A Feud That Needs To Take Place
June 9, 2005 by Patrick J.

The June 6th, 2005 edition of RAW just went off, but I seem to be still thinking about a match that happened over a month ago. I have been a wrestling fan for a long time and I can not recall a time where I thought about one match so much. A match that was so amazing that I couldn't forget about it. A match that will be remember as a classic to me.

The match I am talking about took place on May 2nd, 2005 during the Gold Rush tournament on RAW for the chance to face Batista in a World Championship match. The match I am talking about is Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin. The match was just incredible and I could not believe that this was coming from Shelton Benjamin. Now, I will admit that I was never really big on Shelton, but I have changed my mind. After seeing that jaw dropping finish to the match made me a believer out of Shelton. Yes, he may have lost the match, but he still showed what he is made of and that he can put on a great match.

Now, many people are saying that Randy Orton, John Cena, Batista, and Christian are the future of the WWE, but you have to add Shelton Benjamin to that list. I truly believe that Shelton is going to be a big part of the WWE in the future, but all he needs is a really great feud. Sure he has been Intercontinental Champion for 7 months and counting, but who has he really got into a feud with over it" Chris Jericho might be a candidate because Shelton did defeat Jericho at Taboo Tuesday for the Intercontinental Championship. Shelton and Jericho have feuded on and off over the months, but they didn't really seem to click. So, who are some other candidates for a feud with Shelton" Muhammad Hussan maybe. Or maybe a feud with Christian, but that would only hurt Christian right now because he seems to be in the running for a World or WWE Championship run. Maybe a switch to SmackDown! would help out the young superstar in finding a feud. Maybe a feud with Carlito or Eddie Guerrero. Maybe even Rob Van Dam, but none of these feuds would take Shelton to where he needs to be. The main event is where Shelton needs to be because he part of the future of this company. The feud that Shelton needs to get involved in is one with Shawn Michaels.

Shelton Benjamin and Shawn Michaels in a feud together. Why you may ask" Because Shawn Michaels can help Benjamin show the world that he should be in the main event. Hell, they proved it on May 2nd, 2005 on RAW. Now, they both may be faces at the time being, but I would really like to see Shawn Michaels go heel. Ya, I said it. Shawn Michaels needs to go heel. He needs to go heel for two reasons. The first being that Shelton needs a good feud with a heel. Second, Shelton would not benefit from being the heel in feud and would end up just getting lost in the shuffle. Shelton has the athletic ability that Shawn Michaels works so well with. If this feud where to take place it might be one of the greatest feuds of all time. I could see a lot of Shawn Michaels 'Sweet Chin Musics' during the feud and Shelton just can't seem to escape them until that one night comes when he beats Shawn Michaels.

This feud would have so much potential if it where to take place. It is unlikely at the time being because either Shawn Michaels or Shelton Benjamin could be drafted to SmackDown!, but then again they both could be drafted. I suppose we will only have to wait to see what happens.

by Patrick J. ..

Huthaifas wrote:
The guy that Shelton needs to feud with is Kurt Angle. He needs to fight guys who will bring the best out of him,but not show his obvious weakness. A move to Smackdown would be great, because there are performers there that are push him. Benoit,Eddie,RVD(when he gets back), Mysterio, even his old partner Charlie Haas. I love Muhammad Hassan, but a feud with him and Benjamin, would be just a carry job. Hassan mostly a brawler, and a green one at that.Now if Benjamin was the US champ, then I think that Hassan would be a perfect opponent. Both Hassan and Benjamin belong at Smackdown.
Brad Dykens wrote:
This has made me think that a Best of Seven Series between them would be very entertaining. It would be a good way to Michaels to pass the torch to a future star. Neither of them even have to be heel. Just babyface-vs-babyface and may the better man win!






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