X Division Wrestling
Is It The Future of Wrestling "

June 17, 2004 by Ryan MacDonald

NWA-TNA's X division is without question oneof the hottest things to hit wrestling in the last few years. A lot of people feel that the X dision is the future of wrestling. But I'm not so sure about that. Is it realy that great or is it just a bunch of skinny kids who can do flips" Well nobody can realy answer that Question deciseivly because it depends on which wrestler you are talking about, thats why I have decided to break this article into sextions, covering all the major X division stars, and all the different types of wrestlers that compete in the X division. Now, the people I am talking about are not all in TNA, but they all do share the common style that puts them all in the same category. Soem of the propel I will cover are in TNA, others are in the Indies and a few are already in the WWE.

AJ Styles-When you are taling about X Division Wrestlers there is realy no other person you can start With other than "The Phenominal" AJ Styles. He is without question the biggest star in the X Division. But theres a major difference between him and the majority of the other wrestlers that are in the X Division. Sure. AJ is one of the best high flyers in the world, but he doesnt center his offencearound it. He was smart. He started out doing all the crazy high flying moves you could ever imagine to get the national spotlight that he wanted but once he got the spotlight he changed his style and focused more on technical wrestling and ring psychology. He still pulls out a few high flying moves in every match because he knows that the fans enjoy that but he knows that this is wrestling and not a competition to see who can do the most flips in a match. AJ is by far the biggest star on the indy scene

Now I would like to address a group of wrestlers I like to call the high spotters. Everybody who is a fan of indy wrestling knows the kind of wrestlers I'm talking about. They are the wrestlers who don't know anytihng about ring psychology and just think wrestling is about flipping around. In my opinion these guys are the bigest wastes of air in wrestling. Theres a big difference between being ahigh flyer and being a high spotter. Rey Mysterio jr is the perfect example of the diffence between the two types of wrestlers. Pretty much every move in Rey's arsenal has to do with agility and flying but the differnce between him and the spotters is that he knows when to do they realy high risk moves and when not do them. When you watch an Rey match its not like every 300 seconds es flying threw the air doing some crazy death defying move. He knows how to work a crowd and how to sell. The high spotters dont know how to make a match dramatic, they dont know how to sell and they will never become anything in the wrestling business. If all you want to do is flip around then buy a god damn trampoline and stay out of a wrestling ring, leave that to people who know how to wrestle. Now that I got that off my chest lets move on.

"Showtime" Eric Young-Now this guy understands wrestling. He is a senimental favorite of mine because he used to compete in an indy in my area but dont confuse this for just praising a hometown boy. This guy understands the wrestling business. He understands one of the most important aspects of wrestling, SELLING. Its almsot like a lost art on the indy scene but Young is a great seller. He understands that in order to be a sucsessfull heel you have to make the face you are working with look like a million bucks. And he knows exactly how to do that. Just take a look at the best wrestler of all time, Ric Flair. His greatest attribute is his selling, I'm not saying that he wasnt a great technical wrestler because he was. But it was his ability to make everybody he was in the ring with look like a wrestling god that made him what he is today. And Eric Young is the same way. And in my opinion i think that he is a future star in Pro Wrestling.

Chris Sabin-This guy is similar to AJ Styles in a lot of ways. He is as agile as they come but thats not what he focuses on. He knows that that won't get him anywhere so he tends to spend most of his time displaying he tremendous technical skills and his very innovative offense.If given the oppurtunity Sabin could become a cruiserweight legend. HAIL SABIN

Christopher Daniels-The Indy legend is the best way to describe this guy. He has traveled all over the world and has become a huge star wherever he has competed. Yet. he has never been signed by the WWE. That doesnt make sense to me and a lot of other fans. He's got it all, hes one of the best wrestlers on the planet, he has great mic skills and knows how to work his gimmick. Danies' biggest downfall that he has now is his age. Unlike most of these other X division athletes he is not a young man. But its not like he is nearing the end of the road. He still has many years left. This guy knows every form of wrestling that there is. in my opinion he is the best wrestler in the indys.

Michael Shane-Shane is Shawn Michaels cousin and it shows. He has imitated HBK in many ways. Even down t his finisher, the super kick. I think that his best bet is to stop trying to be HBK and start being himself more. He is a great wrestler who has the ability to become the next Shawn Michaels. But hes not gonna become that by being a Shawn Michaels rip off, he shouldnt focus so much on being the next Shawn Michaels and should focus more on being the first Michael Shane.

Paul London-London was one of the biggest stars on the indy scene but once he got signed by the WWE he went off the radar. And since spanky left the WWE he is lucky to get a occasional match on Velocity. He is so misused that they got him to play of the part of the Mexican Heavyweight Champion who got spuashed by JBL a month or so ago. My advice to London is to pull a Spanky and get back to the indy scene.

Low-ki-He is a tremendous athlete, I'd say he has the best kicks in the business. He is also a terrific technical wrestler. But Low-ki has a lot of downfalls too. His lack of gimmich is one major one. Now its not liek every wrestler in the world needs an over the top gimmick but they do need to show some personality. Also Low-ki does not realy know how to play a part. Theres not realy a difference between heel ki and face ki. Low-ki would never make it in WWE but he is a great athlete and is one of the biggest stars in the indy's today. He has a very unusaly style and is very unpredictable when he wrestles. Hes not the type of wrestler who does the same three moves over and over in a match. Low-ki is taylor made for the Japan audience which is also where he spends most of his time. Low-ki represents the Japanese fan and i think he could become a legend in the orient.

Kazarian-Frankie has improved greatly since coming to TNA. When he first came to TNA he was an above average wrestler but didnt have any personality at all. He was just a typical face. But since then he has greatly improved. His match with AJ on last weeks pay per view was the best i've seen in TNA in quite some time, even considering the very botched finish which was in no way Frankie's fault. If Frankie keeps on improving I think that he could become a major star.

Kid Kash-The Notrious KID is in my opinion the best heel in all of TNA. He is also a great worker. The only critism I have on Kash is that sometimes his moves look sloppy and they get botched but for the most part he is a great wrestler and I think he could have a very strong run in the WWE if given the oppurtunity.

Jerry Lynn-Last but certainly not least I would like to talk about Jerry Lynn. Lynn is a veteran and one of the best wrestlers in the sport. His only downfall is his lack of character and mic skills. But that realy doesnt hurt him. Lynn, much like Chris Benoit, does not need a gimmick. He just needs to wrestle and display his passion for the business to get over. In my opinion he is one of the most under rated wrestlers ever. He is 41 years old but is still better than 90% of the rest of the wrestlers today. Lynn is a legend in the X division.

In the above 12 paragraphs I looked at several different wrstlers all with there pros and there cons but the question of whether the X division is the future or not never realy got anwsered. Thats because you can't just judge a divsion as a whole. Every body in the X division have there own chacteristics. Some will go on to fame and fortune, some will never get any bigger then they are now and some should even feel lucky to be put on a wrestling card. The X Division is something that will not be forgotten even after its gone and I believe it has given many young wrestlers the oppurtunity to shine on a national level. And i beleive that the wrestling business is better because of it.

by Ryan MacDonald ..

Cheo Serrano wrote:
I read your column and I would have to agree. The only thing you left out is Amazing Red. He is one of the most gifted talents I have ever seen. I watched his match with Lo Ki from 7-24-02 and it was just spectacular. Just watching him do that spinning sweep kick into the shooting star press was amazing. I believe he is one of the better of the X-division. Seeing his matches from the indy scene are just crazy. Another great match is Red and Styles. These matches prove how the X-division is one of the hottest things going!
Navinder Panesar wrote:
The X Division is a great new aspect of wrestling as it has no weight limit but the extreme factoer that has been added is a great angle that has not been explored before apart from the Cruiserweight/Light-HeavyWeight division. For example Low Ki, i have neva seen a Wrestler Show so much Heart In The Ring Promoting the X Division: Ive watched many Of Low Ki's matched and have found them very entertaining, especially the RoH match against the Amazing Red which was also before that was shown on NWA TNA as an X Division match. Another X Division star i was surprised to not see in the article was Sonjay Dutt or any of the japanese Wrestlers who hav appeared on TNA afew times, Sonjay Dutt Has Burst onto the scene as what i think is a breakout star of 2003, and a great wrestler. I agree with your points on all of the X Division stars and that the X Division Will Create Bigger things for all of these stars, as it has for AJ Styles. Ii overall Enjoyed reading your article and would be honoured If I could wright one some day For thanks for reading this ..

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