Triple H vs. Batista!
February 10, 2005 by Simon Key

Hi I'm a WWF wrestling fan in the U.K and have been now for around fifteen years. I've been reading the columns at OWW for the past year and only now have I decided to right a column, largely because of the imminent feud between Triple H and Batista. Firstly, I'm a Triple H fan, there I said it and I'm sick and tired of reading internet columns (mostly from stupid prepubescent teenagers) bitching about Triple H, whining because he's the champ again. Triple H is a dam fine wrestler accept it - I always laugh when I hear suggestions that (almost completely talentless) wrestlers like Booker T, RVD (an overrated gymnast), and to a degree Chris Benoit, should be getting bigger pushes. I agree that Benoit is a great wrestler but in no way is he the total package. By the definition of what the WWE is (an entertainment programme) a World Champion should be great on the microphone as well as in the ring, and as far as I'm concerned only four guys have ever fulfilled this completely - HHH, HBK, Stone Cold and Ric Flair (I'm sure everyone will be upset that the Hitman's not in this group, but he was no microphone master as far as I'm concerned).

The internet community needs to realise Hunter is the best thing currently going on in the WWE today -Randy Orton's short lived title reign proved this.

I'm also disappointed that John Cena looks likely to headline Wrestlemania 21, for Smackdown. Cena is the opposite of Benoit very good on the microphone, but (almost completely) hopeless in the ring.

I'm very concerned about the looming Mania 'main event' for the Raw brand and I will now divulge why" Firstly I hate the similarities between Batista and Goldberg (the worlds most boring "wrestler"), okay it's a given none of my four top wrestlers are big guys but its not just that, it's everything about him. However at the elimination chamber he really stepped up, I enjoyed that match, and especially his role in it. I've also loved the tension brewing between him and Hunter. I wonder though, if it had been anyone other than Hunter, would the same effect have been achieved - I think not. So let me get this straight, I do think Batista is improving, and for a big guy I do kind of find him appealing, and I do think that one day he should be the World Champion, just not at Wrestlemania 21.

My fears for Batista and Triple H at Mania is quite simply I don't think he's ready to carry a 'main event' match yet, I mean Batista isn't exactly an endurance style guy, when do his matches (not including the Rumble or the Elimination chamber) last for more than ten minutes" The answer - they don't! This concerns me, who really wants a ten minute Wrestlemania 'main event' and I know you can argue if the 'Game' is so good he'll be able to carry Batista and make him look good, but Hunter won't always be there to feud with him, and to make him look good. In fact I think that it would be WWE's biggest mistake since handing the gold to Orton, to allow Batista to win.

Why not give Batista another year or so before giving him the biggest push you can get (being the champ). Instead send Batista into the main event picture without the title after Mania.

Let him prove himself in the ring for just a little longer, else he could just turn into another Orton (who I think over the next two years, will really step-up). Also Batista is set to become a face in the upcoming feud WARNING! Big mistake, Batista needs to be built as a Super-Heel just like Hunter, not as a Face he's going to suck as a face. Let's have him feud with other wrestlers first, like Jericho, Regal, Christian, and eventually Gene Snitsky and Kane. This would help establish his character as the most dominant heel/force on TV and not just WWE TV. Also lets give him the Intercontinental Championship, take it away from Benjamin whose done nothing with it since he beat Chris Jericho (a solid performer all round). His feuds need to be long running feuds, not those pithy one month feuds, please just give us character development. Truly make us believe Batista is the toughest son of a bitch in the WWE today; don't just tell us he is. All the above wrestlers are better on the microphone than Batista currently appears to be, maybe it would help to develop his overall performance in the ring by working with these other talented wrestlers, before hunting for the ultimate prize"

To finish I'm going to state that Hunter is great on the microphone, he delivers a shocking spinebuster and in all honesty next to Flair, for my money he is the greatest heel in history! Let's just hope the gold stays where it is. I realise I'm in the minority concerning my thoughts on Hunter but please, this was my first column, so no abusive emails just Bitchin' about the 'Game' I like him and that's my choice, that's democracy. Any other thoughts, opinions and views are welcome. Thanks for reading.

by Simon Key..

Simon Keys wrote:
PS. I almost forgot, my pitch to Vinnie Mac would be to have a match at Summerslam 2005, how about bringing Foley back to feud one on one with Batista, it worked wonders for Orton" - remember Foley's stuff with Vader in WCW" Now that... would be a 'main' event!
Maurice Yates wrote:
I agree Simon, great article. What WWE seems to be encountering at the moment is a problematic period of transition. Just take a quick look at the reason turn of events, and you can realise they've really had to think on their feet.

The Rock hung up the boots for movies, Austin left due to injury and general lack of material to work with. Those 2 men brought WWE to #1. Rock easily had another 10 years in him, and was often described as the future.

Then when word spread around in 2002 that Rock was leaving, the meteoric push of Brock Lesnar started, and Goldberg was signed in early 2003. They both left, leaving a severe lack of headline material that was actually recognised AS headline material.

Along with this several other costly signings went horribly wrong for the WWE, such as Scott Steiner as World Champion and Kevin Nash's $700 000 contract for a total of about 6 matches over 2 years.

With all this going on, who did WWE actually have as flagship" Well, Benoit stepped up, but as Simon said, how long can a reign last with a champ who's God's gift to wrestling but a microphone' worst nightmare. Eddy Guerrero stepped up also, and I think that move, although fairly sudden and unforseen, worked for Vinnie Mac. Angle, with injuries nagging his career, could be relied upon for Smackdown, but what of RAW" Who could they have" Y2J is a worthy candidate, but his "Undisputed Champion" run set the tone for near 2 years, and could definitely get tiresome, especially with him as top heel.

HBK couldn't possibly keep up as a champ run with his back, leaving 1 man for RAW - Triple H, a blessing to the RAW Roster. He was a stalwart holder of the strap until WWE develops characters they desperately and I mean DESPERATELY need to nudge up into the top bracket. Randy Orton has potential without any doubt, however his skills are still green at this stage. His reign was a mere "spray 'n' wipe" to get Brock Lesnar out of the record books as the youngest ever champion. Triple H is only champ now because, basically, no one else can or deserves to be.
Mikko Vaniala (Kotka, Finland) wrote:
Great column. And about a subject that I (and propably many more) have been thinking after the Rumble. In my opinion, Batista has been the most interesting wrestler in the WWE lately. Largely because of the character, and the great vibrations inside Evolution. Not only have HHH and Flair been awesome, but I think that Batista has also been good at his role. Especially the subtle smiles.... gold. On the other hand his matches, as Simon mentioned, have been really short and not that impressive. Okey, his Batista Bombs and Spinebusters are dynamite, but selling the other guy... more than a fringe from perfection.

The situation with Orton was in some parts similar 6 or 7 monts ago. The difference is that he had his breakthru-matches. Not only Backlash (No Holds Barred with Foley) but also Vengeance when he lost the IC-title toEdge. In that match Randy was phenomenal. Biting Edge's fingers, winking to the crowd, talking smack... in my opinion the peak of his career. The Heel-Orton was so popular that WWE rushed him to the WHC-belt (some say so that Brock Lesnar wouldn't be the youngest champ ever, I don't think that was the case) and being a lame babyface. A mistake that was corrected at Unforgiven.

I do think that Randy has amazing potential. The wrestling skills are almost there, just more experience and he's ready to carry a Main Event. Same thing goes for working with the mic. Biggest thing is character development. He needs a working gimmick to become a face that the public really wants to see. In here, again as Simon mentioned, lies the biggest pitfall with Batista. I beg of you (Vince), don't make him into a face. I would wanna see him as a tweener-monster.

I honestly don't think Batista is ready for the biggest belt. I don't think he's even ready for Main Event at Wrestlemania. Maybe it would make sense to make the match a Triple Threat. But two years in a row... maybe not. Anyhow in the match will be Triple H, the best the company has to offer today. Happy, Simon"!

He is the Game. In my all-time favorite list he's only second to Shawn Michaels. HBK's natural charisma and in-ring greatness put him ahead of HHH. But I do think that Triple H is more versatile on the mic. And today all together, the best there is.

As for Batista, I agree that after Mania he should have long feuds with the real superstar-makers of the company.. Jericho, Christian, Hurricane, La Resistance... the more or less unsung heroes of the business. But Batista is older that HHH, so maybe his time is in WM XXII" We'll just have to wait and watch rassling. Oh what a bummer!
Cory Hummel wrote:
One thing that caught my eye about your column was how you can call RVD an overrated gymnast. Honestly, take a look at the guy, he has had some of the greatest matches not just because of his gymnastic skills, but because he could bring the fight. Check out the latest RVD Double DVD set that WWE came out with on him. I've been a RVD fan since he first came to WWF back when Jerry Lawler called him "Mr. Monday Night." If you liked Owen Hart, then you have to look at RVD in or around the same category. RVD was not only good at those high flying skills but he was also innovative. That's something that not even Booker T. was besides stealing the Rock Bottom and doing the same Spinneroonie every night until people finally started calling it that. RVD is a people-pleasing pro-wrestler. He put on long matches in ECW to please everyone that came to see him. In the WWE he tried to do the same thing but he had to tone it down. If you want to put over Chris Benoit for making Booker T. then you have to put over RVD for making Jerry Lynn. RVD could bring the fight and put on matches that were five star because he knew that's what he was willing to do to get over with everyone. I honestly don't understand how you can call him overrated when you can obviously see the matches from his past and not judge him based on what's going down with him now. If you want an overrated gymnast check out some of the X Division wrestlers and the constant BS that TNA force-feeds about them. A.J. Styles is a prime example. I dare you to prove me wrong about the matches that RVD put on about not being worth it to see.
Rhey wrote:
Great article. Triple H is a truly talented wrestler and one of the best heels of all time. Period. But I did notice that when talking about wrestlers who have won the Big One who have good mic work and ring skills you left out Jericho. Y2J has the best mic work in the business today bar NONE, and his in-ring skills are amazing. Also, you seem to have a bias (like most people) against big wrstlers. Aside from that, great article! (especially those comments about John "The Bastard" Cena!" -
LazyJoeD wrote:
i also agree with what has been said to a point thou! firstly i think at wrestlemania they will find some way to fit randy orton in the main event because it is true batista has yet to be proven as a long match wrestler, if that is the case i once again much like at new years revolution wonder what is more important to vince mcmahon his son in law or money in the bank in randy orton.

secondly! as stated originally the intercontinental title would be perfect for batista cause he would be a true test for shelton benjamin cause let's face facts he's only faced two big challengers jericho and christian

thirdly i disagree with what is being said about john cena because he is a great young athlete who has his future ahead of him so i say why not make him wwe champion instead of the same old people. and when it comes to the possibility of john cena versus jbl for the title at wrestlemania i use the analogy the youth of american versus the rich or buricratic people of the world.
Lance Crucifix wrote:
Hi, my name is Chad Shindel, I've been watching wrestling for alittle over 8 years, honestly I see where you're coming from, Batista is still in his rookie year, he is not ready to main event wrestlemania, though I think it would be great for Triple H to lose the title, and I believe, Batista isn't ready for the title. The fact is, Booker T is a talented wrestler, lets take a look back to Wrestlemania19, Booker T and Triple H had a beautiful ring chemistry, both held their own in the match, but something in particular was that, Triple H, didn't even bother to try and not hurt Booker, when Booker went out of his way, and botched the Harlen Hangover, just to insure Triple H's saftey. Again, the thing I dislike aboput Triple H is he actualy thinks he's the best, when in all reality, he's far from it, most people will disagree but, I believe Raven was misused in WWE, looking back, a match between Terra Ryzing(Triple H) and Scotty Flamingo(Raven), was one of the most beautiful matches in history, if WWE was smart, they would have used Raven and pushed him more, because if so, he could have won the title and that would have appealed to the indy fans of the world. Now back to something you said, Goldberg and Batista are quite simmilar, at the end of Goldbergs career in WWE, he was begining to learn the bussiness, ethic, that is involved with this sport we all have gron to love, Batista reminds me much of Goldberg, in that area, he's learning the bussiness ethic more and more, since his days in OVW, as Leviathan. Now imagine this, remeber WCW nitro, from Germany, Raven vs Goldberg for the United States Championship" It was scheduled for Raven to leave the arena, via the crowd, but the fan threw Raven back over the barracade, and wouldn't allow him to leave each time he tried, he sacrificed his title, a day after winning it to Goldberg, and happend to make Goldberg look like a good wrestler, imagine if it were Raven & Batista at Wrestlemania, Raven would put Batista over, as Batista won the title from him, then Batista could go onto feud with Edge, before you say that I have spoken blasphemy, hear me out, Edge and Batista, have put on some beautiul matches, few I can think of were better, after that Feud, Batista could move onto Kane, these two workers, put on great matches in OVW and WWE, Batista could then Feud with the up and comer Shelton Benjamin, as a push angle, much like the Triple H, Booker T feud. Shelton and Batista could put on a decent match, after that feud, Batista and Triple H, where Triple H kills the monster he very well created, it would all work out, so all and all, yes Triple H would make a better Champion, but give Batista alittle bit more experience before actualy allowing him to hold the title.
mikey316 wrote:
Well lets just say this, I have been a wrestling fan here in Australia for 31 years, almost as long as I've been able to walk, and Simon Key in the UK thinks that Triple H is the best thing since sliced bread, well I have bad news on the Triple H being best part. All the tricks that Triple H uses to keep the WWE title are from the Ric Flair text book and if Triple H didn't have help from Evolution or Ric Flair, he would have been ousted long ago. Everybody that Simon writes about and claims that they are overrated, ain't true at all, I don't see Simon Key from the UK being on top billing in the WWE but when you are married to the bosses daughter, yo can do almost what you want.

There is no-one at present time in WWE scripting who can challenge Triple H, yeah sure Eric Bischoff is Raw GM but he is almost likr the 1980's Jack Tunney with a little bit more back bone. Triple H is a jobber with the right breaks and ain't the best that the WWE has to offer. The thing that gets me is the way that wrestling pushes champions, yes Ric Flair is a 16 time Champ, but lets remember something, he has lost it 16 times as well.

Batista is a monster who has the right attitude to be a champ whether it be heel or face, Randy Orton is another who could lead the WWE in the future. RVD and overated gymnast" I think not and Chris Benoit, if there is a excellence of execution, Chris Benoit should have that beside his name. Like I said before, when you are the federation favourite, you can get away with murder.

The biggest mistake that the WWE did is push Triple H to the world title, he wasn't ready and didn't deserve the shot. Triple H should change his name to Ric Flair Jr because what we see of him now is what we saw of Ric Flair in the 1980's and 1990's. Without Evolution, Triple H is nothing just like Ric Flair was nothing without help from the 4 Horsemen.
Lmonteleo3 wrote:
I'D like to start off by saying HHH is entertaining, but he's kinda a pansy. He was my favorite for a long time, that is until BATISTA. I dont know about anyone else but I want a champ who isn't afraid to wrestle 1on1. I like the fact that batista is willing to deal with his issuses by himself. And as far as him being a heel or a babyface- I say leave him in the middle. Kind of like Benoit in a way.
Brian Walker wrote:
Corey Hummel, I agree that RVD is not an overrated gymnast. He is one of if not the most innovative wrestler of the ECW era. He changed what wrestling was in 1998 through 2000. He has had to tone it down since his arrival in WWE and for that reason I'm no longer a huge RVD fan. However the wrestlers of the X-Division surely are not overrated gymnasts. I challenge you to find any wrestler in WWE more innovative and at the same time more technically sound than AJ Styles, Petey Williams, Elix "Primetim" Skipper, Chris Sabin, or Christopher Daniels.

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