Defending Lita: Rydawg's Opionion.
July 14, 2004 by Rydawg

Lita: Extreme Diva
I have heard and read too many negative comments directed to Lita of World Wrestling Entertainment and to be honest it makes me sick to my stomach. I don't care if you are a Lita fan or not. If you don't like her then you don't like her. Every person is entitled to his or her opinion on anyone or anything but leave it at that. So many Internet columnists like to add insult to injury and put Lita down any way they can. I will admit many things about her that others say. I admit she is not as good as a performer than she was before her near career ending injury. Her ring style has changed drastically as she does not take as many chances as before but does that mean writers are going to trash Kurt Angle when he changes in ring style or if Rey Mysterio suddenly hurts himself that will prohibit him from doing his risk moves" It seems that the bashing of Lita started when she returned from her injury and was forced to alter her ring style. Sure her fan base is still very strong and growing but her ring performance has slipped and you know what that means, not a damn thing. Lita is still the same strong, athletic, drop dead gorgeous Lita that we remember before her injury. Lita is one of those rare talents who doesn't need a championship push to get over with fans.

Then comes the whole "Lita can't act for shit", as one writer commented, thing. Lita may not be the greatest actress in the world but neither is Nicole Kidman. For the first few years of her WWE career, Lita didn't do much talking or any big time angle for that matter. She came out, kicked ass, and left. Now she is in a new element and like Nicole Kidman at one point, Lita needs practice and shes doing alright with it.

The Injury
A dark day come for Lita and fans of hers when during a taping of the television show "Dark Angel", a botched stunt attempted by Lita broke her neck in three places taking her away from the business that she loves and taking her away from the fans that love her. The women's division took a serious blow with the loss of the red-headed beauty and so did the sports entertainment world. Things happen in life for a specific reason but the reason that destiny took Lita out of the ring will never be known. After 15 long and agonizing months of recovery, Lita returned in September of 2003.

She's Back
When Lita returned to the ring, I admit that she didn't have the confidence she once had. She seemed to be afraid to do the moves she had always done (moonsault for example) and it affected some fans view of her but not mine. I have always loved watching Lita compete mostly due to the face she is not like the other divas. She has a certain fire that fuels her to do amazing things. She is a woman like none other and the most recognizable diva on the WWE roster and maybe the world. From her Women's title win to the release of her book (which is a great read) she can do anything and I personally am enjoying the angle she is involved in with Kane. The July 12th edition of Raw showed that she can cut a decent promo. I tune into Raw every week to see three superstars in particular: Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Lita.

Matt Hardy was right in his last commentary when he backed up Lita. Good for Matt for his comments because they needed to be said. Internet writers really don't know a damn thing about the wrestling business and what the WWE superstars go through. I have studied every aspect of the industry and I know the business better than some wrestlers do.I know talent when I see it and Lita is talent. Lita stated once that we are going to see a new Lita and we are. We are seeing a much more determine Lita that ever. She has 15 months to make up for and she will succeed despite what the Internet writers and doubters say. They say Lita blows well I say they can blow me, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, the Hurricane, Shannon Moore, and every other person who believes in Lita and her abilities.

The Future
Lita has a great future in the business and we have yet to see her best so stay tuned and get ready for the Queen of Extreme!

I'm Rydawg and that's my opinion..

Brad Dykens wrote:
I also read Lita's book, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how entertained I was. I felt a major sense of respect for Amy Dumas when I polished off her biography.

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