WWE vs TNA...David vs Goliath
August 1, 2005 by Shane Anderson

I have been a wrestling fan for 17 years. The first match that I ever saw was Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 3. In my opinion those days were the best days. Watching guys like the Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Bret Hart and Andre were when professional wrestling was at its finest. Since then, wrestling has been going downhill. At the beginning of WCW they were good but mistakes by the boss made them go under (Bischoff paying superstars more or less than they were worth). ECW was good wrestling but they simply didn't have enough coverage by the media. WWF/WWE has always been a wrestling giant from the days of the road warriors until dare I say it the days of the Super Heros. WWE in my opinion has been getting more and more like WCW every time I watch it(as far as storylines go).

I almost quit watching wrestling and then one night I was at a friend's house and they turned on TNA I think it was impact but I'm not all that sure. Anyway I will never forget that night the main event was a triple threat ultimate X match that put AJ Styles against Frankie Kazarian and also against Michael Shane. That match was one of the best matches that I had seen in a long time. Three guys put their careers on the line in a fairly brutal match. Since that day my interest in wrestling has been growing again and it's a bit surprising to me that it came from an indy promotion like TNA. Since I saw that match I have been learning more and more about TNA I visit to their website regularly, I have even downloaded some of their matches. Since that day I have been thinking it would be so cool if they started another rivalry between promotions.

Some people say that if TNA is to measure up it needs help from ROH or other indy promotions. I personally don't believe that to be true, WWE has superstars that can't even measure up to the guys that TNA has, especially since the firings that have been occurring lately. If there was another "War" between promotions I guarantee that TNA would put guys like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Abyss, and AMW (Americas most wanted) on the frontline in that "war." In my opinion they are their best guys. Who could measure up to AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels" The only guys that WWE has that would even be close are guys like Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin. Not to take away from Chris Jericho or Shelton Benjamin's athleticism but AJ and The Fallen Angel are simply better. Abyss would be a perfect match to go up against a guy like Kane, Heidenreich, or Gene Snitsky that would provide an entertaining power vs. power match.

As far as tag teams go, AMW's only competition prior to the Great American Bash would have been a couple of guys who think that they're super heroes to two little "gay" men that like to prance around in the ring before and even during the match. They are in my opinion on mockery of what the tag team division once was. I know that people will disagree with me on my opinion and that's fine, they can think that way if they want to. Just think about it honestly what is more entertaining" Watching a fat black man wrestle in his PJ's or watch two or more guys wrestle in a six sided steel cage" I will however give WWE their credit rather than bashing them for this whole article there would be no professional wrestling if it weren't for Vince McMahon and his ideas. There would be no Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett, or 3 live Krew if it weren't for Vinnie Mac. Yes the WWE would have the numbers on their side if their was a "war" between them and TNA but the only things that makes that difference are the facts that the WWE has been around longer and that they have more money.

If TNA had been around 10 years ago and if they were broadcast on cable TV rather than only on Satellite TNA would have a lot more money and media coverage. If a "war" was to take place it would be sure to excite us fans and it would give us matches that we would never forget.

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by Shane Anderson ..

Jake Raynor wrote:
wow! I am a big fan of TNA and have discovered that TNA is actually a lot better than WWE these days and see a war in the making. If there is a war I hope TNA wins and buys most of WWE's "superstars" but leaves out no talenters like Chris Masters and ... Hulk Hogan! Seriously just imagine Paul London v AJ Styles or Abyss v Undertaker.
Steven Brooks wrote:
Okay, now I know that TNA is coming to Spike TV and were are on the brink of a wrestling war. But to say that TNA has better technical wrestlers is an insult. Sure AJ and The Fallen Angel are both technical and high-flying but you seem to be a RAW fan. Along with Benjamin and Jericho WWE has Benoit, Guerrero, Michaels, Angle, and Christian. As far as tag teams go, well, TNA pretty much wins with The Naturals, Team Canada, AMW, and 3LK. But the WWE has the Super Heroes, who's gimmick IS NOT OLD, the Heart Throbs, but they have been reduced to jobbers (snore), the bWo, Mexicools, and perhaps a NEW LOD. As for big Vis and Masters, well, they aren't the best use of money. Look at it this way, Hardy, Jarret, BG James, and the others are people the WWE doesn't care for anymore so TNA has the table scraps. Oh, and if you think TNA is the best right now then why are their PPV's filled with matches people didn't know were going to happen" At Lockdown 2005 there was Candido and Hoyt vs Siaki and Apolo. That match was unannounced and cost Candido his carrer and life. RIP. So for Jake Raynor to wish TNA to automatically just win the war, it isn't going to happen. In the end we'll just have to see for ourselves. Look at it this way, if we have a war then the WWE will kick it into high gear and we might see the return of something like the Attitude Era.
Pedro Torres wrote:
Shane, I couldn't agree with you more. There is something about TNA that makes you want to keep watching it as opposed to WWE: its wrestling. TNA has given me the satisfaction of enjoying a wrestling show from start to finish. Unfortunately, WWE has become a distant memory of the competitive company it once proved to be. True, names like Bret Hart, Undertaker, Andre, and Hogan are still echoing the walls of their headquarters--why the heck do you think they're begging guys like Bret Hart, Dusty Rhodes, Tatanka, Kamala and others to come back" (Although Vince McMahon has proven once again how much of a jerk he is by using some of these legends in crappy one-shot appearances, rather than to secure their presence to try to reinforce his ready-to-sink ship).

But on to the really important aspect of this article: TNA. True, the company has not much lead when it comes to exposure and marketing that WWE has. But that aside, it has WRESTLING, something the WWE lacks. I guess comparing TNA to WWE would be ridiculous to some people because they are used to the glamour and pyros that surround the McMahon Empire. But behind closed doors there's a lockeroom full of washed-up wrestlers who want to show the new generation athletes that they are not worthy of sharing the same space. Moreover, there are those wrestlers who truly have passion and love for this business and wish to wrestle and put on a good show. And just when they are ready to cross those curtains and face their fans, they are slapped with a piece of paper that prohibits the use of some of their wrestling moves or tells them to behave like complete circus attractions via their wrestling or mic skills.

TNA has given me week after week the satisfaction of watching a product that cuts off all of the excess, to give way to real in-ring ability and dedication to the magic that is pro wrestling. I am grateful that Spike TV is going to marquee TNA, for this will be the beginning of a new era in pro wrestling. One that will allow some of the true wrestling fans the opportunity to watch a product filled with drive and character, all rolled in one. Your article, Shane, is a proclamation to those of us who want to enjoy wrestling for a change, instead of being confined to the senseless crap that is WWE.
Kade A. wrote:

I would have to concur with the column's spirit. Though I will also say that it's a bit utopian with regards to TNA's future, which cannot be insured at this point at all. Unfortunately, WWE despite suffering a bit, has a monopoly control of the 'big league' so to speak, and breaking in is not going to be easy until WWE were to break down it self. However, this is where my agreement with the critics ends.

I would be in agreement with Steven Brooks, however, the clear-cut subjectivity and thus, bias in his response puts me off greatly. First of all, one cannot segregate technicality from athleticism, because on a very deep level, the two actually unite: they stem from a similar principle and aspect of wrestling. WWE has it all going for them right now; they're in 'CONTROL'. However, it is an indisputable fact that TNA stars are exuding more technical and athletic spark in-ring. This can be verified, simply by showing a complete 'lay person' to wrestling, tapes of the last one-month worth of events for each. Believe you me, ever single layperson seems to find a 'RAW' charm and technical high ground with TNA.

Of course, TNA also suffers the other side of the 'raw' coin, as some of the improvisation stands out in obvious light: not always a good thing. However, it is his very natural approach, that's still preserving the raw and unrefined charm of TNA. It was the progressive refinement that pretty much arrested the WWE's creative growth when it had reached its apex. For those that think the attitude era will return, one could only admire their wishful thinking, and perhaps the na´ve passion.

The attitude era was murdered by the WWE creative team; no offence, but it was murdered in virtual cold-blood. The only form, in which this era could return, would be an ugly deformed Zombie. Once again, this still doesn't appear to be the direction based on the current state of affairs in the creative department who're disgustingly obsessed with refining every process and talent to a point of bland sterility. This was unfortunately, the growing principle at the crux of the WWE titan, and cannot be altered or changed.

Will TNA prevail" Perhaps, though no guarantees can be made as of yet. Is it better than WWE and pretty much honouring the initial raw ability that allowed many smaller promotions to make powerful talents out of prospective wrestlers" Without a shadow of a doubt, one would give it an empirical yes. So does this mean that in many ways, their talent, and their ability to allow talent to thrive in its natural form allows them to show more technical mayhem and intensity on their final product: the show on TV" Most certainly. It still lacks the finer management and control factors, which limit the ability for plot holes to appear. However, weighing out that lack of refinement against the excellent, intense, and sometimes even nostalgic raw dosage of wrestling - one would clearly favour the latter! One would go for the essence, depth and sincerity of the in-ring intensity! That is TNA's edge, and their product makes it a strong currently ongoing fact.


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