Triple H: A Ric Flair In The Making"
June 24, 2005 by Serafin Santiago Jr.

I have been watching wrestling since I was at least 5 years old. Since that time I have been happy to witness some great characters come and go in my almost 30 years of life. Of course Ric Flair is and probably in many peoples estimate, the best pro wrestler we have ever seen. That is a huge statement to make considering that past generations have never had the type of wrestling we're used to seeing. The past holds so many other great men that can hold that title as well. Lou Thez, Vern Gagne, Antonino Rocca just to name a few. So as we look at today's list of possible Hall of Famers, I wonder if Triple H will fit into this equations as easily as the last great champion has, at least storyline-wise, led him to believe"

Paul Levesque, or Triple H as we all know him, has some rather large shoes to fill. Ric Flair has held that title a total of 16 times. So far Hunter is up to 10. Does anyone think that his title reign will resume anytime soon just to get him closer to Flairs' number of titles" That is a conversation for a later date. What happens behind closed doors at WWE H.Q. is something that I can't see. Yet when it comes to the question as to whether or not he can be a great representation of the current generation of superstars is hard to say. So many people are split upon what characteristics have to be looked upon in order to say he is that damn good or not. I have a couple of ways I determine what makes a good wrestler but I'll go into that later. So what makes it possible for Triple H to hold the moniker of "greatest champ of all time"" Is it all for show, or does he and many other people believe that"

If I look around at the past 20 years, Flair is on the radar A LOT! There are other people on there too, folks. Like for instance, Bret Hart. What does he have that Triple H doesn't" For me, it's in ring technical ability. Now don't get me wrong ladies and gents, I'm not saying that Hunter can't wrestle. As a matter of fact I think Hunter is quite a good wrestler. But when was the last time he was able to put together a technically sound match" He hasn't been able to because his heel persona denies him that ability. One can try to downplay that by saying that is not true. Yet it is. Kurt Angle is a heel and his entire in ring technical ability is on display all the time. Bret Hart consistently put together some great mat skills and other maneuvers to make him an all around sound wrestler. Next is a presence. Does Triple H have command of the audience in house and at home" Yes he does. Quite a bit actually. But he garnered that ability by being in the spotlight so damn much that you have no other choice but to either boo or cheer him. You can't ignore what won't go away so you basically join in with the crowd. That is very Flair-ish, and that's probably one of the few things he has in common with Flair. When it came to Flair though, you had an entire package to work with. He had in-ring skills, although really he wasn't that great of a wrestler. Microphone skills that in many peoples eyes is one of the best attributes he has. And absolute command, something that promoters in this country salivate after.

What about the people that are around now during his reign that can actually put up a good fight" I think Kurt Angle can do just as good a job as Hunter. Or how about Chris Benoit" He has the best chance at giving Hunter a run for his money. Unfortunately, these two individuals won't be up on that podium any time soon, cause there are a lot of variables at work here to make Triple H into the modern day Great one. Speaking of Great ones, how many people out there think that even The Rock should be above and ahead of The Game" I can't say for certain but it would be interesting to find out what everyone thinks.

What criteria do I use to evaluate a great wrestler" Well I listed them not to far back. One is in ring skill. Second, mike skills. Third is command and lastly, the even distribution of all of the above. There are so many pros out there that have only one or two of the list. And yet there are so very few that have all of the attributes listed. You can pretty much go back to the 80's and apply this list to the big names and be amazed at what two listed abilities are constant. Let's play a game shall we. It's called "guess which he has". Ok, here we go. I'm going to name a wrestler and you pick the main characteristics from the list I have made and see if they apply to each individual. First up....Hulk Hogan. What did you say" He has all four" Nope. Sorry folks. That's wrong, oh so very wrong! He has only 2, and trust me in ring ability isn't one of them. He has command and mike skills. If you doubt that then you my good man are a moron and haven't been paying much attention to wrestling. Next up.....Rob Van Dam. Got it" That's Right folks he has only 2 as well. In ring and command is what he has. Anyone else" Ah yes!!! The Rock" Anyone care to take a gander at him" Time is up! He has fared only with 2 of the four and just like Hogan, he only has mike skills and command. Now how about our man of the hour" Triple H is under the microscope now. Here we go. The final verdict is in and (drum roll, please).....he has only 2. That's right folks, 2! Which ones" In ring and command, of course. But let's pick someone like Kurt Angle. What does he have" Like anyone can't see where this is going. He has......ALL 4! Yup, that's correct everyone. This man has all four traits that make up a great wrestler. From mike skills, to in ring ability to command and a healthy blend of all of the above, make him the consummate professional wrestler.

So now that you have an idea as to why I think Triple H is really not what people think he is, will it matter what I say" No, it won't. Why make my opinion visible then, you may ask. Because there has to be at least one person in this community that will open up his mouth and make the WWE realize that, by farming yourself in someone else's field, that wont guarantee you will be a worthy harvest. What does that mean" Ok I'll bite off a huge chunk. By getting yourself in to the family, you shouldn't use that advantage to make yourself an untouchable. I hate to say it but Hunter has earned that criticism because too many times have many of us noticed that these shows seem very Hunter inspired. We all know that it takes a lot to get to the top and even more to stay there. But really, you can't sit there and not say that it seems too convenient that Hunter has held that title constantly. Again this is my opinion so take it how you want to. Yet take a step back and look at things and tell me you don't see something that doesn't seem right" I may be wrong, or I may be right. Only Hunter knows the truth and it doesn't seem likely that he will be telling all anytime soon. So as for the question that the title of this article makes: Is Triple H a Ric Flair in the making" I would have to say Hell No! Not by a long shot. And what hurts even more.......That Flair is playing lackey to Hunter. My how the mighty have fallen.

Catch you on the top rope.

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Anthony Conkling wrote:
Very good article I agree with you I think the WWE has hitched themselves to the HHH wagon for far too long. They must be contemplating having HHH make a run at the 16 titles since they are mentioning quite often now that HHH has held the title 10 times. I have to disagree with you when you say Ric Flair really wasn't that great of a wrestler, maybe not in the past 10-15 years but in the 15 years before that he was one of the best ever in the ring. I saw him wrestle Brad Armstrong in 1984 in Lincoln NE traveling for the NWA. They went at it for 45 minutes in probably the greatest technical ring match I have ever seen. In the 70's and 80's Flair was know as the 60 minute man because he wrestled so many long matches. Unfortunately those days are past and people think 20 minutes is a long match now. Keep up the good work, maybe the likes of Angle and Benoit can bring back the ring skills to what they once were.
Dev Hasan wrote:
Okay. Im going to be open and say it. Triple H IS yes IS better than Ric Flair. Yes Ric Flair won 16 World Titles. And do you know what" Triple H will break it soon enough. You compared Triple H to Kurt and everybody else but you never compared Triple H to Ric....Ric Flair the one move wonder or two move wonder if your lucky does the same boring crap in a match - Chop - Chopblock - Figure Four maybe if he wins.

Triple H can wrestle technical and like you said...BUT your forgetting Ric Flair can't wrestle technical to save his life not even in his prime. All he did was cut his head and do one or two moves and that makes him great" nah ah.

You see, I always watch ONE match for the fun of it. That match being Ric Flair vs Bret 'Hitman' Hart. Now if any fan really talks truth and is not a big headed kiss ass will agree Bret SIMPLY out-wrestled him and you could see it Ric was getting frustrated as hell about it, each time he tried to lock Bret into a move he'd get out of it. By the way...I counted how many moves this "great" wrestler did in that match which he was in his "prime" and it was a total 3 moves....WHAT A GREAT WRESTLER 3 MOVES!!!!!!! don't give me that boring jack about him being not in his prime in the EARLY 90's you'll be full of crap and you know it.

Triple H shouldent be compared to anyone, cause nobody is Triple H or is going to be Triple H. Triple H is basically himself and does a great job of it, in my opinion of the greatest heels of all time.

As for Kurt Angle. What has Kurt done so great latley" He's been boring since forever. Now I said he is BORING I didnt say his wrestling was crap, I didn't say anything like that before someone judges me. I said he is boring. All he does is the samething and uses the same cuss over and over again like he did to Triple H on RAW. He did that 2 years ago during HHH vs Kurt feud. Don't give me crap, you know Im right. Triple H actually took big ass bumps and was BUSTED WIDE open during his matches like Summerslam 1997 with The Rock. He worked his ass off. When did Kurt ever give a great match like that" He has never taken a big bump in his life. If one STUPID STUPID fan comes up right now and says that Chokeslam that Big Show gave him which put him in a wheel chair was REAL, you should GET REAL and learn that was all planned. But Triple H busting his body up like Royal Rumble 00, No Way Out with Austin and Cactus Jack, all those big bumps and battered bodys were not "angles" they were all real and for someone to say after Triple H busted his ass for the WWF/E since 1995 didnt deserve the belt, they should go watch his history because history can't be bought my friends.
Eduver3 wrote:
THANK YOU.thats all i gotta say, finally triple h is getting exposed as the great man he is behind his evil tv persona, thanks for the article.
Mitchell Hurst wrote:
This is more of a comment towards Dev Hasan and his note about bashing Kurt Angle.

When has Angle risked his life you ask" Oh, I don't know, how about WRESTLEMANIA XIX"! He wrestled a Mania-Green Lesnar for the WWE Title with a broken neck! He also won his Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck. Do your research next time.

Props to Serafin on a great article.
Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons wrote:
First off HHH is not even close to Ric Flair, Flair by the time he was HHH age was consider a legend already, most fans don't call HHH a legend. HHH has used nothing but his power, and back stabbing to get himself in that position. Also a lot of flairs title runs were at least a couple months as HHH in the beginning were short and lame. Also Flair made his opponents look better such as Sting for example. HHH has killed and crushed most of the younger talents
Dev Hasan wrote:
I quote... "This is more of a comment towards MITCHELL HURST"...

I didn't ask what he did for the olympics, what he did in the olympics wasnt for the fans, what he did in the olympics was for himself and only for himself.

He injured his neck cause he reaggravated his injury in the olympics. That isnt busting his ass. He never put his body on the line like Brock Lesnar did in his matches. I.E with The Undertaker at Hell in The Cell.

But Im sure you'll reply saying something like "oh but that chokeslam that Big Show gave him was real" yeh right, he would of been killed or crippled for life if that was real.

So I quote once again..."Do your research next time."
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
"Kevin Nash: I don't understand what the criticism is. Is it that he works too hard" That he's the best we have" That he's a professional" When I watch the show, he shines week in and week out. I think the thing about this business is that once you get in it, and start to get popular, the internet fans get behind you and ask when are you going to get your chance. All of a sudden, you get a big push and become a megastar, and with that comes power. Anybody who can kind of call their own shots and have some power, the "smart" fans hate. Now you've become a Superstar and eclipsed what they thought you could be, and you become the Antichrist to them. How is that possible" All Triple H is, is the best guy we have. He can have a good match with anybody. I think another thing is that he is so good at his character that people think that that's really him. In reality, he is one of the nicest human beings that anyone will ever meet. But because some people get so involved in his character, they think that's how he really is, and they grow to dislike him based on that alone."

If ppl like Jason "Idiot" Simmons thinks that people dislike HHH in the backstage, you should read from what other people think about Hunter.

Oh and a little advice for most of the ppl taking shots at Hunter "Bradshaw: One thing that impressed me was that Triple H spent about an hour in the ring during the main event. Those of you who have taken pot shots at Hunter: try getting your doughnut-eating asses off your couches, put up your video games, and try doing something like that, not to mention that he was hurt the whole time."
Tedodinho wrote:
This is for those two ass carbuncles of Triple H. Dev Hasan and Erkka the mad Finn. Thank you for your comments. If i wanted to hear a couple of A-holes, I would have farted twice.

Erkka- dude, I have news for you. Triple H unleashed is a fan site. Of course its going to be fawning over him. It's not objective. Second of all, you quote Kevin Nash, who is one of Triple H's closest friends (MSG incident"""), he's not likely to say otherwise. Then you quote Bradshaw, who kisses a lot of ass backstage and knows where his bread is buttered. He also has a healthy disdain for the internet and that's almost a mantra with him. Please done waste our time. If you can find a website that doesn't constantly spew HHH propaganda, maybe you arguments can be considered...

Dev- The fact that you compare Angle inferiorly to HHH by calling Angle boring shows that you should find a new hobby. HHH master of the 20 minute monologues" I'm not asking him to make me laugh like the Rock, or send chills down my spine like Foley or Flair but please don't make me use that segment as a bathroom break. The only reason I sit through a HHH promo is in the hope that whoever he's jobbing with might come out and they might have a brawl. Let's not even go into his matches. HHH is not enough to sell any match to me. Wrestlemania was not HHH and Batista but Angle v. Micheals, Money in the Bank Match and Mysterio v. Guerrero. HHH has never been enough to sell a PPV in my opinion. Usually someone else has to be in it for me to watch.

Also you bash Kurt Angle, saying he won the olympics for himself. was that why they played the US national anthem when he won. Winning the Olympics doesn't mean someone's life changes greatly, so it was for National and also personal pride. You also forget to mention Kurt Angle main evented wrestlemania with a broken neck. Sure HHH has worked hurt before. Also, you talk about putting your body on the line. Most people who bump huge, do it to mask glaring deficiencies in the ring. the HIAC match you mention b/w Brock and the Undertaker, saw an aging Taker and a green Lesnar go at it. Taker was injured at the time and Lesnar needs someone to carry him. He can work, but he can't dictate a match. Kurt Angle doesn't need to do that. He has excellent, entertaining matches all the time. With his bad neck, I dont see why he should end up a cripple just because you have no appreciation for subtlety. I could nitpick your comments forever, but I have other things to do. This may not get printed, but at least writing it was cathartic.

I totally respect your decision to idolise HHH, but I will call things as I see them. If Kurt Angle had any deficiencies in the ring, and they aren't glaringly obvious to me, I would comment on them you can be sure of that. He is a good worker and a good talker, who most importantly knows not to spend 20 minutes cutting a promo. And he has a rounded personality, not just the same old shit that HHH has been serving us for years now.
Serafin Santiago Jr. (Original Author) wrote:
OK, so it is highly noticeable that Triple H has his supporters and detractors. That's all fine and dandy. If it wasn't for this kind of forum, we wouldn't have a clue as to how people feel. I'm not one to sit and tell everyone that what i say is gold and should be adhered to. Yet, understand this, this is an article on my point of view that isn't in any way influenced by the hoards of Triple H haters. I'm gonna set the record straight a bit if possible just to give you guys hints of where I'm coming from.

First off.....Erkka, before you start quoting Bradshaw and his incessant need to bully people into doing things, if you haven't read any of my past columns......I have wrestled in a ring. It may not have been a WWE ring but I wrestled nonetheless. So no matter if it was for an hour or fifteen minutes I ask you, have you done the same" Have you taken bumps that have caused your back to spasm uncontrollably for a half hour after the match" I know i have.

As for Dev Hassan....It is obvious to me that you are leaning more to the "mark" side of things than that of a Smark. When people start going on to web sites fully supporting a specific individual, of course you are going to see things a bit differently. That's the way things like that work. Its done in politics just as well as it is done in professional wrestling. Far be it from me to say you shouldn't like Triple H. That's not what I'm saying in this article nor am i trying to sway your opinion of him and his outside persona. AGAIN, THIS IS MY ARTICLE BASED ON MY OPINION. I have a right to voice that opinion and i use this forum to do what so many others have done now and in the past. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Jason Simmons....You missed the whole point of my article. I can see that Ric Flair is someone you like and will always like, but you missed the mark on this one something horrible. The point of this whole thing was how the on-air comparisons of Triple H are starting to, if not have been already, compare to Ric Flair and the way he became a dominating force in the 80's during his many title reigns. I didn't say that Hunter was Flair. I asked is he a Flair in the making. Its a question that should be asked given the state of affairs in this modern day era of wrestling. We are never again going to see the boom that wrestling saw just a few years ago, so we have to look at everyone involved in the scene to see who is going to be the one to pull us through the down time. Its called analytical thought and it seems that too many people are scared to use their brains in such a manner.

Look people, I have my favorite wrestlers too. I enjoy watching them and love the work that they put up. What may seem like a knock to you or some other brainless morons like Kevin Nash or Bradshaw, is purely what any reporter or journalist would do with any other nationally recognized sport. The only difference here is that I know what its like to be in a wrestling ring and have seen backstage politics up close and personal. None of what I write has anything to do with bashing a person because of who they are outside of the ring, it has to do with how hard it is to shake the perception of superiority when its apparent to a lot of people that they are very comfortable staying where they are and apparently doing nothing to help advance the future of the sport of wrestling.
Jacob Kuhn wrote:
Wow, what a touchy subject. I will address the article in just a moment. First, I have to mention something to Dev Hassan. To say Ric Flair is a 'one move wonder' shows YOUR lack of research on the topic. Yes, he doesn't utilize his arsenal like he used to, but the man is 56 years old and way past his prime. In his heyday, Ric Flair had more moves then I could care to type out here. He had tons of classic matches throughout the 80's. You can diss him as much as you want, but get your facts straight first.

Now, I think you wrote a good article here. But HHH will NEVER be Ric Flair. And it's not because of title reigns, wrestling ability, charisma or anything of that nature. The thing Flair will ALWAYS have above anyone else is the impact on inspiring others to become pro wrestlers. More wrestlers claim Flair as their inspiration than anyone else. Even when HHH started making his name as Terra Ryzing, it was largely recognized that he idolized Flair, even to the point of making the reverse figure four his finisher.

Why do wrestlers have to be the next someone" I think HHH would be happier knowing he is the first coming of HHH rather than the second coming of Flair.
Rosie-Mike wrote:
id have to agree hunter truly is great. id like to quote a part of shawn micheals book heart break and triumph "a fair portion of our of our fans get behind you on the way up, and then, when you get there, they turn on you. they did the same thing with hunter a few years later. when he was chasing the title they loved him, said he was the greatest thing in the world. once he got on top, they tried to destroy him. all of a sudden he couldn't work anymore, and the only reason he was champion and main-eventing pay-per-views was because he married stephanie mcmahon. thats bullshit" that right there is 90% of fans. they run their mouth about things they know nothing about and just make themselves look like idiots. if hunter was only getting titles cause he married stephanie then how do you explain his success in the wwe in his first couple years. he was suppose to break out a year and a half early then scheduled but due to a misunderstanding the had stone cold take his place. so for anyone that doubts hunters abilities they must be seeing a different match than everyone else.
Arturo Huaman wrote:
It seems incredible to me that people argue for these. I like wrestling, but it is a fact that the WWE, TNA, etc.. have "choreographed" matches. The point here is that doesn't matter if you are the most technical wrestler in the history what matters is that you are the most popular wrestler, if the people want you to win the writers will want you to win and you will win.That's why Hogan beated Ric Flair (see WCW Halloween Havoc 1994 and WCW Bash at the beach 1994) it wasn't because of Hogan hability it was because Hogan's popularity. In the article it saids "How many people out there think that even The Rock should be above and ahead of The Game" I can't say for certain but it would be interesting to find out what everyone thinks". Well I think Triple H have better habilities that The Rock BUT The Rock have 10 times more charisma that Levesque that why he finished their rivalry with the belt on his waist. The wrestler with more fans will be the best. Another point I disagree is the "guess which from the 4 he has". Of course Triple H have only 2 BUT when he is in his cerebral assassin persona, when he is in his DX persona no one can say he doesn't have mike skills. I think he is a 4 points wrestler in his DX persona. Another wrong point here, Kurt Angle ONLY had mike skills when he was heel (not when he start in WWE but after his general manager phase) when he sang his version of HBK theme (hilarious). But he doesn't have ANY mike skills when he is a babyface. I also think this evaluation isn't useful to see who really IS a good wrestler. Finally I wanted to say that I'm horrorified with what the WWE is doing with the nature boy. I saw Ric Flair been SQUASH by ¿Umaga". Just terrifying.
Ty wrote:
It doesn't surprise me that most of the people replying to this are half and half on the subject, what does surprise me is how informed and how 'bandwagon' many of you are with your answeres. Here I thought I was going to read an intelligent article and replies from wrestling fans but end up hearing the same tired story that every one has to say about Triple H.

So the only reason Triple H is where he is today is because he's the boss's daughter huh. Is that why ever since he lost at Mania 22 he hasn't really been any where close to the title. Is that why until his recent injury he has been sitting in the middle of the show with Shanw Michaels and letting other stars take center stage for the main event. Do you notice some thing though? It doesn't make a difference because Triple H still makes up most of RAW. Sometimes when I'm watching John Cena, I just want to drop dead and die, he is just that boring. Triple H isn't a ten time champion because he pulls on strings back stage, the majority of his title reigns came during when the brand split first started and who was pitted against him back then? Booker T, Scott Steiner, exc. Of course they weren't going to hand the title off to either of those two, but at the time, they were on the only ones who could stand in league with the game. What happened when Goldberg showed up? Immediatly Triple H dropped the title too him for a few months till they saw how Goldberg couldn't hold the ratings and they gave it back to the Game.

Not to mention the other major part of Triple H's big title runs during that time was Evolution. They were the DX/NWO/ what ever of the time. The dominant stable, so it would only be nature to keep the leader with the title for as long as possible, just like all other dominant stabes had done, that's the only way they're really considered dominant. So before you go around calling him this and that, make sure you remember who was in the era and the story lines happening at the time.

Now, as for Triple H not being able to sell a match. You obviously don't want wrestling. Are we forgetting gee I don't know, the iron man match between Triple H and the Rock. How about the Iron man match on RAW against Chris Beniot. The street fight at the rumble against Cactus Jack and the hell in a cell following it? How about the wars with Shawn Michaels, from the Rumble to the hell in a cell at Bad Blood?

The street fight at fully loaded against Chris Jerhico or the Wrestlemania 18 main event where he became undisputed champion. Yeah, that may not have been the greatest match ever, but for a man with his muscle screwed together and barely able to walk straight he put on a hell of a show.

As for Kurt Angle, I'll give him his dues. He's a great technical wrestler, but aside from that I've never been a fan of him. Now, note that because I've never really liked him my opinion of him may be a tad bit jaded but here me out. Angle has had some great matches, with great other competitors, no doubt. But as a champion? Angle has never done any thing spectacular and as stated before, Angle has never really put his body on the line for the company. Yeah he broke his neck at Mania, so he took an injury. It wasn't because of some dangerously match, just a botched move.

As for his broken neck and the Olympics, he's not the only person to continue wrestling or a career with a broken neck, Austin, Beniot, even Ken Shamrock. He broke his OWN neck in high school wrestling and the doctor told him he'd never be able to wrestle or compete again and he went on to become an MMA legend as well as a respectable mid-carder for WWE. Too me Kurt Angle is all about himself and what he gets out of it. He doesn't want to put the work in to get out of it what he thinks he should have. Why do you think he jumped ship so fast to TNA like all the others that were *so* great but WWE held them down.

Triple H, to me, has the total package. Some people may not like his '20 minute monologues' but I do, because it's intelligent. He doesn't come out there to get a crowd pop he comes out there with an intelligent speach. Why? Because it's his character morons. Not because he can't cut a funny promo or the likes. He's playing a hated man, the CEREBRAL ASSASSIN! Emphasis on cerebral. He is SUPPOSED to cut the 20 minute monologues. He's supposed to sound intelligent.

To me, that is entertaining, because he can emerse every one so deeply into his character. That's what makes his better than Angle, the rock, Austin, and puts him up there with Flair and Hogan because he can emerse the people in the story he is telling. He can make them hate him so much that they forget he's an actual person behind the scene and think he is this sadistic bastard twenty four seven, but he can change and play a great face just as easily, he's done it for DX and when he came back for Mania 18, both time playing the huge crowd favorite and they loved him.

He can make them love him one second and make him forget he's even human the next. Thats what makes him great. As for a great technical wrestler, Triple H is a great technical wrestler, but his character doesn't call for it. Again, cerebral assassin, so you can't fault him for that. Angle's entire persona, life, is based on his amature wrestling, he's always going to be a soul technical wrestler and the same with Bret Hart. But thats what makes Triple H better because he has had to evolve into more. He's a chain wrestler, can wear down oppenents with holds as well as beat them down, giving you a full circle of wrestling talent.

It has been said by more than one person that Triple H is one of the nicest guys you have ever met and that he works harder than most. He puts alot into the company from pushing over stars, like Mr. Kennedy for instance, to watching tape all of the time and training extremely hard.

Triple H has TWICE torn quads in his matches and both time finished. He keeps coming back for more because he loves, lives, and breathes this business. It's not about the championship, it's about the love for what he does.

I myself have also stepped into independent wrestling before. My back has spasmed for twenties minutes after the match because of the bump. Infact I've wrestle with a torn back muscle. I have had my knee rebuilt. I did amature wrestling in high school, took classes and competed a few times for CCF in michigan, a championship cage fighting organization.

I know what it's like to struggle with the injuries and I'm not saying Angle or any one else ever has. The difference is that Angle and many other never put themselves into the position to take a major injury. Triple H has made a career out of it in some matches. A king of the hell in a cell. He's been through two iron man matches, which believe it or not, I think are the most dangerous match out there. A grueling hour. No matter how great your shape is, how strong you are, that wears down your muscles and your cardio in a hurry and to do it for a full hour, I can't imagine the pain.

Triple H isn't going to be the next Ric Flair, he is going to be better. 16 titles or not, it doesn't really matter because it's about what you do for the business. You can't go by love from the crowd because Triple H has done what really no one else has been able to. Make himself into legendary status by being hated. Hogan and Flair have both played big heels but not before being crowd favorites or being crowd favorites for a majority of time.

Triple H will go down as the greatest heel of all time. The mega heel, that is why he'll eclipse Flair. Because while people will argue between Flair and Hogan for years and years, Triple H will stand alone as the most hated man in wrestling.

Just because he could tell the story.

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