D-Generation (ne)X(t)"
May 11, 2006 by Ryan Jones

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As many of you may have noticed starting at WrestleMania 22, HHH and Shawn Michaels have been doing the good ole' DX crotch chop on a weekly basis. As the weeks pass, it is becoming apparent that D-Generation-X may be reforming. Last night's RAW (5/08/06) seemingly told us that we were seeing the reformation of this faction, as HHH defies Mr.McMahon, then appears when HBK and John Cena were getting beat down by the Spirit Squad, even though he only lays Cena out with a Pedigree. Now, this article isn't intended to give recent results, nor is this intended to be in any way a spoiler for the upcoming months, but just my thoughts on this topic.

DX started on September 20, 1997. Shawn Michaels, HHH, Chyna, and for a time, Rick Rude; less than two months later, the infamous Montreal screwjob happend. Still, not long after this, Shawn Michaels retired from the ring due to his back injury, staying on the shelf until 2002. After this, HHH named himself the leader of DX and appointed new members to its ranks. In 1998, the "new" DX was formed, consisting of HHH, Jesse James, Billy Gunn, Chyna, and X-Pac. This is the DX most people I talk to seem to remember. They had some of the most memorable moments in WWF's - and then the WWE's - history. They invaded WCW and the WCW headquarters. Many more antics followed, leading to the most memorable faction of all time cementing it's place in history. After a few years in the spotlight and winning titles left and right, HHH married Stephanie McMahon and DX slowly disappeared. The next hint of DX we see is in 2002 when HHH used the gimmick to attack Shawn Michaels. After that, we didn't really hear of DX again....until Wrestlemania 22. Now, it is becoming known that a possible DX reunion is in the works, and some reports say by Vengeance, DX will be reformed. This brings me to my main point. Who will be DX"

Now, we all know that if it is reformed, HHH and HBK will be in. But I doubt that DX will remain a two-man faction. Will DX be a face faction again" Will DX be the main heel" There are many questions that can be answered, but the main is still who will compose the DX roster" There have been a few rumored options: John Cena, Edge, etc. Excluding the possibilities for people coming up from OVW and DSW, here is a rough draft of who should and who should not be put in the new DX and a few reasons why.

Who To:

Edge- If Edge and Mick Foley's little team isn't long term, Edge would be a perfect fit. He can play a great heel, and can probably be an adequate face. Also, he has tag team chemistry with anyone he teams with, and the psychology to make any tag match decent. He is being pushed as a top guy on the RAW brand, however, he is kind of stuck in stall as far as the title scene goes. DX would do wonders to help Edge progress, being as the "Rated R Superstar" gimmick still has a lot going for it.

Carlito- Carlito is visibly one of the most talented guys on the RAW roster. His mic skills are excellent and his wrestling skills, though extremely good, continue to make progress. He could very easily fit into the no-respect-for-authority attitude that DX encompasses.

Rob Conway- He is cocky. He has decent mic skills, and his wrestling skills are more than adequate. The only problem" He can't seem to buy a win anymore. DX would be good for Conway, although I'm not sure that he could do a whole lot for them.

Chuck Palumbo- Palumbo has made it obvious that he is a faction wrestler. Although he isn't very strong on the mic - or at least no where near where HHH and Carlito stand - his wrestling skills are superb. He is old, but not so old that a title run is out of question, and what better way to build a veteran up to a title shot than being in DX" Also, he needs a way to come back up to the main roster.

Charlie Haas- Haas could easily be the very near future of the WWE as far as the RAW brand is concerned. Due to his time in the Indy feds and overseas, he is one of the more well known guys on the roster, and very respected by fans. Also, his wrestling skills are much like those of Kurt Angle, which is good for anyone. He could come into DX and be what WWE originally had planned for Billy Gunn. Gunn had once been seen as a future World Champion, but never took the ball and ran. Haas might be the man they are looking for.

Mark Jindrak- From what I hear, Jindrak is under contract with, or at least working with WWE again. When Evolution was being formed, his name was near the top of the list. He has okay wrestling skills, which have probably improved over the last couple of months. With a little work on his mic skills, he could work wonders. With the bomb that Randy Orton turned out being due to his off screen attitude, maybe WWE should be scratching their heads at why they didn't have Jindrak in Evolution instead of Orton, if not at least as a 5th member"

Now, you may or may not agree with my views on who should be put in, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Here is a list of who should not be put into this possible rebirth of DX.

John Cena- Cena is being talked about as a possibility. The thing is, Cena doesn't need DX and DX wouldn't want Cena. I'm not exactly a fan of Cena, and I will admit that I may be biased on this, but in truth, his wrestling skills are still well under-par. His mic work is deteriorating, partially due to aggressive editing by the WWE writers. Still, Cena just doesn't seem to be DX material. He would hurt DX more than he would help it.

Chris Masters- Although no rumors have circulated about Masters being in DX, there is a slight chance he could be. The reason he should not be is that his current gimmick can still work, provided that he works with the right guy. Easy as that.

Rene Dupree- Dupree will eventually be back. He was in a Faction/Tag most of his time in the WWE to begin with. On Smackdown, he showed potential. He needs to become a solid singles competitor now. He simply doesn't need any extra help from a DX group.

Test- Test is back. He will be on screen before too long. WWE should be smart enough to keep Test out of a faction. Test teamed with Albert, Test teamed with Steiner, Test was in the UnAmericans, The Alliance, The Corporation, and The Union. He was on a roll before WWE dropped Steiner on him. After that, everything went down hill. Test is one of the better guys WWE has seen, and certainly one of the best ones they let go without a strong singles run. Tag Teams and Factions did nothing for him the first time, and with the way the roster looks, they NEED a strong veteran to fill in for a lack of main event talent on RAW. With RVD a lock for ECW and HHH turning face, if the WWE can't make Cena a heel, they will be out of options for a HEEL fighting for the title aside from Edge. Shelton Benjamin is getting there, but isn't there yet. Kane and Show have been shut out for so long that without a slow transition back into the title scene, wont be able to pull the best of ratings. The end fact is that WWE needs Test to come in as a strong Heel for a safety cushion at the least.

I hope you all have enjoyed my column and hope that some if not all of you can see the logic behind my thinking. I would appreciate and enjoy reading any replies to see what everyone else thinks about who should or should not join the New DX, if they do return.

by Ryan Jones ..

Chris Nicola wrote:
I personally feel that a DX reunion wouldn't be a good idea. But a new version of Evolution should be formed. One reason is Shawn Michaels' new beliefs as a Born Again Christian would hold back the vulgarity, raunchiness, and sleaze that DX was all about. Also, HHH's ruthless character as "The Game", or "King of Kings" would not work out well for DX. His character is perfect for a new Evolution. HBK could be in Evolution this time. Flair could turn heel, and join Evolution. There are also some other wrestlers who could be good for a new version of Evolution. Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Edge, John Cena are also good candidates to be a member of Evolution. I enjoyed watching Evolution when they were the last good faction in the WWE. WWE is really in big need of a ruthless, dominant faction again like Evolution.
Ron wrote:
I agree that DX should not be brought back if HBK is going to hold back on the raunchiness. Hunter is better off with the ruthless character he has because that is the Hunter the people like. Going back and regressing to the d-generate would just bump him down the card and plus I doubt that fans will care much for DX in a few weeks or months. It will be like other things WWE have brought back. Like the nWo was a big hyped thing but that failed. Dx might just be a flash in the pan faction for this generation.
Andrew Deere wrote:
Finally the wwe has came back to the attitude era. The best time for wrestling fans ever. I have been waiting to break out my D-X or Rock t-shirt for some time. As far as members to add. I would love to see fresh new talent added to the already great superstars HBK and HHH. I think making a Tag Team out of CM Punk and The Miz. CM Punk needs to be seen in some way or another soon on TV. I guess with Palmer Canon gone they need a angle for the Miz now. The other singles wrestler i would love to see is Kenny. He is already out shinning the Spirit Squad. As far as a women there a plenty who could fit the bill. My favorites are Victoria and Maria. Victoria is a smaller Chyna like women(better looking also). Maria being the girlfriend of CM Punk wouldnt hurt. Maybe even adding Stephaine to the mix wouldnt hurt. Mic skills should be tops on this list when forming the new DX. This is a way to push young talent and make instant stars out of them. Please bring back the attitude.
Tom wrote:
I think that DX will be a great idea it will start off with the 2 men HBK and HHH and X PAC will make a return and make it a 3man group! HBk shud be able to still do the things he did back in the day although he still has his strong belifes its work so it shudnt affect him but he could avoide some things eg "suck it" because the crowd can say it for him like they did at back lash! DX will be amazin no matter what! But with the vengance adverts going out i think it could just be a one night reunien like DX vs the spirt squad or the mcmahons! but lets just wait and see#
Justin Flynt wrote:
If their were a DX reformantion I hope they will be a rebel babyface group to take on the Mcmahons and their allies. Their should be new members and should include Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, RVD and Shawn Michaels as their mentor since he's a born again Christian. If they were to have divas it should be Trish Stratus and Ashley. Shelton should join because it can help his character and should reteam with Haas to take the World tag titles from the idiot Spirit Squad. Matt and RVD should join to boost their character and Trish and Ashley would make smokin hot DX babes. Triple H wouldn't fit because of his King of Kings gimmick even though I like the idea of him being a face for the rest of his career.
Jose Aguirre wrote:
I have to agree with you on mostly everything except the John Cena remark. Cena's Mic skills are deterioating because of editing and censorship or whatever, and his wrestling does need some work, but this would be a perfect way to build him up again. Cena is a "badass" maybe not in real life, but in wrestling he is one. Look at what he did to the US title and the WWE championship.
Lucas H-H wrote:
I personnaly think that both DX and EVOLUTION should come back to WWE. One should be form with HBK, HHH and some other superstar, being face, and the other with people like John Cena would need to change gimmick because the fans are not behind them as much as theyr used to. Which means that there would be a DX (face) and a Evolution (heel) that would kinda try to take over the show and fight each other. That is my opinion.
Myles Scott wrote:
If DX is having a reunion, then I think that The Nation Of Domination should come back. Mark Henry would be the leader and the WWE could sign D-Lo Brown for back up for Henry. The members would be Lashely, which could be the enforcer, Booker T, he would be the cocky one, Shelton Benjamin, he'll be the Intercontinental champion chaser, and the WWE should also sign New Jack for his crazyness and his mic skills and would mnake the Nation more gangsta. The WWE should also bring back the old skool style when the wrestlers wrestled on both shows. It would be great cause the Nation could feud against DX and the Spirt Squad. Now that would be good T.V. Thats my opinon.
Mario wrote:
First I want to start of by saying that D-X was the best faction Vince and his crew ever cooked up. Period. A return would be Great for ratings and and the Members involved. There is also a big buzz around the coloums that people want Eveolution to return as well, something else I dont believe is a bad idea. I loved the idea of a Nation Reunion and i think it would be VERY VERY successful if that line up that was mentioned with, Henry, Lashley, Booker T, Shelton B, and New Jack who is everywhere you look as far as up and coming wrestlers are concerned. Im not so sure about D-Lo, he was jus filler for the group as far as im concerned but this would finally put Lashley into the Big Time Main Event status they are pushing for simply because he would be a heel. He is The WORST baby face I have ever seen. Its hard to take a man that strong, that powerful and put him in a "play by the rules" type role. Its just too soft for him. He Should be a heel and let the crowd love to hate him. That would be the key. Booker, Shelton and New Jack would be perfect fits, and next to Mark Henry and Lashley, could form one hell of a faction. Now back to the reason Im here, D-X.

Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler of all time. Hes the only reason I came back to watching wwe after the lack luster, sell out period after the attitude era. I loved the idea when it wasnt possible, but seeing bishoff and Goldberg on wwe programing was too much for me. I think way too much fuss is being made about Shawn Michaels' religion. He is a wrestler/entertainer/actor he could work past that and leave his personal life jus that personal. He Is the reason HHH was even able to become the King of Kings because his push into the spotlight came from being under Shawn's wing and playing off Shawn's injury to "kick him out of D-X" and become the leader. You can only respect a man who can "take out" a legend like Shawn Michaels. With That being said I think a D-X reunion is perfect for the both of them. they're best friends and love working together. Plus it would help get Shawn out of this low budget/Main event type status he is in right now. It is painful to watch, I mean true his in the main event but come on, who wants to see shawn wrestle Vince"! NOT ME! I think The King of Kings and The Heart Break Kid would be great together. HHH could still be the UnSpoken leader of the group(different from when shawn was the leader originally) and Shawn could be his "Main man" this time. He might even win the IC title and make it Hugh versus just kind of mid card as it is now. Another idea would be to let Shawn and hunter take a stab at the tag titles. Hey, Just and Idea. As far as other members are concerned, I have formed a line up i think would be a good fit for the rebirth of D-X that would help the faction and members all the same and it consist of:

HHH "King Of Kings"
HBK "The heart Break Kid"
Carlito "COOL"
"The Rated R Superstar" Edge (w/o lita)
and Conway,Kenny, or Haas you take your pick.

I think These guys would be the best fit based on who's on the Raw roster as of Today.

I like Masters but hes more of an eveolution fit vs D-X. Shelton is talented but shouldnt join this group simply because he doesnt fit in. i think Big stars can be made out of Conway, Haas or Kenny if they join this group. Its obvious that the Sprit Squad is on its way to losing its youngest and most talented member in Kenny as they still wrestle middle card and he begins to get his solo spots along side greats like HHH and HBK. This Would be the ultimate ticket for him to burst out of the male cheerleader role and into something more respectable and suited for his talents. Conway was at one point recieving a push as something like the "Legend Killer" Randy orton once was but it just dissappeared. Hes entertaining becasue he is a cocky jerk who you would love to see in constant rotation on the show given the right gimmick.(Billy Gunn Part 2") Haas is coming back and should be a fit in as a "hit man" so to speak for the group, doing the dirty work. Edge as the rated R Superstar would be good for them to help make up for some of the over the top, blatent disrespect, and good ol' D-X style Shawn may not want to bring due to his religion (since its not going any where) and Carlito, anyone who will spit in your face because he deems you "uncool" has D-X written all over him. Victoria fits mostly because of her Chyna resemblence and the fact that she is one of the toughest and best D-X mold fitted female wrestlers on the roster. I want edge to appear without lita because she doesnt wrestle anymore and is more annoying than anything. Plus if hes with D-X he wont need Lita watching his back, he'll have plenty of back up and Victoria Is more a fit for D-X than Lita. She'll always be the wild, hi-flying Hardy girl in my eyes. No offense, but sexy, and D-X are just not her. Period.

Well Thats my two cents based on the Raw roster as of today. Thanks for letting me speak my piece.
Sajid.Musaliar wrote:
In the current roster, I think one guy who should definitely be in the New DX is The Miz. From what I've seen and heard of him, he fits the bill. He's cool, cocky and good at talking smack!! All traits that are soooo DX material!! And Yeah, Cena should definitely not be in DX! And Edge shouldn't be there either. That would really be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth! I mean DX has two big names in HHH and HBK, in my opinion a third would make a crowd. Probably what WWE should be trying to do is launch a career or two....The Miz can be one and maybe even someone like Kenny from the Spirit Squad! The guys that make it into DX should be young, talented, have good mic skills and should have a smash-mouth style. In that case, Carlito could be a success as well. But I wonder....Can WWE do something with Carlito like what they did with The Rock and the Nation of Domination" I'm not suggesting they should bring back The Nation. But maybe he could lead a rival stable to DX" If they do something like this, and if they get the right guys together, it would definitely be a crowd-puller. And, maybe Chyna's place can be taken over by someone like......Well, Chyna is one of a kind! Maybe someone like Ashley could perhaps do a decent job.
Homie G. wrote:
Bring back Evolution or Nation of domination""" Please......They just got rid of Evolution. And Nation of Dpmination would not be the same without the original people and the rock isnt as cocky as before so it wouldnt work.......Now on to D-X. D-X would only work with the original HBK and HHH or with the addition of other originals such as X-pac or the New Age Outlaws but seein as how X-pac said he would never work with the WWE again and the New Age Outlaws are in TNA as the James Gang they wont be coming soon. The only way they could add anyone else is if it was Stephanie McMahon because she was once a part of for people like carlit or edge.....A BIG NO
Ralph wrote:
Here is my oponion on what the new DX should be...Obviously HBK and HHH need to run it. I saw in an article that somone said they thought MNM would be a good part of it. I couldn't agree more. Also a member of the Spirid Squad wouldn't hurt either...How bout Rob Conway" Jamie Noble or Orlando Jordan" These new commers could really use a push.Me personally, back in the dayt when DX was running stong, I always wondered why Val Venis was never a part of it...maybe now is his chance.He was/isgreat and his carreer needs to be saved before it's too late. They also need a few old timers Like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, being that thew were pretty much DX all along just trapped under contract by WCW.

PS. Leave Chris Masters out of it if you want it to be a success. He may be cocky but he does not fit the DX mold. And Carlito does not to be a part of a faction. He needs no push. He is on his way to WWE gold one day. Just let it happen and get out of his way... "Now that version of the New DX would be COOL"
Markus Mac wrote:
To be honest with you I gotta say that the Spirit Squad in a whole would be a great addition to dx. Edge is already over as hell. Haas is great but does not fit that mold. Conway needs a push bad. But the Spirit Squad has such great chemistry together. + c'mon now you gonna have the cheerleaders forever" they can drop this gimmick before they get buried in the shuffle. They are young, good workers for the most part and fun to watch. Bottom line the Spirit Squad should be the new DX! Cause these boys are gonna be around for a long ass minute!
Justin Vannest wrote:
First off let me say that I am skeptical on this rebirth of D-X due to the fact of HBK's new ways and who would they be feuding with the Spirt Squad and Vince McMahon " I don't want to see the Spirt Squad vs. The King of Kings and HBK for the WWE Tag-Team Titles every week on RAW. Since the rebirth of D-X is on its way this is what I feel needs to be done and remember I am just a fan I am not a member of any wrestling creative team. I would replace each old D-X spot with new ones to make it a full faction like the past D-X.

Of course Triple H and HBK would be in like planned. The replacements are as followed.

XPac- Johnny Nitro, He will be on RAW shortly since he wasn't really fired and what better sport for him than D-X. Tori- Melina Perez, If Nitro is replacing XPac then Meline is a shoe in for the Tori part. Roaddog & Billy Gunn- I heard WWE is interested in their services again but if not them I think WWE could pull up The Untouchables (Duece & Domino) out of OVW but a character change would be needed. Rick Rude- Chris Masters hey I think he would fit in well but it seems like many of you already disagree with me I think he would replace Rude perfectly. Chyna- Victoria shes no Chyna when it comes to size but she is very dominating and beautiful I think that she would fit the bill and complete the new D-X faction.
Borris Morris wrote:
Great article! I got one more person for DX: JBL. He just quit smackdown!, he has descent mic skills.
David Bryant wrote:
Why is everyone talking about bringing back the Nation of Domination" They were hands down the worst faction ever in WWE history! And why would you want Lashley to turn heel" People love the fact that there's a huge powerhouse who doesn't need to cheat to win. He just beats the hell out of people you hate! It's awesome!!

If they bring back another faction to war with the new DX, it should be the Corporation! Think about it, a bunch of suits - who better to give them hell than DX" Here's the breakdown:

DX - HHH, HBK, Carlito, Miz, & Kenny (the kid's got it would be great to see him turn on the Spirit Squad)

Corporation - Vince & Shane 'O-Mac, Benjamin & Haas (they can bill them as "pure" athletes), the rest of the Spirit Squad (but please give them a better name), heck, even Chris Masters could do well there.


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