Who Deserves the WWE's World Heavyweight Championship"
October 20, 2003 by Nintendoliberate

Goldberg is nothing more than an over rated superstar. Goldberg has strength, I'll give him that, he did "Jack Hammer" Mark Henry. The question is, does he really deserve that World Heavyweight Championship" I don't think so. Goldberg came, conquered and accomplished everything. Has he lost a match" Yeah, but the opponent cheated to win. He's nothing but money for the WWE. Nothing but. Goldberg is the master of about four moves, and yes, he probably only knows four moves. The Jack Hammer, the Spear, the Pump Handle Slam and some punches. Woopty-doo. Has he ever had a great match in his WWE career" I don't think so. His matches are ALWAYS the same. First, he enters the ring and does his roars and jumping around as he always does. Second, he meets his opponent, stares into his eyes a bit and done. Third, he punches and kicks his opponent like a girl. Fourth, he Pump Handle Slams his opponent. Fifth, he goes into a corner and waits for his opponent to get up and then he Spears him. Sixth, everyone goes wild for their favorite fake superstar and boom, the Jack Hammer. Ding-ding, Goldberg wins his 5908748903475897890473rd match.

Goldberg is entertaining to an extent, his facial expressions when he roars is pretty funny. Is he a real wrestler" I don't think so. Who does deserve a World Heavyweight Championship shot" I don't really know. Alot of the superstars in the WWE are nothing but "money". My favorite WWE superstars are Rob Van Dam, Kane and The Hurricane. Rob Van Dam is entertaining, athletic and he's everything a real superstar should be. Does he deserve a World Heavyweight Championship" Sure. He's a big time superstar. He's in the IC range, but sometime in the future, he'll be fueding with popular superstars like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and you guessed it, Bill Goldberg. Does The Hurricane deserve a World Heavyweight Championship" I don't think so. But he should deserve something as high as the Intercontinental Championship. He is a "superhero", but c'mon, give him credit, he's more of a character than Bill Goldberg will ever be.

Kane, the superstar that is high in the moment, and then his story lines go down hill like Delta Burke's movie career. Kane went from evil to good in about 40 seconds. Kane should stay evil. Does he deserve a World Heavyweight Championship shot" Yes, he does. He's 7', and he does moves off of the turnbuckle, very rare. He's athletic, he's true to his character, and he's someone that will be unforgettable in WWE history. I just hope his story line fued with Shane McMahon will fade away as fast as Triple H and Kane's did. What the real WWE fans and I hope is that someday in the near future, there'll be a World Heavyweight Champion who is great to his/her character, that she/he is athletic as well.

And about the infamous and unforgettable Stu Hart, you'll always be one of the great wrestlers and trainers in my heart. And to the Hart family, my sympathy goes out for all of you. Bret Hart, one of the best World Heavyweight and WWF/E Champions of all time.

by Nintendoliberate..


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