TNA Tag Team Division
January 8, 2006 by Peter Le

I've written two articles about TNA, which are the TNA X Division and the TNA Heavyweight Division and now to finish off I will show you what the TNA Tag Team Division is all about since coming in existence in 2002. As WWE's tag team division seems to be getting weaker, TNA has been trying to improve. This article will help all those who have started to watch TNA and want to know about the tag team division.

America's Most Wanted: Together they have won 6 tag team titles. Tagging with other people they have won once giving them each a total of 7 tag team title reigns. They work great together pulling off devastating moves like the Death Sentence. Both Chris Harris and James Storm have speed and strength making it hard to win the titles off them.

Team 3D: Brother Ray and Brother Devon, formerly known as the Dudley Boyz, have just recently come to TNA. They've proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with beating America's Most Wanted in a Tables Match at Turning Point. With the deadly 3D on their side, the tag team titles will come to Team 3D.

Team Canada: Consisting of A1, Eric Young, Booby Rude, and Petey Williams. Eric Young and Booby Rude have held the tag team titles twice and looking to gain the gold once again. A1 brings strength to Team Canada. Eric Young proves himself to be a daring wrestler. Booby Rude brings speed and strength and Petey Williams brings the most devastating move in wrestling today (The Canadian Destroyer).

The Naturals: Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens have captured the tag team titles on 3 occasions beating AMW two times. With the Natural Disaster on their side teams coming their way are easily defeated.

Diamonds in the Rough: This team has a lot of potential with David Young, Primetime and Simon Diamond as their leader. Primetime is a former 4-time tag team champion giving his tag team some experience. David is an entertaining wrestler and can dominate equally in the X, tag team and heavyweight divisions. As the leader, Simon Diamond is molding Primetime & David Young into tag team specialists.

The disbandment of 3LK or 4LK takes them off this list, but there are some lethal combinations in TNA. Examples of some great tag teams are Raven & Sabu tagging with each other at Sacrifice, Monty Brown & Kip James tagging many times during 2005 and winning quite a bit, and an up and coming team of Sonny Siaki and Gran Apolo.

by Peter Le ..

Steven P. wrote:
When I look at TNA, the two main things I notice are their X Divison and their Tag Team Division. The WWE does have a few tag teams but only one good one in my opinion. TNA has a mix of their homegrown athletes as teams (America's Most Wanted, The Naturals, etc.) And they also have teams that have proven themselves in the WWE and other promotions (Team 3D, The New Age Outlaws/B.G. James & Kip James). I realize that TNA definitely beats out the WWE in the tag team divisions. But with the exception of Team 3D, no TNA tag team could defeat the Raw Tag Team Champions, The Big Show and Kane. Although you could probably sell out an arena based on AMW vs. The Big Show and Kane. Good article though and nicely done with the run down of the TNA teams.




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