My Lineup for WWE's ECW 1-Time Only PPV
December 29, 2004 by Nick Sparrow

Most of people are saying that a ECW pay-per view put on by the WWE could not work, unless they went out and signed a bunch of past ECW stars to work the show.

Well I'm here to prove you wrong, here in the PPV lineup I would have for the One-Time Only ECW PPV, using current superstars in the WWE.

ECW Anarchy Rulz-June 2005
Extreme Wrestling is back!

The show opens up with Paul Heyman coming to the ring, along with Dawn Marie (ECW music), and gives us a little history on ECW. He goes to say he has put together some of the greatest ECW workers in the world of wrestling, and has a special surprise for us all. He states that the only superstars to be eligible for this PPV card, was that they had to sometime be in ECW for the career. Wheather it be one day or several years. Paul then states that every match will be under "ECW Rules", meaning No Rules. Paul then says he will be commentating for the evening, and sits at the announce table. Dawn Marie is the Bell ringer for the evening.

The show then goes backstage with a limo pulling up and Tommy Dreamer (Still works for WWE, in business position) gets out, with his singapore cane. *Heyman is yelling "Tommy is back, with his little friend".

Match #1: Fatal Four-Way match (meaning "No rules") Spike Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Nunzio vs. Tajiri *Chairs & Tables would be used throughout the match

Simon Dean then comes out, saying that these people need his Simon System. He states he had a small run in ECW years ago (as Nova). He tries to give Paul Heyman some, but Heyman throws it back at him, and says "Get Extreme Richard Simmons". Simon says he is not booked for any matches, but wanted to sell some of his "Simon System" power drinks. Out of know where, Lance Storm comes through the crowd, and attacks Simon Dean. Paul Heyman says "Hell, just like old times, im putting together a matchup between you-Simon Dean, facing Lance Storm.

Match #2: Simon Dean vs. Lance Storm

Chris Jericho's music plays, and comes out with a dufflebag saying "what would a ECW event be with Y2J and the "Highlight Reel". Jericho reminds the fans that he had a small run in ECW, and comes up with funny things, such as "I worked for ECW, back when Heyman was skinny, etc." He says that his guest is someone special, perhaps he invented "Head". The crownd goes crazy, and "Jericho says, no not that Head", but then reaches in the dufflebag, and pulls out a manicans head. This leads to Al Snow coming out, saying that he still loves "Head", and asked the crowd "what does everybody want", which they reply with "Head". Al Snow mentions ECW was the place that started "Head". He is glad that they are putting on a ECW reunion show. Steven Richards now comes out, and states "Why was he not booked for this event". Heyman replies by saying "Drag Queen personators only get extreme in other categories". Richards starts to complain, and says he wants a match, so Heyman books a match of Jericho/Snow vs. Richards and a partner of his choosing. Well Richards says he does not have a partner, and is asking anyone in the lockerroom to be his partner. No one comes out at first, so Richards slowly starts to make his way down the ramp, when weird music plays, and its none other then Chilly Willy (Under developmental contract). Heyman acts shocked, and says "I forgot all about him".

Match #3 Al Snow and Chris Jericho vs. Steven Richards and Chilly Willy *This is somewhat of a bathroom break, but some funny moments are shown, when Snow starts hitting people with the manikans "head".

Tommy Dreamer comes to the ring, and says its been to long, says he is looking for a fight. He starts calling out anyone, Rhyno, Dudleys, etc. The lights go out, and the number 13 starts to play on the screen, and Taz comes down the ramp, and says "We have some unfinished business, and I came for a fight. Dreamer and Taz are face to face, with a ECW chant starting, and Heyman screaming saying "fight, fight, fight". Familar music then plays, and Mick Foley comes out, walks down the ramp, and says "Hey, dont stand here, and stay face to face, if you want to fight, then fight", he states "I was in ECW and when we had a problem, we took it to the ring". Heyman then gets up from the announce table, grabs a mic, and gets in the ring. He says "I have an idea, lets have you Dreamer face off with Taz, and since all matches are under ECW Rules, I will make your match something special. Im going to make it a Singapore Cane match, where the winner can whip the looser." Heyman then goes to leave the ring, as Dreamer/Taz stare at each other, and Heyman gets back on the mic, "I forgot to mention, by the way Mick, since you want to intefere in other peoples personal problems, im making you the special referee between Dreamer and Storm.

A video is shown of some of the greatest moments in ECW history, which goes on for several minutes.

Paul Heyman then stands up, and says "The Dreamer/Taz match was not my special surprise. I wanted to mention to everyone, that one of the most historic tag teams in wrestling history were the Dudleys (Bubba & D-Von). He stated they are the only team to hold the ECW/WWE/WCW tag Team belts, and they started out in ECW. He said that he has given them the rights to any kind of special stipulation match, as if another team of former ECW stars would accept. Well, another team has accepted, and that team is Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero". The Dudleys then come onto the screen, and says "they are fine with who their opponents are, but they said they have the advantage, we have been together for a long time, and bring a different style of wrestling to the plate. We have picked our stipulation, and we have decided that we will use a WWE match concept, but guerrentee's it will be Extreme. We have picked "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs" match. Paul Heyman likes it, and says that is your main event for this evening.

Rob Van Dam comes out and states an open challenge to anyone in the lockerroom. Rhyno accepts.

Match #4 Rhyno vs. Rob Van Dam *Tables and chairs are used throughout the match

Match #5 "Singapore Cane" match-Special Guest Referee-Mick Foley Tommy Dreamer vs. Taz *This match goes on for about a half an hour. With Taz getting the win, and slapping the cane over Dreamers back seceral times, which Dreamer gets up, and puts his hand out to shake Taz's, which Taz accepts

Match #6 Tables, Ladders, Chairs match (TLC) Bubba & D-Von Dudley vs. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero *This match lasts for awile, and is the show stealer. Benoit/Guerrero would more likally win the match, since I dont think McMahon would want it to be fully ECW, and have technical wrestlers win it, even though they were all in ECW at one time.

Well, thats my One-Time Only ECW PPV venue. I would appreciate it, if you gave back some comments about it, or simply rate how I did.

by Nick Sparrow..

slaborde01 wrote:
I think that would be a great show, the best the WWE could offer us at this point without agreeing to terms with some outsiders such as Raven and Shane Douglas. But as far as RVD vs Ryhno, they put on some great matches, but I would have RVD vs Dreamer. Then Taz vs Ryhno. But the show you have is awesome, well worth $39.99
KB wrote:
I thought your card was creative and had some good matches on it. But I still think that anything the WWE does will be a cheap imitation of the true ECW style. Regardless of whether they use old ECW stars or stars on the WWE rosters. It's been so long since we've seen the old stars that they wouldn't have the same effect and the stars on the roster have been changed so much that it wouldn't work out. For instance, take Tazz in ECW he was the human-suplex machine, in WWE he's an annoying announcer. And he's supposed to change back into his old character in for just one night. It wouldn't work, this PPV would fail big time.
I liked the idea that you had for the ECW ppv. And I especially liked the fact that you were able to use only current WWE stars, or staff. And if it happend that way, then wouldn't that be cool" The problem that I personally see with a WWE sponsored ECW event, is that it would be exactly that. A WWE sponsored event. Which in my personal view would be an absolute shame, and probably a disappointment to anyone that pays to see it. ECW was a ground-breaking company, that was a pioneer in a the way that it presented pro-wrestling to the fans. Noone else was doing what ECW did. I'm just afraid to see what a WWE controlled ECW ppv will look like. I belive that it will be watered down to the point, as to being unrecognizable to what we the fans remember. Especially since it now looks like Paul Heyman may be gone from the company, and therefore would have no real control as to the direction that the event would take. And if you scoff at my "watered-down" remarks, I would only wish to point you in the direction of just two of the WWE's former ECW superstars, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam. These two men were two of the most influential, and ground-breaking, death-defying stars that pro-wrestling had ever seen, when they were with ECW. Now look at them. They both do the exact same moves, usually in the exact same order, in every single match. None of it new. None of it death-defying, or even ground breaking. In short, they have become just two more WWE lackeys, that are making their money to be safe and predictable......just like Vince likes it. I could go on pointing out example, after example to support my thesis, but I'm sure you get the drift... I for one hope that the ECW event never takes place. At least, not while it is under the control of the WWE. ECW went down in a blaze of glory, with their heads held high. Not like WCW. I personally want to go on remembering ECW with nostalgia, respect and reverance. Not with disappointment, and the bitter taste that WCW left in my mouth in their latter days. And I personally believe that if a WWE sponsored ECW event were to take place, not only would it tarnish the memory that we all currently have of that promotion, but it would leave us remembering not what it was, but the stripped-away joke that it would become, once Vince Mcmahon got his corporate stained hands into it. I dont want to see that, and neither do many fans that I know. Let us remember ECW as it was, ground-breaking and innovative, and not what the disappointing sham of a product that it will be if this event takes place. BUT that's just my humble opinion..........

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