Eric "Freaking" Bischoff or Eric "Face" Bischoff
December 17, 2004 by Niels J.

Eric Bischoff, one of the biggest Sons of a Bitch in wrestling history, but now that seems to be changing. Eric Bischoff started out in 92-93, as the executive producer of WCW and then later became president. Until 1996 he was neutral and nobody really cared (except Vince Macmahon and the WWE I think), but in 1996 when the N.W.O arrived he became a major heel. Throughout 1996 he was with the N.W.O fighting against anything else, and we all know how that went, but anyway my point is that throughout his first WCW run he was a heel.

Second WCW run: when WCW realized in the year 2000 that Vince Russo really wasn't all he proclaimed to be they thought: "lets bring Bischoff back one more time see if he could fix WCW", but Bischoff said he couldn't fix WCW so he wanted to buy it. So while they were working out a deal, Bischoff debuted again and this time to do the complete opposite of what he did last time: "in with the new, out with the old" and so was the New Blood: Billy Kidman, NBT, (my favourite) Mike Awesome, Vampiro, Shane Douglas and many more new stars. And as long as WCW was there they might as well ask Vince Russo to write the storylines. So then we got Bischoff and Russo and they both are heels. With the New Blood here WCW almost pulled through, but somewhere down the road Bischoff and Russo lost tread of it and it ended up as a total bummer, and WCW blew the deal of.

WWE: In early 2002 rumours started to fly around that Bischoff would come to the WWE and that was obviously true. So Eric Bischoff comes to Raw as the GM and as a heel. And at this point he had a feud with Stephanie Macmahon over which brand was the best. Then one night on Raw Stephanie stole Brock Lesnar from the brand and said Raw would never have a champion of their own and that's how the Triple H kiss-ass saga begins. Because the very next on Raw Bischoff came out with the old WCW title and presented it to Triple H. Raw was going up and down at that time and we then got HBK as the champion (great). There went one month and then HHH was on top again. We saw the arrival of Evolution and the arrival of Stone Cold next, and then Bischoff first really begins to mean something to the storylines. Bischoff becomes an even bigger heel than he was before and spends almost all of 2003 to fight Stone Cold and kiss-up to Evolution. In 2003 Bischoff did everything he could to keep HHH the world champ, then we go to Survivor Series and Bischoffs team go up against Stone Colds team, if Stone Colds team wins he can hit people again, if Bischoffs team wins Stone Cold gets fired and Bischoffs team won with a little interference from Bischoff himself and Batista. Bischoff gets to run Raw for himself almost one month (and surprise surprise the controversy comes). Then we go through three month more with Bischoff and Stone cold fight a little. Then we go on the other side of Wrestlemainia XX and Bischoffs nephew debut. Now Bischoff is doing everything he can to get rit of Eugene and we see that all year. Actually Bischoff hadn't got his head that far up Bischoffs ass this year, he spends all year fighting Eugene. This a culminated in a hair match at Taboo Tuesday. And here comes point, now comes the thing I wanted to write about in this column: Ever since Bischoff got his head shaved by Eugene his profile has been changing. Since his head was shaved his been like a face, he has been giving Evolution a hard time. He doesn't take that much crap from them anymore and he has really been great these last couple of weeks. So this makes me wonder, Bischoff has been a heel in eight years so how would a face turn be now" I think it could be a great experiment for WWE.

by Niels J...

Perry & Aileen Spadoni wrote:
I think that in the crappy situation the WWE is in right now, at least with fans like me (who is slowly leaning toward TNA, but even there it seems that wrestling is loosing its way) trying something new would definitely be in the best interest of the company. I've been an avid fan of WCW also and I see what you're saying. Bischoff (so that's how you spell it) has been such a little prick his entire run IN MANAGMENT and I could only see his transformation to a heel as a good thing for WWE.maybe people will stop turning on the TV to see how Bischoff will screw a heel and most probably, in crease ratings (yay!!). I'm not saying that changing Bischoff's appeal will save the WWE, just that it'll be a step in the right direction.



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