The Future of the WWE
April 1, 2005 by Sam Preston

There has been dispute ever since the creation of ROH and TNA that certain superstars that populate one or the other of these federations are future superstars of the WWE. However, I wondered when that would really happen. What would be the most likely thing that would happen to these superstars should they go over to the WWE"

One of the first people who is mentioned in conversations such as this is the phenomenal A.J. Styles who has become quite possibly the leading talent on the wrestling circuit. He has been doing so well since about late 2002-onwards that he was even chosen as Mr. TNA 2003 and Mr. TNA 2004 by the fans. However, as good as he is, I sincerely believe that if he ever decided to go to WWE, that like Paul London, he will wrestle mostly in the Cruiserweight Division, or, possibly at the most, become a Tag Team Champion with London, Mysterio or Eddie. And that's not considering the fact that because he is from TNA, Vince may just job him out to prove that the WWE is better than TNA wrestlers. How would anyone be able to follow AJ after he gets jobbed to Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters"

Abyss has recently gotten lots of praise for being a great big worker and may be the type of person that the WWE would hire. But the problem is that Abyss happens to be a bit overweight and while that didn't stop them from buying Yokozuna, they won't do it nowadays. Even though Abyss is probably better than Heidenreich, Gene Snitsky, Tyson Tomko and Chris Masters all put together.

Monty Brown has become TNA'S version of WCW's Goldberg and WWE's John Cena in terms of popularity, but because he has become that if he went to WWE he would probably be treated like Goldberg Mark II so Vince's son-in-law has someone new to bury.

Christopher Daniels has been wrestling for well over a decade and has been one of the top independent prospects since 1999. However, his age may be against him. He has bucket loads of charisma and is one of the best wrestlers today and has the art of heel-ship to a letter. But at the end of the day, at 34 years of age, the WWE may not want to hire him.

Samoa Joe falls into the same category as Abyss in that he's overweight and also his hard-hitting style as akin to Taz. I wonder what happened to him"

The WWE is a company that really is skits, soap operas and interviews as opposed to actual wrestling. In fact, it should be WSE (World Sports-Entertainment) as opposed to WWE. So because of that very fact, the Chris Benoit of today, American Dragon, has about as much chance of getting a job with WSE as I have of being phoned on April 1st and being asked personally by Vince McMahon to come to LA and squash Triple-H in the main-event of WrestleMania 21 and win the World Heavyweight Title and then being told that as part of the deal I have to marry Trish Stratus and have sex with her every day for the rest of my life......where was I"

C.M. Punk has created possibly one of the greatest gimmicks today: Straight Edge Lifestyle. Unfortunately, WSE wouldn't want C.M. Punk to come onto WSE RAW (Believe me it would be RAW) and say he's better than everyone else on the roster as he doesn't take drugs. Of course, if he did he wouldn't have a shortage of people to accuse of taking drugs. Right trips"

Homicide is a gangster who once carved a fork into the head of Teddy Hart. If New Jack does ever join the WSE, it looks like he already has someone he could team up with. Plus his interviews would be good. Low Ki, look at the part on Samoa Joe and his hard-hitting style.

Doug Williams, a big guy which should excite Vince and also a great British wrestler who could be paired with William Regal. Unfortunately, with the way Vince is, he may bastardize Doug into only doing big man moves, which will completely diminish who Doug Williams is.

A major problem in WSE nowadays is the two "Tag Team Divisions" and on the Independents are great Tag Teams such as The Briscoe Brothers (Mark & Jay Briscoe), The Backseat Boyz (Acid & Kashmere), America's Most Wanted who all have risen to great heights by being tag team wrestlers. However, the main worry if they did go to WSE is this: would they be given the Tag Team titles for two months, lose them to the default teams of The Basham Brothers/La Resistance and then be broken up for a three week feud that will disappear after the first match" If that did happen, A) I wouldn't be surprised and B) it would have just made it a waste of time to buy them as Tag Teams.

If you have read this, I hope it provides some food for thought, and makes you think. Would you prefer independent superstars in WSE, where they would be worldwide seen but probably be being jobbed or ruined like Paul London, or would you prefer them on the Independents, where there not seen Worldwide but would be free to do whatever they want to excite us as wrestling fans" Plus, did you know, in 1999, AJ Styles was offered a contract with WWF and refused it" Kind of lucky that really.

by Sam Preston ..

nitrococuk wrote:
I want to tell you that I have a pain rather than telling you that I agree with your ideas. And you know what this pain is" it is WWE's efforts for being a monopoly in this industry. I am pretty sure all McMahon's matter is to become huge and only just like Coke-Cola and to become the only distrubutor of sport-entertainment based wrestling show. I am really sorry while sayin' this, but I think everything keeps goin' like this, it will happen. Of course, I don't want this to happen just like most fans. That's why I watch TNA, too. However, what I am trying to say is that this situation I mentioned in this mail is more important than you mentioned in your column and it is the basic problem of all wrong things such as old independent fed wrestlers are being wasted now in WWE fed. You know it is not a fed anymore ;=)






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