2005: The Rumble, WM21, and Beyond
January 27, 2005 by Ryan S.

I would like to start off by saying that this is my first ever attempt at a column for OWW and if it turns out half decent and actually gets accepted then I may well cry like Orton at Summerslam 2004.

Also I would like to point out that I write this during the week leading upto the Royal Rumble.

This column will be a combination of how I would like to see things happen and how I can see things happening.

I am looking forward to the Royal Rumble this year as there are some great matches on the cards, not discounting the Rumble itself. On the Smackdown side of things I would like to see JBL retain without any outside interference against Angle/Big Show my reasons of which will become clear later on. I would also like to say that I may be in the minority judging from what I have read on the internet but I have actually enjoyed JBL's reign as WWE Champ. That is not to say I won't enjoy someone taking it off him though.

Undertaker vs Heidenreich is an intriguing prospect but I am not a great fan of Heidenreichs character. I would like to see Undertaker victorious in this match and hope it will be a brutal, bloody and lengthy match.

Over on Raw we see Shawn Michaels (a personal favourite of mine) taking on Edge. Obviously being a fave of mine I would like to see Michales win but in respect of how I would like to see things develop an Edge win is what I expect in this match due to what I would like to see at WM21.

The big one. Triple H versus Randy Orton. (another huge fave of mine) I expect a Triple H win in a brutal 25 - 35 minute match with a knockout to the ref, many chairshots and of course interference from Batista and Flair. Orton will keep getting up from all that is thrown at him until Triple H eventually hits the pedigree to win, somewhat fairly.

Batista will however not just be interfering bacause he dislikes Orton and to keep the title among Evolution but because he has finally decided he wants to be the one who takes The Game's belt.

Onto the Rumble. I see the final four being Benoit, Batista, Edge, John Cena. Batista will eventually win making Triple H none too happy but with no idea of Batistas motives.

Note that as the last Smackdown competitor left, John Cena would be pushed towards the WWE Title.

Wrestlemania 21. The biggest of all that is WWE and the answer to a couple of questions left from my Rumble views.

On the Raw side of things we will see Batista vs Triple H. The weeks after RR and leading upto WM21 will see Triple H laughing about how he is guarenteed being champion after WM21 with Batista ready to laydown for him. Which is exactly what Batista will do, for a count of two at least. This will be the moment that Batista finally turns on The Game who will strike a mixed pose of confusion, anger and mostly fear upon realisation of what is happening. I am mixed on whether Flair will complete the demise of Evolution or not but have a feeling he will stick with Triple H and maybe turn on him later in the year. This match will be a fantastic spectacle as Batista eventually gains the pin after a pedigree.

Edge vs Shawn Michaels in a RR rematch. Michaels will prove who is the better man in an enduring but highly enjoyable Last Man Standing match, where Edge will hit the spear 3 times only to have Michaels get up every time.

Shelton Benjamin will defend his IC title against Christian, Maven and Chris Jericho in a Fatal 4 way ladder match. Benjamin will pull out all the stops only to fall short in an epic and bloody match when Christian climbs the ladder, which will stand over Benjamin, to victory.

Whilst not making an attempt to overbook the card Kane and Snitsky will meet in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere match where both competitiors will get destroyed by chair shots, steel step shots and being put through announce tables. Most likely the Spanish one. They will fight everywhere, the carpark, backstage anywhere they end up with Kane scoring the pin after chokeslamming Snitsky from the top of a WWE lorry into some tables below.

Smackdown will see the WWE Title on the line in a 6 man Elimination chamber match which will be the main event over RAW's WHC match. JBL will defend against the 5 men who have been after his title for some time. Eddy Guerrero, Booker T, Undertaker, Kurt Angle and The Big Show. I know we had one recently at New Years Revolution but it will be the first time it is used for a Smackdown event or match. Heidenreich this time will not be able to interfere in the confines of the steel behemoth. It will come down to JBL and The Undertaker who will finally regain the WWE Title after hitting the Tombstone on the steel surround. Various wrestlers will be put through the perspex of the compartments in what will prove to be the most bloody, brutal, exciting and horrific Elimination Chamber match of all time.

John Cena will defend his US Title against Kenzo Suzuki and Carlito Caribbean Cool in a Triple Threat match. John Cena will retain after hitting the F.U. on Suzuki.

Funaki will defend his Cruiserweight Title against Spike, Kidman and Chavo Guerrero retaining the Title before dropping it on the following episode of Smackdown to Chavo. Spike and Kidman will attack Funaki for a few weeks leading upto WM21 with Chavo saving the Champ on a few occasions. The Smackdown before WM21 will see Funaki/Chavo vs Spike/Kidman in a tag team match. The Smackdown after WM21 where Chavo takes the title will be a face/face match with everyone expecting a Chavo heelturn that will not happen. The 2 will compete in one of the best matches seen on Smackdown, propelling the Cruiserweight division to the heights it should be reaching.

The Bashams will defend the Tag Team Championships against Rey Mysterio and RVD who due to to interference from Orlando Jordan will lose to the Champions.

Now moving on to what I would like to see and what I expect to see from 2005 as a whole.

I would like to see John Cena become WWE champion during the year and feel that this could well happen. Most likely at Survivor Series. Perhaps against Kurt Angle who will defeat the Undertaker at Summerslam.

I would like to see some of the wrestlers lower down the roster get the push they deserve. Charlie Haas is someone I would like to see hold the US Title this year.

Also I believe Shelton Benjamin would make a great WHC but maybe that would be best saved for 2006.

I would love to see the Cruiserweight division get the recognition and airtime it deserves. With such talent as Kidman, Chavo Guerrero and Paul London being very underused a push to the front will give the Smackdown viewers a much bigger variety to entertainment them.

Again I would like to see the Tag Team divisions on both Raw and Smackdown receive a much bigger recognition. Although to do that both brands will first have to acquire more than 2 teams on their brand.

And again I would like to see the Women get used much more. Preferrably in more entertaining and lengthy matches with more female wrestlers being added to the roster to provide more competition and variety for the viewer.

I would like to see an end to the Diva and Tough Enough competitions as these are, in my opinion, a complete waste of airtime. Why the WWE cannot just find the best talent by looking for it and training new talent properly is beyond me. It would be much better than holding a competiton where the winner could turn out to be a bag of crap in the ring.

PPV's are something I intend to write a column about in the future. Why the WWE keep adding to the PPV list is puzzling as it just makes it much harder to get excited about them and much harder to build up a decent storyline.

Well those are my views on what I think might happen and what I would love to see happen in 2005. I hope I have not bored anyone to tears and hope that at least one person will enjoy reading this column if it is deemed worthy of addition to the site.

by Ryan S...

William McCracken wrote:
I like your WM21 concepts, but there are too many gimmick matches on the card (I counted Last Man Standing, Fatal Fourway Ladder, Hardcore, Elimination Chamber, and Triple Threat). I'd say toss the Elimination Chamber (as you said, we just had one at NYR) and the Last Man Standing Match. Make the US title match Cena vs. Haas and the WWE title match JBL vs. Eddie Gurrero (probably via a #1 Contenders match at No Way Out). Also, why not book Kane & Undertaker vs. Heidenreich & Snitsky (especially after the events of the Royal Rumble)" Overall, nice thoughts, just a little over-gimmicked.



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