A Dream Come True: Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels
July 21, 2005 by Sameer Kaushal

SummerSlam is one of the most anticipated PPV after WrestleMania. Most of the time this event has lived up to the expectations of the fans and the critics as well. SummerSlam has given us some of the greatest matches like Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart, The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart, Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock, and more recently Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton. For this year's SummerSlam only one match has been officially announced: that is the WWE Championship between John Cena and Chris Jericho. One match that every WWE fan is looking forward to is the dream match between Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels, although it has not been officially announced, but it is almost certain that it will take place at the second biggest stage. It all started last week on an edition of Monday night RAW when Shawn Michaels Super kicked Hogan .HBK's super-kick on Hogan will be remembered as a turning point in RAW history. It had been a long time since there had been a moment such as this one. Back to the match... Beyond the shadow of doubt this would be one of the greatest matches in history. Both of these men are regarded the best in their own league. Hulk Hogan is the man who single handedly took the sport to greater heights and built the WWF. He has been in the main event of first 9 WrestleManias. He has led one of the most dominant and successful stables ever, The New World Order and on the other hand Shawn Michaels is the man who has given us matches like Ladder match, first ever Iron man match and first ever Hell in a cell match .He is the first ever Grand Slam Champion in the WWE/F history. Many times he has laid his body on the line just for the Fans. They have both been involved in some of the most well remembered storylines in wrestling history.

For a while now, the Hulkster and HBK had been buddy-buddy with each other. They were always seen hugging each other after victories as well as giving each other high-fives on a regular basis. It looked like the perfect tag team combination. It was a delight watching two of the biggest Icons together in the ring.

But just like HBK did to his former Rockers tag team partner from the late 80's and early 90's, Michaels super-kicked himself to a whole new level. During an episode of Brutus Beefcake's Barbershop, Michaels super-kicked Jannetty through a window. He claimed he was tired of "carrying" the Rockers and he would be better off on his own. This time around HBK was starting to feel like he was in the shadow of Hogan. Michaels was not being him self anymore. So what better way to get out of someone's shadow than to knock down the object that is creating that shadow "

This will most likely lead to a match at SummerSlam. Two legends squaring off on the second largest stage. Needless to say, it should be great. It will be a match between two different generations with Shawn Michaels representing the Extreme high flying style and Hogan representing the old school.

by Sameer Kaushal..

Adam wrote:
Your right, every fan has wanted Hogan V HBK. And its the second of the dream matches that we all wanted. Hogan V The Rock, had it, Hogan V HBK, getting it, Hogan V Austin, want it, and want it bad.
GODSON wrote:
It took this match 9 years in the making. In 1996, Hollywood Hogan and HBK was the top two champions bar none. I always wanted too see this match with Hogan playing his Hollywood role instead. Hogan(and the NWO) overshadow a great title reign by HBK in 96. Nobody was talking about how great HBK was as champion, they were talking about NWO. HBK always play second fiddle to Hogan. If you watch wrestling from 1996-1998, you know what I mean.Even though HBK/Taker Hell in a Cell match was the BEST match in 1997, Hogan vs. Sting was the top draw of the year. Hell, Vader vs. Hogan was bigger than HBK vs.Diesel at Mania.

It's time too see if HBK can finally top Hogan. Now all we need is a HBK vs.Big Show match, another dream match from 1996.
Simon Flack wrote:
Does anyone really think this match would be happening if Hogan wasnt pimping his reality TV show right now" Look I love Hogan as much as the next guy, but he's a nostalgia act and it just smacks of sheer desperation on the part of WWE to wheel him out Do other wrestling fans not find it embarrasing to see him go into the ring to unleash all 4 of his oh so devastating moves, seriously wrestling has evolved so much since his time taking mid to late 90's extreme styles and the crazy spots of the Lucha Libra's, how the hell can I be expected to buy a legdrop keeping a man down" Do other wrestling fans not remember how boring and stale this guy was in the early 90's let alone in the year 2005" I think its sad to see him getting all this ring time at the expense of younger, fitter, better guys who need the exposure. I can understand that business for the WWE isnt exactly where they would like it right now but dragging Hulk out isnt the way to do it, you build new Hogans and Stone Colds and Rocks. All I can say thank God he has HBK to carry him in this match!
Krippes316G4 wrote:
The match between Austin and Hogan would be cool, if you it were 1999. There would both keep them down: Austin has some of the worst knees in the business (next to Kevin nash), and Hogan has had two decades having people treat his body like a punching bag. So far in his return, he hasn't got a finger laid on him. Why because he would fall and never get up. So if the match did happen I predict the rattle snake will win, if he hits the sunner its over. Don't get me wrong I love what Hogans don for the business. I just don't think he would put on an entertaining match.
Thanx you guys for giving your precious time , I really appreciate that .This is my first ever article and thanx OWW for posting it at the section.
Josh 12, Australia, wrote:
This letter is to talk about the Hulk Hogan HBK fued. IT'S CRAP. Hogan sits back fiddiling with his pace maker while HBK has to do all the work. The Larry King show imitation was good but it makes a storey line so much better when the one who gets insulted retaliates and does something back. The best we can get from 'The Immortal Hulk Hogan' is "you are the king of cheap shots and back stabbing". The crowd goes wild for that" I'm only 12 so i am still supposed to like all the faces but to like Hogan is a crime. HBK was turning heel but when he brought up so many good points the crowd had no chose but to start cheering him again. Hogan somhow has the power to stop anybody in there tracks simply by pointing and the crowd yells 'YOU'. Then three punches, the big boot and then he throws them out of the ring, but no such luck in a tag team match. The crowd love seeing Hogan hit the leg drop(as lame as it is) so in a tag team match when he hits the big boot he trys to taunt until somone comes in and breaks it up. Hogan has no wrestling ability anymore. The crowd love him when they should like somone like Angle who has some real talent. So I close this letter by saying Hogan needs to go becase Josh Knows Best

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