D-X: Are you Ready"
May 11, 2006 by Patrick Jungnick

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There is a lot of buzz going around the internet about what the WWE has in store for its fans in the near future! Everyone is hyping around the whole bringing back ECW, which there is nothing wrong with that! Also, everyone is talking about John Cena turning heel at ECW/WWE One Night Stand 2; even though I am not to high on him myself, I do think it's about time his character got a little attitude. But as I read through the columns of the OWW, I can not help, but wonder why no one is talking about the plans of restoring one of the greatest factions to have ever be put together in this business! Well, it is time to talk about it because I am extremely excited!

Degeneration-X is suppose to be making a return. Now, most of us know what D-X did for the WWE in the Attitude Era; I still remember it til' this day when Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn made their D-X debut! I still remember the promo they cut on the Nation Of Domination! I remember the countless Rock vs. HHH battles and the New Age Out Laws fighting/defeating every tag team the WWE had to offer. Man those where the good old days, but that brings up some questions in my mind!

Is the WWE going to make D-X great again or they gonna make it flop like the NWO angle" If you look at WWE history they have a lot of great angles that they messed up, but it raises the question, how could they possibly mess this up because it is D-X! The stable split at just about the right time. Plus, the fans actually want to see D-X come back together... Yet again another question comes to my mind!

Who is going to be apart of this D-X reformation" We already know that HHH is set on being a face for the rest of his wrestling career and Shawn Michaels is still in great shape. But we already know that those two are going to be apart of it! Who would take the places of Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Chyna, and X-Pac" Well, I got a few superstars in mind that I think would be perfect for the faction!

Along the side of HHH and Shawn Michaels I am going to have to say that my first choice for the newest member of D-X has to be Gregory Helms. Why you might ask" Well, first off he is one hell of an athlete! Second, the guy has the D-X attitude going already! Plus, you know he can cut some funny promos! He would be the perfect replacement for X-Pac! Helms is well rounded in everything and he would be a great addition to the New Degeneration-X!

Now, next to those guys I think we need to find another great tag team! What about Trevor and Cade" Na, they wouldn't fit the D-X proflie! What about Shelton and Hass" Shelton has this new cocky thing going for him, but I think the WWE is looking for Hass and Shelton to feud. They would make a good addition to the team, but I think I can one up that! I think that Shawn and HHH need to go over to Smackdown! and recruit MNM. Those guys have been born heels since they debuted in the WWE. Their gimmick is getting stale and they are not getting much air time. I mean hell, they are facing London and Kendrick for the WWE Tag Team Championships! Nothing wrong with London or Kendrick, but MNM needs something new and D-X is the answer!

Then you always need that women figure in D-X and MNM has the perfect women in their corner! Melina, is the perfect answer. She could join up with RAW and we can finally see a great feud between her and Trish for the Womens Championship. I love Melinas work, and I am a big Trish fan. I have been watching Melina ever since she joined up with the OVW and I think she is going to do big things one day in the Womens division.

Now, that we got the formation of a basic stable ... I think I am going to say that D-X might need one more person in their faction. Not saying that it will happen, but I do think that it is a bad thing if you add a seventh member to the faction. It really could be anyone of these guys I have in mind, but you need a wrestler who is going to go for the Intercontinetal Championship! You could have The Masterpiece Chris Masters - Nah, not to big on him! What about Carlito" He has a good gimmick that doesn't need any touching up right now. Matt Striker" No! Maybe a member from the Spirit Squad" Like Kenny - I think he is a great athlete, but his gimmick is good for now. So, who would be the last guy that I would insert into D-X! I could always bring someone in from the indepedent scene and make them a star, but I think I am going to stick with home field advantage and pick up Shelton Benjamin for the seventh member.

Degneration-X would finally be back and better then ever! Yes, they might not be as great as the original D-X, but it will certainly be up there. I can not wait for the return of D-X and see what happens with them, but the one question is "Are You Ready"".

by Patrick Jungnick ..

Sara A. wrote:
What are you talking about" D-X would never survive with those people, and most of the people you were talking about aren't even on RAW. If D-X DID get back together, it wouldn't have the Spirit Squad in it because they are McMahon's "people," and As for the other people, they are on Smackdown! and that doesn't make any sense. I don't think there would really actually be a "perfect fit" for other D-X members unless the originals come back. I think that most likely since both Michaels and HHH are having trouble with McMahon right now, it will only be them. But i'm sure as storylines go on there will be more but we'll atleast have time to adapt to the others. Good Article though.
Kirsten F wrote:
I think the main and most likely choices for DX would be (obviously) HHH and HBK...I also think Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms would be good choices too. As for the woman, I think Melina would do a great job. She is already cocky and arrogant as well as a great leader of MNM already! Now John Cena as a member of DX" I'm not too sure...and as a major Cena fan, I don't believe he should join...he should stay a face and not turn heel to join forces with the like of HHH after a big long fued with him!
Jdc428 wrote:
I have been wondering for the past few weeks if a DX comback was in store and honestly, there are many great individuals to take XPAC's spot, as well as the new Age Outlaws, how ever, there couldn't be another woman to fill the rold that Chyna played. She was almost like a bodygaurd, and that ring side acomplice that everyone needs. I dont think Melina, or any other female in the WWE at this time could fill that role, except maybe for LITa. HEY! Maybe Edge and LITA join" Who knows. But the whole NWO angle would be great...only if they use the right people. And That means right down to the female...I wish we could see a Chyna comeback.





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