A Slow Resurrection
August 25, 2005 by Shane Anderson

After I wrote my last column which was entitled "TNA VS WWE David vs. Goliath" I got a lot of encouragement to write a second column. This column however is about the slow resurrection of what used to be the tag team division.

As I may have mentioned in my last column the WWE Tag team division is all but a memory. I find it to be refreshing to see WWE doing some good in the tag division. Just before the Great American Bash last month WWE decided to bring back Road Warrior Animal who is part of easily one of the most dominant tag teams in WWE history The Road Warriors/Legion Of Doom. When we lost Michael Hegstrand (Hawk) R.I.P. I thought that the tag team division was doomed. Aside from MNM the best tag teams that were in WWE at the time were a pair of guys who "think" that they are superheroes, a pair of "gay" guys, and Booker T with his random partner.

That was until July 14th; John Heidenreich was making his entrance to the ring when MNM attacked him. After the attack they began to taunt him and ask him where his friends are now and then insulted him by saying that he has none. When Melina Perez told Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury to finish off Heidenreich 3 words blasted through the arena "WHAT A RUSH!!!!!!" It was an appearance by none other than Road Warrior Animal to promote his DVD. Or at least that's what we thought. Animal quickly cleared the ring of the cocky tag team champions, he went on to call Nitro and Mercury "a couple of baby punks." Joey Mercury didn't like the fact that Animal interfered in their business so he challenged The Road Warriors to a tag team match at The Great American Bash. Johnny Nitro then pointed out the fact that they wouldn't be able to wrestle The Road Warriors at The Great American Bash because Road Warrior Hawk was dead. That comment clearly offended Animal as you could tell by the look on his face. John Heidenreich then walked up to Animal saying that he WASN'T a Road Warrior and he CAN'T replace Hawk but he would like to be Animals partner at the PPV. So the match was made Road Warrior Animal and John Heidenreich vs. MNM for the Tag team titles. I was unable to see The Great American Bash due to money issues but the result was still the same. New tag team champions were crowned in Heidenreich and Animal. Since then Heidenreich has become a full fledged member of The Road Warriors dawning a new Mohawk and the trademark Road Warrior spiked shoulder pads.

Over the years the Road Warriors have undergone a few changes when it comes to the members of their team. During the WWE Attitude era Droz joined the Road Warriors which was a good business move in my opinion. Now with the recent addition of John Heidenreich to the Road Warriors I see a resurrection of what the tag team division used to be coming over the horizon. For the last few weeks I have actually been waiting to see Smackdown for the "new" Road Warriors I only hope that WWE can bring the tag team division back to how it was and return to it the prestige that it once had. I shouldn't complain too much about the tag team division because Smackdown is actually doing alright as far as that division goes. Raw just doesn't have the superstars that they need to create a dominant tag team division like they used to have. You can only hope that the tag team division on both shows can continue to grow and continue in its slow resurrection to become as entertaining as it once was.

Thank you for reading my column and I hope to write another one soon. If you have any comments feel free to either e-mail them to OWW or to me at

by Shane Anderson ..

-Flagg wrote:
While I agree that it's nice to see Vince do something about the tag-team mess, the Animal/Heidenreich team is an abomination.

The Road Warriors are the godliest tag team ever. They've held more major titles, on every continent, than any time has ot will. From the moment you heard the first drum-beat of "Iron Man", you knew you were going to be entertained. Even their first run in the WWF was top-notch, at least til they brought out "Rocco".

Yeah, they started going downhill shortly after that when Animal hurt his back and was out of action for ages.But 80% of the Road Warriors is better than 110% of most tag teams. And from 1983-92, they were tag-team wrestling.

It really upset me to see this LOD thing. First off, Hawk was the better of the two, in every aspect. Second, watch Animal now. He's fat, isn't especially impressive in the ring (and they never did have a fancy catalog of moves), and just looks old. Heidenreich may fill the bill physically, but he doesn't deserve the name LOD. The only reason Animal is even there is because his brother is Vince's biggest ass-kisser.

I don't know, maybe I take it too personally. I've never had a "favorite wrestler", it was always the Road Warriors/LOD.Seeing their good name used and abused like this saddens me. I can't say I blame Animal, the guy has to eat. But I'm not happy about it.
Jesse Lee wrote:
"Ladies and gentleman, weighing in at 215lbs, standing at 5'8" and always having opinion about the wrestling woooooooorld! The one, the only, Jesse Lee!"

Ha! Take that Mr. Kennedy! Ok, with all the jokes aside, I feel that I just absolutely HAVE to comment about this. I started watching wrestling around the 1997 time period, right before the Montreal Screwjob, right after the Summer of Love, right on the day of the Stunner Heard 'Round the World. My only experience of LOD were from '97 to... well... I can't remember when they were officially off the card, but I do remember that my marky-self stood up in shock when LOD 2000 made its debut with Sunny. Reason" My favorite tag team. Even to this day, I can think of only three favorite tag teams. Owen/Yokozuna, Undertaker/Kane(first time in the '98-'99 area,) and LOD. Although I need tapes to watch LOD, I never hesitated to rent or borrow some, just for their matches. Being my size and stature, I'll most likely be stuck in the tag wrestling part of the wrestling business when I break into the scene, so what better way than to learn how to have great chemistry than watch the Road Warriors"

I really don't blame Animal for agreeing to this angle, I mean, think about it. Your dvd's coming out, half of the new generation of fans don't know what the big deal is, you need to make some more money to put food on the table and pay the bills, you're going to agree with an angle. I don't mind Heidenreich trying to become Hawkenreich, because, it kind of does fit him. Better than the poetic-pyscho gimmick and tons better than the friend gimmick (though the march was fun to do!) He looks good in the paint and the pads on, like you said, he has the size. I don't think he really deserves it much, but his career is already down the pooper, why not become the fifth member of LOD" (I say that because other than Hawk and Animal, I remember Droz and some guy from Japan being part of the team.)


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