WWE Crumbling Careers
December 29, 2004 by Rasta-Matt

As a former dedicated wrestling fan... mainly WWF (1986-2001) & WCW (1994-2001), I have tried to stay up to date as much as I can since I lost touch with the excitement and anticipation that professional wrestling brought to my tv screens for so many years. I have of course seen many historical matches and entertain storylines in my near 20 years of being a wrestling fan and although the merger of WCW ECW and WWF becoming the WWE I have stayed up to date with current events although not being as passionate as I once was for the sport.

One thing that seems to be clear to me is that Vince Mcmahon and the WWE seem intent on showing the supremecy as the number 1 company in sports entertainment. Now I respect vince McMahon for all he has done for the wrestling world over previous decades but since the turn of the millenium I believe that ego, greed and power have truely poisoned this mans once great mind.

We must hold thankful for such creations over the years that brought such entertaining and amazing matches such as Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man (Wrestlemaina 5) Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior (Wrestlemania 6) HBK vs Bret Hart (Wrestlemania 12) up to matches like HHH vs Vince McMahon.

Although not as traditional as before the late 90's brought a new era with Ted Turner and WCW rising up to the ratings and challenging WWF for the first time in history. The entertaining soap like storylines of the nWo, Wolf Pac, D-Generation X, Co-operation, Ministry Of Doom. I believe that although not as once straight forward and tradional as the old couple of match rivalry before a PPV and then a great match up the basics of how to build up to and put on a good match was still there.

Here's my point since WWE bought out ECW and WCW. Vince has been on his own vendeta. All who have serverd vince quite loyally such as Triple H, HBK, Steve Austin who may all be considered WWE pure bread superstars even though some have worked for other companies such as WCW their peak career points lay within the WWE. Now superstars such as Hogan, Nash, Hall, Raven who helped made WCW rise up as challengers to the WWF once under the control of WWE were built up and cut down to size and careers destroying in dull unentertaining storylines and match ups. These also include great superstars with the skill and abiliy of rey mysterio, kidman, RVD or any other superstar that made a name for themselves in a company that was not the WWF.

Please post thoughts on this matter I would like to hear some other peoples opinions on this.

I would like to finish off by saying TNA like most other wrestling fans who are losing faith in the WWE has caught my eye and I can only hope they push WWE to the limit and get a name for themself and hopefully not sell out to the WWE so that Vince will be left with no choice but to once again try and win an auidience. Personally I feel WCW around the time of the nWo was the most entertaining mix of storyline, character plot and GREAT MATCHES. Let's hope TNA can pick up where they left off.

by Rasta-Matt ..

Hugh Hood wrote:
I miss the days of the WWF/WCW competition as well. It made both sides come with better storylines and gave us great matches like Hart vs HBK at Wrestlemania 12. And while I agree that the nWo is the greatest storyline ever, it is the reason WCW failed. The nWo killed the WCW product. Hall and Nash went on WCW TV every week and talked about how old the WCW stars were and how boring the matches were and it was true. Bischoff and these Outsiders are also the reason the young guys like Benoit and Jericho, who became world champions in WWF, were held down and not given the oppurtunity to take WCW to the next level. As rebelious as DX was it never knocked the WWF product and Vince has always given the young stars the oppurtunity to prove themselves and if they can do it they get a shot.
Navin Panesar wrote:
The WWE have lost all of their fans as its obvious that they are losing their touch and cannot keep up with the competition of NWA TNA as they have sailed in to the top spot as they can promote more types of innovation and can also use alot more blood and gore as they are Pay Per View which gives them alot more freedom with story lines and other aspects. TNA have AJ Styles who is tremendous talent and hav newly signed Jeff Hardy which has made the WWE lose more talent than ever seeing that in more ways they misuse their talent like the Ultimo Dragon who has taken temporary leave because he was not getting enough exposure on the Smackdown Brand compared to the matches he has in New Japan. I would like to finish off stating that NWA TNA have taken wrestling to new heights and Vince McMahon is a complete idiot as he threatened TNA with a law suit just because former superstars who left on bad terms came to their studio to talk and were treated as if they were crossing into enemy turf. how low can you go Vince Because this proves that you cant take a little friendly competition

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