November 26, 2004 by Paul Trzcinski

Maybe this Following column states what is by many taken for granted but knowing the wide range of wrestling fans' opinions this text may be to some people "controversial". This article is all about a simple statement: Batista should be the next WWE Heavyweight Champion. Yes. As simple as that. This has been my opinion for some time now and lately WWE (Vince) seem to have figured this out too. (Or at least the rumor has it). The physical attributes of The Animal are obvious and need no discussion. Muscle-packed 6'5 giant with the fastest and most vicious Spinebreaker in the business. Given a push from a cheesy occult gimmick (with Reverend D-Von as master) to a Evolution member he was kept there serving as a simple bodyguard. Well he was doing his job VERY well taking over the "Monster of WWE" role from Kane. Some of the brightest stars took the impact and felt the pain - including Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. If only they had Title belts with them... It's hard to tell anything about Batista's mic skills.

Flair and HHH had always something "important" to say while The Animal was patiently staying behind. But does Batista need mic skills" Did Goldberg need them" Did the Undertaker through most of his career needed them" Just let him destroy the opponents and electrify the public. So why wait" Wait for what" I agree that pulling out another member from Evolution (which would probably kill it) and making him a babyface is rather dull. But that's the way WWE sees it right now: We have observed Batista's change of attitude for some weeks now. They all seemed harmless or a part of Evolution plan but the truth is that The Animal babyface turn was scripted several times, including the November 29th edition of RAW (the one with HHH vs Benoit vs Edge) Despite it being scripted, the creative team has voted against it as it is said that they want to save it for future. Well, it seems that the time is now. Maybe New Year's Revolution" It is possible as Batista is on the ads for this PPV. Or WrestleMania XXI. At this point the Main Event is to be HHH vs Orton or HHH vs Batista. You know my option. HHH personally would like to work with Orton (no comments). The opinions of fans about the direction of WWE may vary but the ratings and ticket sales say it all. I don't know what the self-proclaimed King of Raw Triple H thinks about all this but if he (and Vince) know a way to get back on top, it's name is BATISTA.

by Paul Trzcinski ..

Anthony Mcmullen wrote:
Why the hell does Batista deserve the world title. because he big. So what. Not only does not have any mic skills, but he also has no ring skills. Just because your big, that does not mean you have rights to a world title. And quite frankly, size is all he has going for him.
Jeremy Nutting wrote:
Great article, I completely agree. While we have only seen him talk a few times, hes no Chris Jericho on the mic, but thats not to say he wont get better. As for his talent itself, he should definately win the title by or at WrestleMania 21 at the latest. His actual wrestling skill itself (IE Mat Wrestling, technique, etc) could improve more, but his superstar look along with power make up for what we are sure to see improve over time. --- Definately, we need a new first time World Championship holder!


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