What is the Deal with Evolution"
November 21, 2004 by Niels J.

Hi my name is Niels, if you think my name is a little weird that is because I am Danish, but I am still a great wrestling fan.

I wanted to take some time to talk about Evolution. What is the deal with them" I think we all know the answer to that.

We all know how it goes when your married to bosses daughter, why else do you think he could be a nine-time world champion.

I talked with one of the other OWW writers the other day and he actually made a pretty good point. He said that HHH is the only one who went through the invasion angle and kept the ball running when Stone Cold and The Rock abandoned the ship. But now back to Evolution. I thought they were a great idea in the beginning of 2003 and when Batista returned in the end of 2003 I think that was the peek of Evolution. And I know the dislike of Goldberg in the internet is big, but when he won the title in 2003 I thought it was great and just because the WWE writers thought he should have (A BORING) match with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemainia XX he should lose the title and then of course to HHH. Personally I think that the five month Chris Beniot had the Title was the best five month in the WWE in recent history regarding to the World title storylines. And believe me I loved it when Randy Orton broke free of Evolution, but that was when WWE made they're mistake. Randy Orton wasn't ready yet. This time I Can forgive them for giving HHH the title so that Randy Orton could grow a big Face and a fan favourite. So when the time comes, Randy Orton can win the title and defend it probably (He will probably win it at WM 21). This has been most about HHH So lets take the other members now.

Batista: Batista is one of my favourite wrestlers. If they could brake him free of Evolution and make him a face (Which I have hoped since they were formed) the WWE would have "the next big thing". I think Batista is a great wrestler the problem is that he is just being held down by HHH. As long as Evolution wrestle these six-man tag team matches or he is used to wrestle opponents that have to face HHH a week after, he is held down. Anyway my point is if he could brake free from Evolution he would be great.

Ric Flair: We all know how great the sixteen-time world heavyweight champion. WHOOOOO. I really don't think Flair is great in singles competition anymore. He can still kick ass in tag matches but not anything else. But what he can do know is he can sure as hell do promos. He is one of the greatest promo guys the WWE has right now.

So Evolution is helping him. Don't get me wrong I DON'T say that Ric Flair is a has-been. I am just saying that he is not so good in matches anymore. Just for the record I didn't see him at Taboo Tuesday so I don't know how the cage match went.

Evolution conclusion: The only thing wrong is really HHH, but they couldn't exist without him. I am Niels j. and that is my opinion.

by Niels J...

Esben Evans wrote:
Many people on the internet has been outraged at the fact that Triple H is the World Heavyweight Champion and I must admit that I was very sceptical at this as well (actually I was very close to join the "I Hate HHH" club, but when you look at it what he's doing at the moment is putting Randy Orton tremendously over, more over that he would have gotten as the World Champ. So I'm kinda looking forward to seeing Wrestlemania 21 and the expected match between the two and hopefully Triple H will pass the torch and let Randy have a longer reign with the championship.

As for Evolution, I sincerely hope that it ends very, very.....very soon, I've grown tired of the whole angle and I really hope that Batista and Ric Flair turns face as the WWE have hinted in recent weeks. Maybe have Batista have a solo run against HHH before WM 21, and maybe have Ric Flair as manager of Batista. I mean it would be an interesting feud as I think that Batista as a wrestler have developed a lot in recent times, but bottom line is he needs to go solo (like you said) if he wants to develop as an on-screen persona.

Finally, I just wanted to say. It's not a bad thing to be from Denmark, as I am myself. Thanks for a good coloumn.



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