He should look back on Jesse Ventura's philosophy, "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!" If Edge becomes one of those champions, it could frusterate the fans that he's the champion, then out of nowhere, bring someone in and add a no DQ stipulation to the match to have Edge lose the title.

Who could that someone be" Maybe Kane. Call him what you wish, I like Kane, I've been a fan of Kane's sense he first debuted (notice I said Kane not Glen Jacobs.) Kane has the potential to return as the monster of Raw, he just needs to get out of this feud with Snitsky and forget about whatever happened with Lita. Think about it, if Kane can scare the shit out of Triple H -the man responsible for him losing his mask, the man who brought on the horrible angle of Katie Vick, the man who's probably responsible for bring this angle with Snitsky- by bringing fire up at random, maybe even in the middle of a match. I see Edge defending his newly won title against Triple H, Triple H sets up for a pedigree then all of a sudden, fire shoots out of the turnbuckles, causing Triple H to turn away and act confused, when he turns around he gets speared by Edge. Kane then goes on to beat Triple H in sweet revenge and win a number one contender match before beating Edge to take the title. Yeah.. I think that'd be a good way to start his reign.

HBK" Haha, my all time favorite superstar, the Heart Break Kid. No matter what Shawn does, face or heel, he can pull off the best match of his career every night. You're almost sure to see something new with this guy. Only problem" Age. People think that he should retire and let someone new take the spotlight, but what the hell do these new fans know" What the hell do I know" I know that Shawn Micheals is perhaps the best damn sports entertainer alive and wrestling to this very day. Don't believe me" Tough.

Snitsky" Doubt it.

Maven" uhhh no.. I enjoy Maven, but he's not ready. I love this new heel turn, now all they have to do is work with it rather than plummeting him down in the jobber list.

I can go on and on and on with potential champions from Hurricane to Shelton Benjamin, to even Trish Stratus. Don't ask. I'm capable of comming up with SLs out of nowhere to push a superstar over and have them become good enough to win the title.

Now as for my picks of a new, meaner, leaner Evolution" I say Flair should shove HHH out the door and go with Batista. Triple H loses the title and out of embarassment he walks out. After months and months of being gone, he could find time to work out and get leaner in muscle. Give him time to get back into shape. In this absence he can build his own ring (he has the money!) in his backyard or something and invite some local talent to come and keep him in ring shape. By the time he returns, he can introduce a new and meaner Evolution. Maven, by this time he should be more aggressive and have a better finisher. Kane, every group needs a monster and of course, this would shock the fans, seeing as how it was HHH's doing that Kane lost his mask. And perhaps some rookie. Or bring in Rene Dupree from Smackdown. This could give Rene the chance he needs to get away from Cena (whom is beign rediculously over-pushed) and show his skills on Raw once again. This time he should lose Fifi, but still carry his flag and wear his robe. Those are my pics for a new, meaner Evolution. If Kane for some reason is unable to "forgive" HHH, then another Smackdown superstar, RVD, could be in it. RVD is a great wrestler, just not a great speaker. This could give him a chance to shine and time to talk on the microphone. He was in a heel group before, but no one never hated him. How's that any different from Orton or Batista.
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
Finally there is somebody who gives HHH credit he deserves. Cerebral assasin has always been dominant and one of the greatest but The Game has been a man on RAW, and he has been a man on RAW since 2002 september. Now the reason they push HHH so much is because there is not many "megastars" like HHH who used to be the biggest stars on 1998-2002. Austin and The Rock" Both has turned their back on WWE and especially The Rock who felt more like doing movies than doing what the millions of his fans wanted to see him do. Kane and Jericho" Both are being used as a mid card pawns but the fact is that Kane and Jericho could make an excellent opponents on HHH. A heel turn is needed for Jericho but either way he could make an excellent main eventer as Jericho has been on past. A cage match between HHH and Kane for the tile would blow the roof! Just let Kane go from some stupid storylines with Snitsky and Lita... Undertaker or Big Show" As well as we all know they are both on SD! so they are not gonna help... Then of course we have those new guys who are getting pushes but the only one of 'em who i actually like is Edge and maybe Batista. Edge could be a great heel champion (we would need one because triple h is the only heel champion in World Heavyweight Championship history) No offence for Shawn Michaels fans but i think HBK is not exiting anymore. Nowadays he got the same damn moves every night and since the injuries has took him, he is not in condition for World title. At least a heel turn is needed but i dont think that would work anymore with Shawn.

So yes the end of evolution is here i think but as the column name is, now what" Maybe Batista would beat HHH" doubt it... So when you look at the challengers right now on RAW, the best choice would be Edge as the next World Heavyweight Champion!


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