Give ME a Break
July 27, 2004 by Paul K.

Hello again this is my second column and for the second one I would like to discuss a few things that confuse me and just make me angry. Now wrestling today is far from perfect in any promotion, but these things are ridiculous. Here we go......

Jeff Hardy-Oh my gosh Jeff hardy is back in wrestling guys, and he `s in TNA, I `m so excited! Now that is one thing I will never be saying. Have never liked him, EVER. basically he has four moves, and he will do them at least once each a match. And with him that's all you get. All he does is a few high spots a match, and the fans love him. But now in TNA he is worse than ever. Way to train him in order to get him ready. It looked like his first time in the ring. And all his strange things he does, it doesn't even make since. Like in WWE, do we remember that weird neon paint he used to splash on his shirt" It was simply stupid. Why not watch let Matt wrestle instead of him. Simply put ... he sucks, always have, and always will.

The whole TNA/RoH issue- Now I know i`m a little late on this, but it still makes me mad. After watching Roh a couple times I was hooked. In my mind it was the best thing out. But then TNA and old double j had to realize people are liking this TNA, and we need to make the wrestlers pick. Why can`t we all get along" Why cant all the indy promotions join together and overthrow the dynasty of the WWE" How nice would that be, never going to happen, but still would be great. Now the last RoH show was great. But with the likes of AJ Styles, Red, The Fallen Angel, and countless others it could have been better. And.................

TNA in general-Now they could have been a strong number 2 against the WWE now that they have a TV deal. But, they have made so many mistakes. Half the gimmicks don't even make since" like Jeff Jerrets current "King of the Mountain" routine. HE won a match so now he needs a tux" And a three man personal hit squad. Now I know they did this to combat the three live crew, but I mean the whole thing doesn't make since. If Raven won that match would he have a tux and an Elite Guard" Nope because it makes no sense. Oh and do you remember the hard 10 TOURNAMENT" Nope not a lot of people do. The rules of this made absolutely no sense. I saw all the matches in the tournament and I still don't get it. IT was like a shot with a weapon is 1 point and a table is 5 points, but not all points were counted and a lot of weird things happened and it meant nothing to the company but filler time. Also just this week with the cage match, Team Canada interfered, for no reason but that they want to be heels so they helped the bad guys. They had nothing to do with the story line, yet they still worked there way in.

WWE-Is it me, or do not a lot of things in here make any sense. Lets go to RAW first. Diva talent show, just an excuse to make a dvd. They did it before and where is she, god knows where probably turning trick in an alley in Canada where she was from. I did like there theme music when they came down on RAW. Did anyone notice it was the new song from The Hives "Walk Idiot, Walk." Don't worry at least I got it. Kane got lita pregnant and now her boyfriend Matt want to fight him. Am I watching wrestling, or a bad Jerry Springer. Come on.......Smackdown= worse. They made up a wrestle (El Gran Luchador) that is a clone of the Conquistadors. Anyone else realize that. First its Paul London, then its Eddie Guerro, and now a returning Kurt Angle. And now its Kurt and Eddie in a grudge match at summer slam. The two best wrestlers on smackdown, and no titles. IT makes a lot of sense to the JBL, who is pretty much talentless, and the worst used wrestler nowadays, Undertaker, to wrestle for the title. Which in my mind as soon as JBL got that title it lost all value. And all the Undertaker does is chockslam and tombstone on TV. Ever sence he left, and came back at wrestlemania the same way he looked as the biker but with a new hat. What the hell, all the hype and stuff on his Wrestlemania return to be the same but with a new hat" HUH" Why not have Brock Lener and Goldberg fight in a stupid squash match soon o be forgotten" ohh wait its been done also. GIVE ME A BREAK

Ok, now that im all worked up and confused there ya go. A little rant for you to read and get upset about also. If i made any mistakes correct me, if i sid anything bad that you disagree with correct me. Just give me feedback. I`m sure i probally made a mistake somewhere so just give me feed back.

by Paul K...

XtremeFalls43 wrote:
Man u are so right about TNA It is so stupid at times. I hate that new ring i don't know if ur thinking the same as me though. Also I hate Smackdown, I love how they never change intill they have to. I mean Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle was the same match for a year. Also Jeff Hardy goin to the TNA is stupid but whats worst is TNA signed him knowing he probley has a drug problem which is just sad cause WCW did that with Scott Hall letting him get worse and we know what happen there
Ejo wrote:
I have heard this whole "Jeff Hardy only has 4 moves" thing a lot. He does the Swanton Bomb, Twist Of Fate, Reverse Twist Of Fate, 450 Splash, Dropkick, Jawbreaker, his neckbreaker drop and others. Hmmmm. That is 7 moves i just named off the top of my head. You may think he sucks, but I would like to see you do all the crazy bumps he has taken or do what he does a whole year and still get up and wrestle the next night after takking massive bumps through tables. And dont say "Well im not a trained wrestler so i cant" because you dont have to be a trained wrestler to fall through some tables. People like Hayabusa and Mick Foley mostly take highspots in a match, but i dont see any articles about them being sucky because of it. Jeff may not be the wrestler he once was, but he doesnt have the same passion for wrestling anymore and he hasnt wrestled in a while and even with training he will have ring rust. Now, the stuff that didnt make SENSE, not since as you said. Him using the face paint was probably managements idea. Why would Jeff say no to management when it isnt a big deal about putting face paint on.

You're TNA rant-Jeff Jarrett is a heel and is a cocky one at that, therefore it DOES make sense for him to wear a tux and have a bodyguard type crew since it is heelish. At the time, I dont know since i dont watch TNA PPV's anymore, Raven was a face and had he won the match he wouldnt wear a suit because he is a face and Raven is more a gothic type character.

The only thing i erally agree with you on is the WWE subject you brought up.
Timmy wrote:
im gonna have to side here with paul k. im not trying to start anything, but the post above me said something along the lines of hayabusa being a spot hog like hardy. i only hope he was joking. if you have ever seen a hayabusa match you watch about 5 minutes of mat work, submissions, strikes. then he does a suicide move to the outside, get in, get his ass whooped for a while and either pull out a V or get his stuff handed to him. hayabusa can work body parts and throw in an occasional big spot, where as hardy has to resort to high risk moves to get over, thats the difference. as for nwatna i like it some, but it's whole feel is eerily like late year wcw, with over the top gimmicks, cheesy presentation and some horrible commentating(don west is mark madden's father, i know it). they already take many indy stars from promotions better then them (roh, czw, iwa) so why not take there type of programs where its more wrestling less super lame wwe-esque angles" now on to wwe, pretty much any complaint against the wwe i have to agree with as the whole kane/matt was beyond pathetic. jbl as champ is saddening, and i have to go ahead and say undertaker was never even that good. i think you should also remember how bad there programs are. i was watching smackdown and they had a break during a match, but not during a talking segment, which lasted longer then the match. raw's matches usually all end in either an inside cradle, which makes me think. i wish they had to list the move that the winner won with, cuz i can bet 80% would involve interference and a roll up. oh well,who wants wrestling interfering with there soap opera"""

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