Vince Ruined The Best Angle Ever!
March 28, 2005 by Raven Michaels

Well, I just got done reading The Death of WCW. Anyone interested in WCW, The Monday Night Wars, or wrestling at all should check out this book. I know WCW was one of the most horribly run companies ever, and it sucked very badly near the end. But nothing, NOTHING has ever revolutionized wrestling like the nWo. Nothing was more fun to watch in my opinion, from mid 1996 to 1997, and 1998 was okay too. It elevated wrestling to its pinnacle, and since then wrestling hasn't been higher. Now...that wasn't even my point. My point is that no matter how good a promoter you think and I know Vince can be, he is also the biggest idiot of all time. He let his ego ruin the absolute best, most valuable angle ever. One that wrestling fans hoped to see from 1996. Sure it would have been better in 1998, but it still could have been great in 2001. That's right; I'm talking about the Invasion angle. Vince completely ruined it, because of his big ego. He made the WWF McMahon's the focal point of the Invasion, when that is actually the complete opposite of what he should have done.

You may say, "Hey Raven, he didn't get some of the top WCW talent. He couldn't get Flair, Scott Steiner, Sting, Hogan, Goldberg, Hall, or Nash." Well...there's only one thing you're right about - Sting. He couldn't get Sting. I read in the book that the fans wanted to see this Invasion thing so bad, that the WWF PPV Invasion made ten million dollars in PPV buys, that's not counting ticket sells.

I read that was enough to pay off Goldberg's, Steiner's, and Flairs contract alone. No telling how much money they could had made if they would have done that and put those guys in another WWF vs. Alliance match. They could have made that last a long time. If Vince would have waited about eight more months, do you know what that means" Hogan, Hall, Nash, Flair, and even Bischoff would have been in the WWF. They could have had seven of those eight people that I mentioned, some say that the WWF couldn't have got.

Vince's ego ruined all this. He made the WCW/ECW guys look like inferiors. He made the WWF the focal point. Proof of this you ask" The first WCW Champion vs. WWF Champion match was between The Rock, and Stone Cold. Two WWF stars that helped push WWF over WCW and got them back on top in 98-00. The McMahon's ran the Alliance, not Heyman and Bischoff like it should have been. The first WCW team-mate to attack a major WWF star at the beginning, wasn't even ever on the WCW roster, it was Shane McMahon. Vince put a bunch of WWF stars on the Alliance's side to top it all off. The only actually WCW star and ECW star on the Alliances team at the final showdown were Booker and RVD, and they were eliminated early on in the match making WCW and ECW look unimportant. I guess Vince forgot that he practically stole the "Attitude Era" from ECW. Anyway, is that enough proof for you"

Not only did Vince have an ego, but the WWF stars had big egos as well. They felt the WCW and ECW guys were inferior. I guess they almost forgot the WCW guys almost put them out of business five years before that. I guess they forgot when they didn't want to lose to the Alliance guys that making the Alliance seem stronger would make interest in the WWF grow and that would mean more money for everyone. I guess they forgot that they were supposed to make the audience believe that either side could win, instead of beating the Alliance almost every night. In fact when the Alliance actually beat the WWF, it was because of help from Stone Cold, a WWF star.

When ECW and WCW joined together, it seemed perfect. Two companies that were believed to be destroyed by WWF, tried to join together and put the WWF out of business. But like I said before, it was all about the McMahon's wanting to put their dad out of business, thus ruining the storyline even more.

At least WCW can do a successful invasion angle. They took three stars, ONLY THREE, and made them look like the biggest threat anyone had ever seen, thus forming the nWo. Vince had TWO companies, and his ego wouldn't let them look like a threat to the WWF.

Bottom line, I guess Vince didn't want to acknowledge the fact that WCW was whooping their ass in the ratings war four-six years ago. He didn't want to admit that ECW also revolutionized wrestling with their new edgy style of entertainment. He didn't want the audience to see them as a threat. You could say that due to his ego, he didn't want to make millions and even billions of dollars more then he has today.

Thanks Vince, for taking the angle that fans had hoped to see for years, and turning it into a joke that most choose not to remember four years later. Like the book said, you are really fit to run WCW.

by Raven Michaels..

Jack Malone wrote:
I fully agree that the invasion was nothing but a missed opportunity. It was an angle that fans of both companies had been eager to see for years and now finally they had their chance. Although it unarguably went horribly wrong, I must disagree on the reasons for which this happened. I feel it was more down to poor booking on the WWE's part than Vince's ego. Allow me to explain.

For the first month, the invasion ran very smoothly. It was very much about WCW and later ECW "invading" the WWE arenas using any means necessary and beating the hell out of the WWE superstars. This was some very good heel-building work. During this period, we saw some very memorable moments: Austin returning to take out the Alliance, Undertaker diving through the ropes to knock down a flood of alliance members, APA tracing a mole etc. All of these provided some great TV.

But following the "Invasion" PPV, everything changed. The whole idea of the angle changed, as if some deal had been made overnight between the two sides. For no given reason whatsoever, the alliance just sort of "settled" on RAW and Smackdown!. They no longer had to fight to gain entry to the building, they were now a part of the show. So instead of an invasion, the whole thing just became more of a "civil war between the locker room". Yet this didn't work. This wasn't the intense programming that the original "invasion" was. Nor was it as gripping to see the Alliance casually take up WWE TV time by holding a battle royal amongst themselves.

WWE needed to keep the angle running the way it did originally for a lot longer. That could have made up for the lack of big names from WCW.
Will J. wrote:
wow... ya are completely right. I was so excited and thought abt WCW's main eventers, such as Goldberg, Hall, Nash, Hulk, and Scott Steiner, coming to WWE and battling against WWE when I saw Vince's buyout on WCW on the internet. Then, later, it ended up with WCW's too many mid-card eventers and few (actually, 2 or one!) main eventers. It was the same with ECW. And I gotta say that they ruined the WCW's reputation and he just burned it into the ashes, which was blown away into the air. Even, since I am always the strong fan of nWo, I was sooo muchh disappointed when they didnt hire any nWo members from WCW. nWo was the one who put WCW into the Monday Night Wars. Without nWo, WCW may be nothing but other professional wrestling promotion like NWA-TNA today.

Even, when they put nWo angle the next year, nWo ended up "poisoned" itself out of WWE in few months with big-headed Jim Ross firing Scott Hall, plaqued Nash with injuries, and have personal issues with Xpac. Then, it ended up into other ashes, which was blown away in the air along with WCW.

Didn't ya notice that they all were the Kliq" The group who's very creative in control of shows" Except Triple H, WWE cant produce good shows without the Kliq.

Vince McMahon, I like you for creating the sports entertainment. But, I will kill you for poisoning nWo..






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