Championship Dilemmas Within WWE
June 30, 2005 by Ryan Romero

The draft lottery is like a double-edge sword. If used correctly, it can be an invaluable asset. But if it is not treated properly, it can cause all sorts of problems. The problem that the WWE draft lottery has caused this year is the move of the WWE championship from SmackDown! to RAW, thus giving the RAW brand the WWE championship and the World Heavyweight championship belt, and leaving SmackDown with pretty much nothing for the time being

The WWF/WWE title is, unofficially of course, "the most prestigious prize in sports-entertainment" (thanks for the quote, good ol' J.R). Its history dates back to 1963 when "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers defeated Antonio Rocca in a tournament in Brazil via figure four leg-lock for the then-WWWF title. It has since been held by many legends and superstars over the decades to grace the WWF/WWE ring, the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, the Rock, Triple H, the Undertaker and Kurt Angle to name a few.

The World Heavyweight Title is a prestigious title in itself. But I don't think it can really compare with the WWE title. It was only incorporated in 2002, and instead of having a tournament to determine the new Heavyweight champ, it was simply HANDED OVER to Triple H on a silver platter!! Over the past 2 to 3 years that the title has been incorporated, it status has improved, and several champions have held it, Chris Benoit being my favourite champion thus far, followed by Batista. But, in the grand comparison, it loses when compared to the WWE title in terms of history and overall status. Even if this title was a continuation of the old WCW championship, it would still lose, despite the names that have held it (like Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair Kevin Nash, Sting, Goldberg, Christ Jericho, the Rock and Kurt Angle)

The problem the 2005 WWE draft was that John Cena and the WWE title were moved to RAW, which, at the present moment, is still in a major storyline between Batista and HHH for the World Title. This in turn places the WWE championship in second place, when it clearly deserves to be first. By the way this is by no means any sort of shot at John Cena, who has helped the title get along with the times.

RAW now has several creative opportunities with the possession of both World titles. SmackDown! on the other hand has been dealt a massive kick in the gut. Not only did it lose the WWE title, it lost John Cena as well, and the SmackDown! faithful gave these two the appreciation necessary. Of course, John Cena's absence has been replaced with the like of Randy Orton, who, if he grows up AND gets another finishing manoeuvre other than the RKO, will also be the future of the WWE. And SmackDown is attempting to bring a new SmackDown! title to life. I wonder how this title will fill in the absence of the WWE title. I personally hope that they bring back the winged eagle WWF belt of the attitude era, but one can only dream so far.

My thanks go out to the people who have read my first column. Any sort of feedback you guys are willing to leave me will be greatly appreciated.

by Ryan Romero ..

Samuel Burgess wrote:
I agree with you, WWE have got ridden of other titles such as the Hardcore title. Now they are bringing another title so their will be more major heavyweight titles than there was before.

I also agree 100% that the WWE title (Well in my opinion) a "bigger" titles than the World Heavyweight title as its been round longer and has been held by some of the all time greats (Rick Rude should have held it in my opinion at least once).
Ian Wilz wrote:
While I enjoyed the article, it seems since the beginning of the draft lottery this year everyone has been way to quick to rush to judgement as to what has happened so far. As soon as Cena was drafted to SMACKdown, eveyrone on every stie was saying SMACKdown was dead even though we hadnt even seen who their first pick was. When Benoit came out it was by far, in my opinion, that SMACKdown had got the better of the deal as Benoit is much better in the ring. After every pick peope condemmed SMACKdown as being dead when we havent seen everything play itself out. Even after tonight SMACKdown we still have to wait for the trades to be made before we can completely and accurately make any sort of judgement as to who got the better end of the deal.
Eduver3 wrote:
just wanted to note that the world championship is now officially sd! idk if they will make it the wwe title or still the world heavyweight championship but either way sd! now has a good title, which doesn't spin so i like it.
Antonio Figueroa wrote:
This title situation is not a dilemma, it's a disaster and an outrage. The entire draft lottery proved to be nothing more than an excuse for Vince to rape Smackdown! of its best stars, and give them less than half of the star value back. They lost two of their biggest stars, THE FREAKIN WWE CHAMPION, John Cena, and Kurt Angle, as well as Carlito, no doubt a future legend, and they got what in return" Batista" Don't make me laugh. This jacked-up, steroid-pumped loser is a third rate wrestler who brought a fourth rate championship with him. Chris Benoit" I'm a huge fan of the guy, but his mic skills are absolutely pathetic. Christian" He's not even close to being enough to make up for Smackdown!'s losses. The only guys who they got that are worth anything are the great Muhammad Hassan, and Randy Orton, who is possibly Smackdown!'s last hope. I can only hope Vince has the sense to take the belt off Batista and give it to either Orton (when he heals), or, in the meantime, PUT THE BELT ON JBL!
HirokishuKeita wrote:
Hm.. what's more valuable" The WWE Title or the World Heavyweight title. Lets see the meaning of each. WWE title is supposed to mean you're better than every wrestler in the WWe. The World title is supposed to mean you're better than every wrestler in the World. Well, John Cena's the WWE Champion so he's better than anyone in WWE, that includes Batista because he's in WWE. However, Batista is the World Heavyweight Champion so he's better than anyone in the world, that includes Cena because he's part of this world. Hm.. A yin-yang" Maybe someone should write about that.

Of course, that's what holding the titles are supposed to mean, not that it's true. I do not think Batista nor Cena are the best at anything. So don't get on my back about that.
Owen Prince - Smart Fan since 1988 (from Australia) wrote:
It seems to me that you (Ryan Romero) may have jumped the gun ever so slightly with your opinions on WWE and the title switch to RAW and rebranding of a new title on SmackDown!

All the way along most people were able to accept that Batista, HHH or Cena would end up on SmackDown! with one of the two key titles in hand. Teddy Long was even scripted on TV to announce that the title situation would be solved at the end of the Draft Lottery, this ofcourse made NO sense when they announced a 6 Way Match on SmackDown! for a new title. This always meant to me that there would be a title holder drafted over the SmackDown! Title for Title, Holder for Holder, there was no way Vince and Co would leave the lesser brand without a title and have two titles on RAW it made no sense what so ever to do so.

I read things about the "Rape of SmackDown!" and the "outrage" of it all. OF WHAT" If you really thought there would be a NEW title created when they already have ONE major title per show, then you are not a smart fan, you are a simple mark and should not be allowed to write for a wrestling site.


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