Fixing WWE's Title Circuit
May 26, 2004 by Spot

Ok, let's face it, the WWE's current title system sucks. The only good things coming out of it rights now are two names, Randy Orton and John Cena. The rest, c'mon now. The WWE's Tag Team Division is crap. The WWE has no idea what they're doing with the cruiserweight division, and they might as well call the World Heavyweight Title the "Triple H" Title. But in this column, I'm going to break down some feuds and angles that will bring forth new and dominant champions. Hopefully, if these angles were to be fulfilled, then the WWE could turn things around for the better.

Let's start with RAW..

For RAW, were pretty good with titles. But If I see the World Title around Triple H's waist another time in 2004 I'm boycotting WWE. I'm so sick of seeing him with the title. This brings me to Chris Benoit. The current World Champion. I've been waiting to see Benoit with the belt for awhile now. But he can't hold the belt forever (Cough Triple H Cough), so I think the man to dethrone the Canadian Crippler is non other then fellow Canadian, Edge. Let's face it, Edge has done it all. Multiple time Tag Champion (Lost Count), multiple time Intercontinental Champion, and let's face it, he aint no Victoria and he ain't no Chavo Gurrero (Being that he was moved back to Smackdown, mind you). That eliminates Woman's and Cruiserweight, so what's left for Edge on RAW. Benoit. I think this years Summer Slam Main event, should be Chris Benoit versus Edge, having Edge come out victorious with the World Heavyweight Title (Being that that's the length Benoit deserves to hold the title, until Summer Slam). Ill say edge holds it to Survivor Series or hell the Rumble, and lose it Randy Orton. This entire thing can also be flip flopped, with Randy winning first and Edge beating Randy.

Speaking of the young third generation star, this brings me to the Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton. Best freaking move WWE ever did. Can't argue hear. But all I have to say is that he has to lose sometime. And this time, to a young man by the name of Shelton Benjamin (Like nobody saw that coming). This could probably be a back and forth title change feud till Summer Slam as well, or maybe just till Vengeance. But I'll say Shelton wins in the end, and begins a fantastic feud with Chris Jericho.

Bum Bum Bum, down to the RAW Tag Titles (BOOOOOO). Not to knock Edge or Benoit, but these guys have proven ENOUGH in the tag team division already. I personally think they should knock Christian down to Heat, and get him off of Trish! Then, have Tyson Tomko join evolution, and team him up with Batistia. Those two are an excellent team. I'd say later on in 2004 they get beat by Hurricane and Rosey, after a HUGE push for the both of them. It wouldn't hurt. (Even though I really don't like Rosey)

The Woman's division, not really a problem. I only recommend Victoria loses it to Nidia sometime this year. Otherwise, I've been really pleased with the Woman's Division.

*Sigh* Onto Smackdown!.. WWE Title, not bad around Gurrero's waist, but WHAT THE HELL WHERE THEY THINKING PUTTING BRADSHAW AGAINST EDDIE!"

That's like putting a midget up against Hulk Hogan. Bradshaw is no where near the caliber of Eddie. This was the worst title feud I've seen in a LONG time. Sadly, we've got to deal with it for a few more months, because I hear it¡¦s going to The Great American Bash. Kinda makes sense, "American" being the key word, since Layfield's character's racist, and Eddies Mexican. Having Eddie come off winning will be a whole Independenence thing. But I still hate the idea of putting such a crappy worker like Bradshaw with Eddie. Once this horrendous angle is over, I say Eddie drops it to non other then R-V-D! This would be an awesome feud with awesome matches. Late on I say RVD loses it to John Cena, another great feud that would be really awesome to watch.

Of course, were on to the U.S title. Same thing with the U.S as the Intercontinental Title. Very good idea giving it to Cena. I just pray to god they don't drop it to Dupree, he just isn't experienced enough yet. He should lose it to Jindrak. They'd put on some awesome matches. Using new age moves and reversals, Id kill to see a match like that. I'd say after that he drops it to...oh.. Mordecai. Mordecai would have had plenty of time to develop into the big leagues, there for giving him the need for gold. Because lets face it, he can't be in squash mashes and Crucifix Power Bomb his way threw the Smackdown! locker room.

Sadly, I have to say WWE and Cruiserweight in one sentence. I completely hate the WWE cruiserweight division. I'd rather watch golf (Not Kidding, and I hate golf. Hell, Ill watch Tennis). C'mon, at a house show, Chavo Classic beat Billy Kidman and Spike Dudley! The guys like 240lbs or something, and like 50 years old, there's no way he should even be wrestling let alone in the cruiserweight division. Next to that, He's the Champion out of the division! I say he loses it back to Chavo JR somehow, and then Chavo loses it to London. Paul London is the most over looked talent out of the ENTIRE WWE roster. I'll say London loses it to Shannon Moore (Next to London, the other most over looked star in WWE). If I were them I would have left a long time ago with Spanky. Then, bring in Matt Cappotelli, and totally own the division and beat Shannon. That¡¦ll last till about early mid 2005, late 2005. Ill leave the rest to the genius's at WWE Creative (I hope you know when I say genius I am being sarcastic)

Now that I've brung up the Spankster, I say him, Kidman, and London make a stable called the Rascals. I say Kidman and Spanky win the tag titles from Rico and Haas (Which is a complete joke; I seriously hate Rico teaming with Haas. I like Charlie and all, but he doesn't need to be teamed with Rico to be shown on TV), while London's got the Cruiserweight. I say they lose it to Booker and Orlando, or "Black Ice", re-incarnation of Harlem Heat, just no heat (The Ice Part), and no Stevie Ray (Duh Duh Duh Duh! Orlando Jordan to the rescue!). Then, have Black Ice lose it back to the Rascals (Spanky and Kidman). I don't know where to take it from there, considering Smackdown's Tag team division sucks besides the Dudley's and the Basham's.

So that's all for now. I really think if WWE gave this a shot it would work. But will wait and see. Maybe some of this will happen, maybe it won't. But either way, anything other then giving a title to Mae Young, Moolah or Bradshaw will at least partially save WWE right now. This is Spotacuss, OUT!

"I'm Off, said the mad man..."

by Spot..

Jason Pritchett wrote:
Firstly I totally think that The Tag Teams on Raw suck, if i were Mr. McMahon i would put the Bashems on Raw that way they could go for the gold because on Smackdown there not getting anything... I also think that John "Bradshaw" Layfeild "JBL" shouldn't be getting a WWE title shot, and now he gets another shot at The Great American Bash (and I think that JBL's probably going to win). Have Eddie face RVD like you said, maybe even Eddie Vs Cena cuz they've had some good matchs. Now the U.S. title. I like the whole U.S.A. Vs France thing with Rene Dupree, and personally i wanted Rene to beat Cena on Smackdown! becuase i just like Rene (Not that i don't like cena) Or maybe have JBL Vs Cena for the title, that way JBL could rep. all of you americans (it would make me glad that i'm not american lol-no offence). Or maybe have cena face agains't Jindrak alwell. I love JIndrak and i think he's a great wrestler and the whole "Reflection of Perfection" thing is awesome. The Cruiserwight title is in danger! Have Chavo Classic lose to Shannon Moore (becuase of Chavo jr.) than have Moore lose to London than have a fued between London and Kidman, and maybe throw Rico in there. And i'll let the SD Tag titles speak for themselfs.

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