One Word: Phenomenal
August 29, 2005 by Peter Le

Ever since he debuted in WCW as Air Styles, he has only progressed into a better wrestler; a wrestler who has not only helped start the X-Division in TNA, but has innovated wrestling all together. That wrestler is Allen Jones, known by all as The "Phenomenal" A.J. Styles. This is a brief timeline on arguably one of the best wrestlers in wrestling today, AJ Styles. This timeline covers NWA TNA only and will have nothing to do with his indy career.

His first major impact in wrestling was when he was crowned the first ever NWA TNA X-Division Champion on June 26th, 2002, defeating Psicosis, Jerry Lynn & Low-Ki in a Double Elimination match. From there, he defended the title against David Young, Low-Ki, and Elix Skipper before finally losing the title on August 7th to Low-Ki. While holding the NWA TNA X-Division Title, he also successfully won the NWA Tag Team titles with Jerry Lynn. But tension between Styles and Lynn started to grow as they attacked each other. Styles and Lynn fought in a three series match where Lynn came out winning two of the matches.

Styles got his second X Division Title when he defeated Syxx (currently Sean Waltman). However, this reign was shorter than the last as he loses the title to Jerry Lynn. Styles also lost his rematch to Lynn on November 27th, 2002.

2003 started great as Styles won a #1 Contender's Match for the World Title with the help of David Flair. The World Title match didn't end up good, as Styles would lose to Jeff Jarrett. Styles would then feud with Raven and tag with D-Lo Brown before heading back into the World Title picture. A week before NWA TNA's 1st Anniversary, Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett and Raven in a triple threat match to become the NWA Heavyweight Champion and first ever Triple Crown winner in TNA. Styles would then feud with and defeat D-Lo Brown, Frankie Kazarian, Low-Ki, Raven, Jerry Lynn, and Dusty Rhodes before being defeated by Jeff Jarrett.

After losing the World Title to Jarrett, Styles was at the bottom of the ladder. But despite being at the bottom, he was still named Mr. TNA for what he has accomplished since NWA TNA started. He started to climb the ladder again by teaming up with Abyss and winning the Tag Team titles. The Tag Team titles would be lost, however, when Abyss defeated Styles to gain control of the belts. He then engaged in war with Abyss, Raven & Ron Killings for the #1 Contender's spot for the World Title.

Styles would once again become NWA Heavyweight Champion when he defeated Jeff Jarrett in a Steel Cage match. This title reign would only last a month long as he lost the title in a Deadly Draw match with Ron Killings, Raven & Chris Harris, with Ron Killings coming out the champ. Weeks later he participated in the first-ever King of the Mountain match, but was defeated by Jeff Jarrett.

Back to the X Division was Styles next path as he won the NWA TNA X-Division title a week after the King of the Mountain match. This title reign would end when both Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane defeated Styles in an Ultimate X match. Styles, more determined than ever, entered the 20 Man Gauntlet match last giving him the best chance to win. Despite the odds, he was defeated by Petey Williams. Over the next few months, Styles competed in many X-Division matches with the likes of Chris Sabin, Kid Kash and Amazing Red. He also tagged with Jeff Hardy.

AJ Styles won his 4th X-Division title when he defeated Petey Williams And Chris Sabin in an Ultimate X match. This reign proved to be longer than his others. In his 3rd Ultimate X match, Styles lost his title to Christopher Daniels in controversial fashion. Styles was able to get the title from the wires, but the ref was knocked out so Christopher Daniels gave Styles an Angel's Wings and stole the title as the ref regained consciousness.

Styles would then win the NWA Heavyweight Title from Jeff Jarrett before losing it to Raven in the 2nd ever King of the Mountain match. Recently, Styles has been trying to regain the X-Division title from Christopher Daniels.

As I said before, Styles is arguably one of the best wrestlers in wrestling today. With suicide moves like the Shooting Star Press and 450 Splash and impact moves like the Styles Clash, he is able to wrestle in all divisions of wrestling. Although his mic skills are lacking, there is always room to improve for this very young 27 year old.

by Peter Le ..

Zach Goldman wrote:
A brilliant article on one of sport entertainments rising stars.
Paul Glantz wrote:
Here we have a man who athletic skill, strength and presence reset a standard for the entire wrestling world. His long time nemesis Low-Ki puts it best, "It's not the size of the man in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the man.". Aj is barely 6 feet, if he even is, he gives up a hundred pound in some fights to bigger opponents and manages to come out on top. He has learned to use the right moves at the right time faster then almost anyone before him. He keeps up the pace that he is at now, there is no telling what he can accomplish.





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