Is It Really Too Late"
November 11, 2003 by Ron Deets

I have been an avid wrestling fan since Starrcade '97 til now, minus a two year hiatus from the last Nitro up til Badd Blood of this year. I missed the WWF vs. wCw/ECW feud, the death of the WWF, and the birth of WWE. But I have caught up quickly enough through trustee KaZaA. What I've seen Vince do with the immense opportunity with the three big industries of Professional Wrestling honestly sickens me. So.... It leaves me with the question: Is it really to late"

I love the opportunity that there is right now for a rebirth of wCw and ECW, with the former heads of the companies calling the on-air shots of RAW and SmackDown!, respectively. In as little as 7 days of the writing of this article, the war could reignite (and believe me, there is full storyline premise for it to do so, being that in the 2001 Winner Takes All, there are two blatant points of no-contests, one being in the ring where the last two men are on the mat for easily the 10 seconds, and the other point where the two men are out of the ring for over a minute.)

Everyone obviously knows that Austin's team is going to win the Survivor Series Match, and there's a fifty/fifty chance of Goldberg keeping his title this Sunday, being that HHH has another movie to make. Now if neither Bischoff or Goldberg, the still-reigning champ, show up next Monday at RAW, without anyone having a clue where they are, they could surprisingly show up at the Smackdown! Tapings Tuesday with Paul E. Heyman, stating they got a show and a title, and renaming the belt the wCw/ECW heavyweight belt. The war would be on.

The next Monday RAW, Shane O'Mac could come out and announce that, while his father was dreary after the Buried Alive Match, he got Vince to sign over his 25% of the company making Shane 50% owner of the WWE, and he has decided to change it back to the WWF and given not only the Thursday UPN timeslot to the rebirthed WCW Nitro, but is in talks with MTV to allow a two hour Saturday night timeslot for ECW IMPACT.

And PPVs" Simple. Start a rotation in December going: WCW, then Royal Rumble, where each company sends 10 representatives for an undisputed title shot at Wrestlemania XX, and the title holders fight in the main event to claim the undisputed championship, which cannot be defended until Wrestlemania. ECW would hold the February PPV, and Wrestlemania would be a joint production. April would go to WWF, and between time, each company would have a tournament on their shows to decide who their delegates for the King of the Ring, which would be in June. July would then return to WCW, Summerslam in August would be a joint production. September would be ECW, October would go to the WWF. November Survivor Series would as well be a joint production, with the main event being the top two of each federation would fight in the Elimination chamber, for 10% leverage in the stock. The rotation would then simply continue.

Well, that's about all the Deets has to say. Write the WWE and tell them what you want. With enough people, they'll eventually listen, for nothing else, being aggravated at all the mail. Peace out my fellows lovers of professional wrestling.

by Ron Deets..

AJ Martin says what everybody else is thinking:
Sorry dude but the WWe cant go back to the WWf as much as I would like it to since they lost a lawsuit. Sorry dude.
Mark Adams so elequintly added:
Ron Detts, I Honestly Think That would be an mistake for Ecw Wcw To Come Back Because They Are Crap..
Adam Bryant Responds:
I don't think it is too late. I have been watching wrestling eversince I was two yrs. old (I'm 23 now) and I think that if the WWE wants better ratings, they need competition like WCW and ECW (on different shows of course) because it seemed that when WWE(F) was going up against WCW and ECW they were at their best. Now that their is no competition or alternitave to watch on Monday or Thursday, I think wrestling without the competition or an alternative is just boring.
Karl Dixon had this to say:
That is the way to go. WCW/ECW/WWE. It will feel more 'real' because of Bischoff and Heyman's presence. The WWE Cruiserweight division has also picked up with the ex WCW talents Rey Jr, Chavo Jr, Jamie Noble (Jamie "Zoro" San from Yung Dragons), Jimmy Yang (Yang from Yung Dragons) etc. Eric is now the sole GM of RAW.... opposite Heyman as the sole GM of SD! (This would be so cool if Nitro and Extreme TV came back. WWE could use the B-Show/Recap Shows as their TV slots.) Earnist Miller is comming back, get him on the mic or in a 'Cheif Morley' role. What can I say" It all looks to be good if they go down that route- after all, the Alliance (at the start) was unmissable TV- and Vince threw that way after only 3-4 months. The Idiot!
FrequentlyOn took a jab:
Just wanted to point out a mistake in your commentary. This was stated, and I quote, "Everyone obviously knows that Austin's team is going to win the Survivor Series Match", but that just wasn't so. Exactly what made you think that everyone obviously knew it would happen "

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