Game Over"
July 18, 2005 by Philip Frazer

I don't know if it is just me but I feel that over the 10 and a bit year time in WWF/WWE Triple H has run his course. He has been a rich snob, a lackey for Shawn Michaels before taking over as the leader of one of the most recognized stables to date, bad ass, dominated company with his wife and father-in-law, then teamed with his father-in-law and enemy Austin, mega-face, before turning on his best friend and later forming a group of rookies and a legend to help them through the business. Triple H has done it all, but now he must be moved out of the title picture, because he has literally done it all, and has to move out of the picture to allow other superstars to shine.

In April 1995, Paul Levesque debuted in WWF as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a posh snob who was hated by all. Helmsley was one of the most hated people in the company, for the mere fact that he had everything handed to him on a silver platter. In a year and half Helmsley managed to capture the coveted WWF Intercontinental Championship from Marc Mero, with help from Mr Perfect Curt Hennig. /he would hold this for four months before he lost if to another up and comer in the business, Rocky Maivia, later known as The Rock. He then went on to win the King of the Ring 1997, beating Ahmed Johnson and Mankind.

But in October of 1997, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Chyna and Shawn Michaels would create what is one of the biggest factions ever, Degeneration X. During this, HBK would lay down to Helmsley in a European Championship match, giving Helmsley the European Championship.

In 1998, Hunter Hearst Helmsley had a gimmick change, completely disposing of his snobbishness, and becoming Triple H, in an attempt to make him look more like a rebel/rule breaker. And in March 1998, Helmsley won the European Title for the first time as Triple H to become a 2-time European Champion.

But, on March 29th 1998, at WrestleMania 14, Shawn Michaels suffered a major back injury that put him out of action for over 4 years. This gave Triple H the opening to take over as the leader of DX, the very next night on Monday Night RAW. Triple H then took the New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) and X-Pac in as new recruits of DX. Triple H then lost the European Championship to D-Lo Brown later in the year before winning the Intercontinental Championship from The Rock at SummerSlam 98 in a ladder match. One year later in August of 1999, Triple H captured the WWF Championship against Mankind on Monday Night RAW, before losing it to Vince McMahon a month later! But Vince dropped the title and set up a Six Pack Challenge for the Championship at Unforgiven. But for Triple H to be a part of it he had to win a 3 out of 5 falls match against 5 of the biggest superstars in WWF. He lost to Big Show in a Chokeslam match, beat Kane in an inferno, lost to Mideon and Viscera (should've been Undertaker, but he refused to fight) in a casket match, defeated Mankind in a boiler room brawl and finally defeated The Rock in a Brahma Bull Strap match to win 3-2. He then went on to Unforgiven to win the match and become a 2-time WWF Champion. Triple H lost the title to Big Show in a triple threat, before he interrupted Test and Stephanie McMahon's wedding, to show a video from the night before in Las Vegas where he had drugged Stephanie and married her himself! Vince stuck up for his daughter and fought Triple H at Armageddon, but Stephanie turned on her father to join forces with Triple H, beginning the McMahon-Helmsley era.

Probably the biggest husband and wife era in the entire history of WWF, the McMahon-Helmsley era saw Triple H win the WWF Championship another two times, against Big Show and The Rock, and saw Vince and Shane join forces with Stephanie and Triple H. As well as "retiring" Mick Foley after his Hell in a Cell match at No Way Out 2000, however Mick Foley returned in the fatal four way match at WrestleMania 2000 as one of Triple H's challengers for his WWF Championship. Triple H was later revealed as the mastermind behind Rikishi running over Stone Cold the year before. This started a huge rivalry with Austin, seeing a No DQ match between the two at Survivor Series, which ended as a no contest. He then lost in the six way Hell in a Cell, at Armageddon 2000, before finally ending his feud with Austin in a two out of three fall match at No Way Out, winning 2-1. However, at WrestleMania 17 Triple H was defeated as The Undertaker, while Austin won the WWF Championship in a shocker turn to align with Vince McMahon. The next night The Rock demanded a rematch, in a steel cage! Austin and McMahon were beating down on Rock, until HHH walked to the ring with a sledgehammer! He climbed into the ring, but turned on The Rock to join forces with Austin and Vince and form the Power Trip. Triple H then defeated Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship, before being shocked and losing it to Jeff Hardy! The Game soon won it back, before capturing the WWF Tag Team Championships with Stone Cold off of the Brothers of Destruction. Triple H then lost his Intercontinental Championship to Kane in a chain match, before losing his Tag Titles to Jericho and Benoit, and injured his quad muscle, putting him out of action until January.

In January, Triple H returned, and won the Royal Rumble, to get into the main event at WrestleMania, winning the WWF Undisputed Championship from Chris Jericho who was then managed by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. HHH lost the WWF Title a month later to Hulk Hogan, and then defeating Chris Jericho in a Hell in a Cell match at Judgment Day.

At Vengeance 2002, Triple H's long time best friend, Shawn Michaels convinced Triple H to defect to RAW. The two then reformed DX, but in the return of DX Triple H Pedigree'd Shawn Michaels!! A week later Shawn Michaels was found knocked out after being thrown through the window of a car. Shawn Michaels found out it was HHH who did it, and then beat him at SummerSlam in a non-sanctioned match. But a bitter Triple H attacked Shawn Michaels with a sledgehammer straight after the match, with shots to the back, injuring Michaels again. Triple H is handed the new World Heavyweight Championship, that is exclusive to RAW, later uniting it with the Intercontinental Championship to become the only male singles title on RAW. Triple H lost the title in the first ever Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series, before winning his title back a month later in a two out of three falls match. Triple H then retained his title after two PPV main events against Scott Steiner. Triple H then defeated Kevin Nash to retain his title in a Hell in a Cell match, at the returning Bad Blood Pay Per View. Triple H then retained his title against Ric Flair, before the two aligned themselves together again the week after. Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista then formed Evolution (sole purpose was to make the past - Flair and present - HHH help the future - Orton & Batista) This led to Triple H forcing Kane to unmask after defeating him, Triple H winning the second Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam, but Goldberg wrecked their plans by winning the World Title at Unforgiven. But surprise, surprise, Triple H won it back at Armageddon. Triple H then drew with Michaels at Royal Rumble to retain title in a Last Man Standing match, before losing the title to Chris Benoit in a triple threat at WrestleMania XX. Triple H went on to continue his feud with HBK and defeat him in another Hell in a Cell match, he then jobbed for a while, losing to Benjamin a few times in a row. But his ego got too big, and he beat Benjamin, to ruin his career highlight. Triple H then let Eugene into Evolution as an honorary member much to Evolution's disgust. Eventually Triple H turned on Eugene (so even Eugene noticed) and beat Eugene to give him his first loss in WWE. Then his fellow Evolution member Randy Orton won the World Title off of Benoit at SummerSlam. Evolution then turned on Randy Orton, before demanding he hands the title to Triple H (should've been done the other way round, would've made more sense) with Orton spitting in The Game's face! But HHH won his title back at Unforgiven, before keeping it until getting stripped of it over a huge argument over whether or not Edge or Benoit won. He then won it back (AGAIN) at New Year's Revolution in another Elimination Chamber, which was a part of a huge developing storyline of which Batista would leave Evolution to fight Triple H in the main event of WrestleMania, after winning the Royal Rumble. Batista went on to win the match at WrestleMania to become World Champion, Triple H then bored the world by continuing to hog all the title shots while Batista was on RAW, until he sulked off home for a few weeks but he returned to relight his feud with Batista. Batista finally got traded to SmackDown!, and Triple H was finally defeated in a Hell in a Cell (because WWE always forget that he lost at Armageddon 2000) and is now injured for a little while.

It seems to me like Triple H has done everything it is possible to do, except for end The Undertaker's unbeaten streak (which he will probably do at WrestleMania 22) And I think it is time he called it a day and either get out of the title picture, or get out of WWE. Not only have his matches gone downhill since the end of 2002, and got boring, his promos and rants are also boring too. Not to mention the fact he is ALWAYS champion. Now, most people will argue with me on this point, but I'll give you the facts to support it. Triple H (or Hunter Hearst Helmsley) worked hard like everyone else to get his first WWF Championship, and it took him 7 years to become a 5-time WWF Champion (winning it at WrestleMania X8) and in 3 years since then, he has won the title another 5 times. So, 7 years before completely with Stephanie, 3 years after, 5 time World Champion in each time bracket. And due to his family-in-law he continues to take all the title shots or just hold the title all the time. I think it is time Triple H either stepped down and passed along the torch, or hang his boots up and call it a day. If he stays in WWE, he should do what Flair is doing, and recreate Evolution with him, but manage the blue chippers, like Flair is. Even if he doesn't manage and still wrestles, not hold the title all the time. Even during Evolution, it was always about HIM, not the fact that it was to help guide blue chippers into superstars. Thank you for your time, feel free to reply with your opinions, or email them.

by Philip Frazer ..

lance larsen wrote:
Yes its game over. I am not going to lie. I am a huge triple h mark
God of Gods wrote:
For some one to beleive that how a wrestler acts on tv is how they act in their personal life, then their idiots. Yes, HHH might be a bad ass that most ppl hate. But that is on camera. He is much diffrent in personal life. And as for saying that everything was handed to him, yes their is truth to that, i wont deny that. However he would have not gotten that stuff and he would have not gotten where he is today if wasnt great enough to handel it.

As for saying that HHH should just suddenly step down or leave the WWE... Honestly, Id love to see you try to say that to Hunters face. To say that someone who has spent his life working for a buisness and becoming one of the all time best, should just stop simply because you dont like it anymore..thats realy arogent
Cameron Prather wrote:
Hey this is Cameron from Athens, Georgia. i think if Triple H comes back, he should become a face and he should have a feud with either Kurt Angle, or The now heel Shawn Michaels then he won't be boring anymore. Thanks for the time.
michael nader wrote:
Good article. I really don't care for hhh cause i find him boring, having to listen to the same speech ("I was screwed" or "I've beaten everyone in the business") so i may be a little biased in agreeing with you. Although if this guy truly has beaten everyone there is to beat, then maybe it's time to retire or find a different angle. A lot of people are gonna hate me for saying that, but it's my opinion.
scott mitchell wrote:
To philip frazer, i thought your article about triple h entitled 'game over' was great and i totally agree with you in that triple h should stop going for the title and give the younger guys a chance.
John Schwarz wrote:
good point of view but i dont think ur looking at it from a business stand point let me explain:

Ric Flar during his illustrious career will always be thought of as a 16 time world champ. but i and educated wrestling fans will know him as the guy who lost 16 world championships. BUt to who"" Ric FLair made a career out of making wreslters that werent "made" into superstars, Sting is a popular one that comes to mind. So i personally dont see him as a guy who was gaining for him but rather giving to tup and comers that eventually did great things, guys like Sting, ricky steamboat, bret hart and others have all had flourishing careers as a result of winning a world title, being lost by the legend ric flair.

Terry Funk, ECW never would of happened with out him he was one of the few at this time who knew that he had to help push the younger guys in order for their to be a business of sports/entertainment. Hell, ill go out on a limb and say not only did he help guys like sabu, shane douglass, and mick foley on the map but ill say he helped put the "young guy" of wrestling promotions on the map in ECW.

Triple H, similar to Ric and terry, lost to a lot of the younger guys that put them on the map. he created stables that helped push the likes of the outlaws(17 time tag champs), sean waltman, and of course randy orton and batista. HHH lost the title from such young guys as BIg Show(age 27 at the time), helped put guys in the WWE over by having stellar main events in PPVs such as chris benoit, chris jericho, Batista, the list goes on and on.

In conclusion, the point is HHH should stop being criticized for 'having the title for to long' or 'too many times' or 'he never loses' or 'he bangs steph and thats why hes the champ'...educated fans would know sure he wins the title alot, but its who he loses to that counts...(the smackdown roster should thank him for making batista a top guy, cuz hes all they have left.) And in my book, that makes HHH, that damn good!!
Sean S. wrote:
I read the column. I have to disagree about some things. Yes HHH has been World Champion a lot and for long periods of time. But to say he didn't help Orton and Batista your wrong. I mean look at Batista now. He is the top dog on Smackdown and went 3 -0 against HHH this year alone. Orton was World Champion. Then he did the face run that didn't work well. But HHH is one of the bigger draws the companys has. Since the likes of Austin and Rock wrestling wise seems to be long gone. How else are you going to sellout places" Now Raw is since the draft is in better shape. They now have Angle and Cena there to help things out. Now were ever happens with HHH on his return. He not alone anymore.

Because he done it all doesn't mean he should retire or move on in th business. HHH will never leave the WWE and HHH is not at the age to be retiring. I mean Ric Flair was in his 40s was still drawing. HHH match quality as improved greatly. 03 yea wasn't a great year as was the end of 02 outside facing Michaels. In 04 HHH was having good matches all the time. I can't say he boring in the ring that much. When he facing someone with talent. Most of the time those matches are good. Look at HHH now. He has stepped aside since Hell in a Cell. He not on TV and hell nobody as really talked about him. So you can't say HHH is all about the World title because now the World title is on Smackdown. As it stand now he still on Raw. So he be going after Cena. Which chances are he may not beat Cena because Cena popularity is so high right now and is selling big time. That what the WWE was looking for. A new draw. Cena is it. So when HHH comes back. Who knows what he will do. But he does know when it is time to make the right moves. I mean he gone and allow the dream match HBK and Hogan to build. He allowing Cena to build with Jericho. Hell, right now it doesn't even look like HHH will be apart of Summerslam. Which is saying alot about HHH to miss the biggest Show of the Summer.
Laureen wrote:
I agree that triple h has hogged all the title shots, but he should not be completely removed from the title picture. I still enjoy triple h's matches but that does not mean he should always be champion. Triple h should get title shots but not at every pay per view. I would like to see Kane, Jericho,or Shelton Benjamin win the title. But I don't think HHH should hang up his boots, because he is still a valuable superstar. If you think HHH is selfish just think of what he did for Batista and Randy Orton. And even what he did for Eugene.
Hrosealicia wrote:
Perfect title. Triple H has done every thing there is. When he steps out of the ropes permanently I think the world will be complete. I really don't care if he is in a depression to leave the company.( even if they run over "Lucy").
What's going on guys, My name is Alex Bandy and I just wanted to give Mr. Frazer credit for writing a very good article. Even years ago I was never a fan of Triple H, he never interested me. I actually dreaded the day he became champion. I know he paid his dues, and I know he worked hard, I don't hate the guy, and even though I dreaded his title reigns, I accepted them. But these days it's just ridiculous, and in my personal opinion, I believe Triple H is bad for the business, just like Jeff Jarrett over at TNA, who always has to be champion. Thanks for reading.
Krippes316G4 wrote:
In ways i agerei with your coments in the "article game over." But think about it HHH isn't a good wreseler, the title is all he has. I've seen him get winded punching a middel aged stroke victem. If i were in that poshin i would be a title hog too.
Eric Garner wrote:
How can it possibly be "all about HIM" when he just got through (ever so graciously I might add) putting Batista over 3 TIMES IN A ROW" I would certainly call that "pushing along the blue chippers." For a man who hogs the spotlight all the time, he sure did humble himself to a level that many would have never thought he previously would.

I know that I along with alot of other long time wrestling fans were fooled when Batista won AGAIN in the Hell in a Cell match. I just knew that Triple-H was going to be champion....yet again...."oh boy, here we go again." So, in a sense, I know what you mean, but you really have to stop and realize...."hey, this guy just took the fall for the 3rd time in a row to the guy he dropped the title to." It put things in perspective for me and I really had to take my hat off to him for putting Batista over the way he did.

In fact, if you really think about it, how many other wrestlers at his level of success or close to, would even consider 1.dropping the title, 2.losing to the same guy 2 MORE TIMES IN A ROW, in order to put the other guy over the way he put Batista over" Talk about putting your ego aside in order to push a fellow up and comer. You could not do it any better. I respect the man for all he has done and especially for putting his ego in check in order to elevate another star to SUPERstar status.
Bradly Caine wrote:
Your Wrong For Triple H This is Only the BEGINNING OF THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Barker wrote:
HHH is probably coming back. with new star coming out, means he hasn't beat everybody in the business. though i don't care for his promos or anybody elsescause they yake up match time he was a very good heel. he did help others that were losing there luster (booker t , hbk, benoit, flair etc) he helped ortan and after flair handled Batista he got the crowd to like Batista more because HHH was a good heel to Batista. so if HHH desides to settle down for a bit it wont last long because the ring always calls those wrestlers backthat try to stop. example Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Srgt. Slaughter.

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