Epitomizing the Acronym
February 25, 2005 by Ryan D.

WWE is supposed to stand for World Wrestling Entertainment, yet so few of the superstars truly represent and personify this acronym. There are actually very few superstars currently starring for the WWE that can lay a claim to representing all three letters in this acronym. Stars like Chris Benoit and Tajiri, easily represent the first two, though arguably are not entertainers. They were born to wrestle, not to act, but in this modern wrestling world, the ability to act is becoming more important than the wrestling itself. This is noted, quite simply by the term, coined by Vince McMahon, that term being sports entertainment.

Modern WWE stars no longer take the route of learning the trade in exotic or obsolete places, such as Japan and Mexico, where the emphasis is arguably more wrestling-based, instead heading to a entertainment-based training camp or school, where they can learn to entertain, instead of getting a solid journeyman's background, like such current WWE stars as Chris Benoit, Tajiri, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. Even Kurt Angle didn't take this route, though amateur wrestling is definitely a steady way to go, in it's own right, but, overall, I personally don't believe that the WWE really lives up to the world part of the acronym, with only a few exceptions, as I shall now discuss.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho does, despite having been in the WWE since 1999, have a background around the world; His skills in the ring, wrestling practically any style, whether it is a brawl or a high-flying exhibition, or even a great mat performance. Chris fits the first of the criteria I feel a superstar should be judged by when entering the WWE, if it is to stick with this acronym. That is the wrestling part, as he has top-level skills to wrestle practically anyone. Secondly, he has credentials to qualify as a worldwide superstar, having been trained in the legendary Dungeon, being pushed to the very limit. Following his graduation from this rough, sometimes brutal training regime, Chris didn't enter the first promotion that offered. He headed instead to Japan, wrestling for FMW, and then onto Mexico, wrestling for EMLL. He found a home in ECW, helped by none other than Chris Benoit, whom he then followed to WCW. Although never becoming anything more than a mid-card talent with WCW, Chris came to WWE, who showed faith on making him the first-ever WWE Undisputed Champion. He has a true pedigree for wrestling, shown in his training and his global wrestling apprenticeship. As for the entertainment side of things, Jericho has provided us with a unique rockstar-esque character, and providing plenty of laughs when it comes to his talk show, The Highlight Reel. Jericho truly does epitomize the WWE acronym.

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie has achieved the supposedly unachievable, becoming the first Hispanic WWE champion in a very long time, and he, much like Jericho, represents all three letters in the WWE acronym. Let's focus first on the entertainment side of things. Eddie truly does entertain with his entrance alone, which also notes his Mexican heritage, as he comes down to the ring in a low-rider, much to the delight of fans. His segments are always entertaining, with his unique mix of languages, using both Spanish and English. Eddie definitely fills the criteria to be an entertainer, but also as a worldwide superstar, having not only toured the world with WWE, but also before his tenure in the promotion. Eddie grew up into a wrestling family, always destined to wrestle. He is a second generation star who has wrestled all over the world, from Mexico to Japan, following a path not too different from Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, though never actually getting the credit his talent deserved. He too worked within ECW before getting called up by WCW, and eventually to WWE. He more than anyone though, deserves to be called a superstar, having battled many demons on his way to become the world-renowned superstar he is today. As for the wrestling, he can pull a decent match from practically anyone, but when placed against someone like Kurt Angle or his good friend Chris Benoit, the performance shines out, brightly, thus proving he meets the wrestling criteria. Eddie too, epitomizes the acronym of the WWE.

I'm sure there are a few other stars that show the unique talent across the board to actually represent all three initials of WWE, but more so than anyone else, I feel Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho are real superstars who really do epitomize all three letters, world, wrestling and entertainment. Not many people currently in the WWE can make that claim, and I believe these two deserve success more than any other because of it.

by Ryan D...

Kyle92187 wrote:
Tajiri is actually quite entertaining, his promo's are always off the wall funny. Also Hurricane and Kurt Angle are missing as well. I also realize Christian and Chavo aren't there... They all epitomize the WWE... Just a few short rants! :-)
Brian Bertrand wrote:
I disagree, Christian's problem is that the only pop he's had involved Lance Storm and Edge, Kurt Angle's only entertaining pops came while he was in the ring and when he got chokeslammed "off" the platform and was "supposedly" injured, and the last time I saw Hurricane have any good great ring skills was when he was in WCW and used the Vertibreaker as his finisher. A lot of WWE's roster, if not all, can only cover about 2/3 of the acronym and that's all that Vince can settle with. Very few guys have enough talent to cover all 3. At a time The Undertaker did but that was before the F changed the E. But if a wrestler doesn't have the experience of Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, and other big names that have been around for at least 7 years than that's all they can cover.
Angela Kruse wrote:
I agree with Eddie and Jericho representing all three letters. I think however that one name in particular was overlooked-the Hurricane. Hurricane has traveled the world with WWE, he is without a doubt a talented wrestler, and his entrance and interviews are always entertaining. Unfortunately, I think he is the most overlooked and underrated superstar today by far.





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