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February 8, 2005 by Ryan Kabir

The WWF/E has evolved a lot in the last few years but there is so much wrong going on, it saddens me. There's just way too many gimmicks going on these days, and the main focus of the WWE started skewing ever since the DX and Attitude era, and after Get The F Out, it's just turned into a soap. Now I agree there's still some very good plots and matches but atleast before there was still the argument of whether it was fake or not, nowadays even a five year old won't be fooled. Like everyone else, I've always enjoyed the storylines and plots, but it's become too silly as of late. What with Dawn Marie getting married to Tori Wilson's Dad ("), Kane harassing Lita and then fighting Matt Hardy in a ''Winner Marries the Chick'' match, and Trish Stratus turning on Chris Jericho and making out with Christian after costing Y2J the match. I enjoyed bits of it but where are the days when the plots seemed so much more genuine, the betrayals seemed real. Take for example Bret Hart Vs Owen Hart feud that lasted years. Owen's jealousy and refusal of being overshadowed by his older brother. That was proper brother against brother to the extreme. The 123 Kid turning against Razor Ramon when he joined hands with Ted DiBiase. Even a Diva feud was so much more interesting, like Sunny ditching the BodyDonnas and suddenly managing whoever were the tag team champions, namely the Smoking Gunns (who later had another awesome brotherly feud) and then Henry O Godwinn and Phineas I Godwinn. I just don't see that intensity in the feuds and betrayals anymore. It's too stupid these days, to put it bluntly. Where are those heels that we all loved to hate" Namely Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff, Mr Perfect Curt Hennig, and not to mention the Million Dollar Man Ted who could buy anyone anytime and change everything on the card! And what about those scary wrestlers" The nutcases, the one nobody wanted to mess with. Mankind... and there was the mysterious gender bending yet creepy Goldust.. heck, even the Undertaker and Kane seem so much more human now. They don't even claim him to hail from Death Valley, CA anymore! It's all about stupid cheesy storylines, sleazy divas, and even cornier characters. Heidenreich makes me laugh, Nathan Jones never made an impact, Se7en didn't last seven days, and I can't think of anyone else 'cuz they were probably that insignificant!

Like it's been said over and over in the past in these very columns, the WWE simply isn't the name anymore. They've lost focus. It's all commercial now. They're pretty much forgotten about either of the tag divisions. Not had a decent world title change or a single unpredictable match. The right people aren't getting enough pushes, ie. William Regal (who's been around for ages and he will die without ever becoming champion), Hardcore Holly (who has been around way too long to still remain a midcarder with an odd apperance on a PPV), and even John Cena. I don't think Cena should still be in the US champ division. Granted, he hasn't been there for too long but He deserves much more of a push toward the world title than say someone like Randy Orton (who I completely agree is nothing but a pretty face for the girls, and God I hate the way he poses with his arms up in a weird gayish manner), and JBL (who has been around for quite a while but he doesn't have the right attitude to remain champion for this long!). Back in the day, special matches were an infrequent treat, and interferences were much rarer. These days, if a heel is involved in a match, or a face who is involved in a feud with a heel, then there will most definitely without a shadow of a doubt be an illegal outside interference in the match. It's become too tacky and way too predictable. After a LONG, LONG time I actually enjoyed the last Raw/SD shows, following the Rumble. Only because, after a long time I am excited about the stipulations about the WWE and Heavyweight titles. Will Batista face Triple H" He has bent over backwards for Hunter and their faction before, but he will most definitely not lay down (excuse the pun) to give HHH a victory. The Nature Boy will remain a wildcard, however it's more than likely that he will be in Hunter's favor. We might even see a HHH/Flair Vs Orton/Batista feud for the next few months. If they do however decide to go the other way, then I'd predict Cena winning the No.1 contender playoff, and a triple threat at WrestleMania. So, to conclude, I just wanna say that I'm happy with what's going on right now, as in literally THIS WEEK only and I hope the powers that be do keep bringing the good stuff more frequently, but if they're going to stick with the formulae of the last couple of years, then really it's just going to be sad for us older fans who've pretty much grown up with the WWF. Watching it, eagerly awaiting the PPVs, following the plots, the wrestlers, and in spite of the silly things happening now, still continuing to be a loyal fan but with our fingers crossed tightly... Thank you for reading!

by Ryan Kabir..

Steve Rich (UK) wrote:
You think the Smoking Gunns had an "awesome brotherly feud"" I must have blinked and missed that one, I could have sworn blind the highlight of their feud was captaining a jobber team each on the pre-Survivor Series Free-For-All. But hey, I could be wrong...

However I agree with your article in many ways. Bradshaw has not deserved the title just for 8 years of company loyalty (read : nowhere else would have been interested) where he has been notorious for bullying other wrestlers backstage and stiffing on them in the ring. Storylines such as the "Lita marries the winner" match have been degrading and insulting to the intelligence. And you are likely correct that Cena deserves a run at the belt, because he has been SmackDown's top babyface since Eddy lost the belt. He remained super-over even when he was booked to look a moron in losing the U.S. title twice, been forced to wrestle rookies and nobodys, and contested a best-of-five series with Booker T when most of us were sick of seeing them wrestle each other already. Raw suffers because apart from Orton's aborted push, it has not had a top babyface for a long time. The show has been all about Triple H for so long, even when Benoit was champ the pay-per-views still focused on Trips, and Benoit has never looked remotely like recapturing the title since losing it at SummerSlam. Without a top babyface to support in the chase, long heel title reigns are pointless, because the fans can see no big payoff at the end. The "story" in meandering along without an ending in sight. At least John Cena might give SmackDown's dwindling fanbase a happy ending.
Johan Markesteyn (the Netherlands aka holland) wrote:
Well while reading the article i could not help feeling a litle bit sad. In a dutch wwe site,, i often speak with fellow "old skoolers" who liked the old days much better than wrestling nowadays. Why are the the old days better""" The interesting point is that the reasons wich are named are plane and simple:

- heel/face, you were either heel or face not something in the middle. In the old days you hated the heels, now..... times have changed.
- tv time, because there are much more PPV's than the classis 4 Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor series. In the old days you had some special matches and a long build up(feud) to a match. And now, know the answer to this
- more competition, now it's just WWE. It used to be WCW, ECW, USWA, UWF. Every company had to work hard to earn some money and fans.
- title changes, in the now famous old days it was much harder to get a title and therefore more special. Take for example a look at the IC title. If you see the era 1984-1994 you will see a few champions, now look at'll know what i mean
- lack of good tag-teams, i am not going to explain this one

But, there is one point in favor of wrestling today. Namely BETTER wrestlers, the old days had some terrible wrestlers as champions. What if somehow it's possible to bring back the glammour of the old days with the current roster of wrestlers..... Damn i just woke up.... i was dreaming

But i also look at wrestling with my fingers crosses behind my back
Jack Reeve wrote:
Thank god there's someone who shares my opinion WWE has gone down hill but ocassionaly decent I mean J.B.L is a rubbish HHH is too fixated and I mean bring back 96 cause it really went downhill since Attitude and they don't get taught respect like these legends where WWE has helped the buisness but also killing it cause WCW and ECW have gone and none of these tough enough wrestlers have made an impact neither have TNA but hey I mean Danial Puder what ever his name his please go away and it was fixed anyway, In short Wrestling is losing fans and they may never come back soon it will be R.I.P WWE if it dosen't stop with this crap .. p.s great coloum


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