The WWE is Getting Better
November 20, 2003 by Jon Prichard

When I first got into wrestling, I thought it was "real" and not "predetermined". I loved it so much; I watched it whenever I could. Around the end of 2001, my love for the "sport" had diminished and of course I put this down to "knowing what was going to happen next". I had actually known wrestling was predetermined a long time before that so, I thought it wasn't necessarily the fact that it was a work, but that it had gotten so predictable. In a way it was kind of sad. Where I used to tune into Raw and SmackDown whenever I could, I now only tuned in if I was bored. I soon realised I was not the only one and a lot of fans thought the WWF/E had gotten stale.

The thing is, the WWE has such amazing talent but they don't exactly have great stories to tell. Even if you put two great wrestlers in the ring, they won't have your eyes glued to the screen if the match has a poor "angle" going with it. However, you have to below-par performers in the ring, and you have a great angle going with it, your eyes ARE glued to the screen! So imagine if the WWE could get this great talent they have and they put them in the wring with great storylines backing the match up, kind of like they did in the late 90's. If you ask me, though- WWE has got a better roster then they had in the late 90's. A prime example is Austin vs. McMahon, or The Rock vs. Triple H. Amazing talent and amazing stories to tell.

So, watching Survivor Series 2003, I felt the same way I felt 3 years back. Yes, I think the WWE is getting back on track. You know a Pay-per-view is good when you watch it again the next day. All the matches where great, but the best match of the night of course was team Bischoff against team Austin. All of the guys did great (especially HBK). Austin's work on the mic after that match was truly moving and you couldn't help but feel that stuff, this guy isn't messing around. Sure, we'll probably see Austin again in three months but we actually will want to see him again. What will he do when he returns, IF he returns" When the WWE leaves you thinking like this after a pay-per-view, they are on the right track.

You could say that I'm now getting into wrestling again, and you'd be right. The WWE has got a lot of good stuff going for them and I hope that they do not screw up.

Jon Prichard


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