What's The Deal with Vince McMahon"
July 19, 2004 by MonsterOfTheMat

I am sure that many of you are aware of the fact that Vince McMahon and his writers are unaware of how much talent they possess in their company. For months on end, these superstars are stuck with great gimmicks, and incredible talent, yet they are never given the chance, so they are either stuck on Velocity / Heat, or they are off TV completely, and just wrestling dark matches.

I am now going to look at some of the wrestlers, who have never really been given their due in the WWE. They are either wrestlers who deserve to be higher up in the card every week, or they are on the 1 hour show every weekend that nobody except "hardcore" wrestling fans actually watch.

1. Booker T

Ever since coming to the WWE, Booker T has been trapped in the midst of the mid-card ranks. He has been going for both the U.S. Title and the I.C. Title, yet in reality he deserves to be going for the WWE Title. As we all know, around about WrestleMania, when Brock Lesnar had left the WWE, and Kurt Angle was out with a neck injury, SmackDown was in need of a heel main eventer. Many fans were expecting Booker T to step up to the plate, and challenge for the gold, but WWE decided to go the other route, and choose a midcard schmuck called JBL, just because he was loyal to the company. I can admit that JBL does have quite good mic skills, and he has got enough shreds of talent to wrestle a decent match, but he doesn't have the star power and natural physique to make fans around the world actually want to watch the match.

2. Lance Storm

Before Lance Storm stopped wrestling for the WWE a couple of months back, he was stuck on Heat with Val Venis as a tag team partner. He was going nowhere, despite the fact that Raw was in need of Tag Teams. This was obvious because not only were the Dudley Boys getting stale, the only other Tag Team vieing for the belts were Batista & Flair.

3. Sean O' Haire

This case angers me the most, this is a man with amazing skill and prowess, but was stuck on Velocity, beating Funaki and Shannon Moore week after week, because Roddy Piper was fired from the WWE. This was a poor move on WWE's part, because TNA or another company will eventually snap him up, and then, only then, will WWE regret ever releasing him.

4. Tommy Dreamer

The most innovative hardcore wrestler ever, in my opinion, he was one of the reasons ECW stayed together for so many years. When he came to the WWE, I was pleased because I thought he would atleast become U.S. Champion, but just like the rest, Dreamer was stuck with a stupid "puke" gimmick on Raw, and was going for no more than the Hardcore Title.

5. The Cruiserweight's

Ever since it was introduced into the WWE, the Cruiserweight's and their title have been made to look like jokes. WWE were not realising that the reason WCW was so good was because they would have about 3 cruiserweight matches, every week on Nitro, and that the "real" wrestlers were about to showcase their talents. Now if you want to see the Cruiserweight Title, you will either find it around Rey Mysterio's waist, because that is WWE's solution to everything, around Chavo Classic's waist, even though he is clearly over 220lbs, or around Jacqueline's waist, because nowadays girls are so lethal, when it comes to beating a 210lbs male wrestler.

I hope everybody enjoyed my first column, and I shall be writing another very soon.

by MonsterOfTheMat..

Mike Petralia wrote:
Shawn Ohaire~ On the fence with him, not the worst loss WWE has sufffered, Ive seen this guy mentioned in teh same context before, GUYS ITS SHAWN OHAIRE NOT HULK HOGAN

Tommy Dreamer~ Interesting you say the most innovative hardcore wrestler ever then go on to say he was stuck in the hardcore division hmmm interesting " The US title was being held by people like benoit, angle , eddie I hope you dont consider Dreamer on teh same level as them do you" I think to compete for the US title you actually need to do other things than go to the local dumpster and purchase objects to bring to the ring.

Booker T~ Yes deserving of main event status, but can you complain what he has done for teh US belt division, with him competeing he has braught back some bredibility to a mid card belt. Thats the problem Now a days you people want every big name to get the belt leaving crap to compete for the mid card belts making them loose prestige. I suggest you go back to teh 80's when people like Rude, Warrior, Perfect were competing for a midcard belt thats why the belt had prestige then. Can you complain about JBL hes the top heel right now on the show it makes perfect sense to ahve him fued with the top face.Booker T still gets pops.

Cruiser Weights~ I could care less about this division never have nver will. But I will agree for those who like it i can see your anger.

Again Ive said this in response to another article on this...what about all the good" Orton, Benjamen, even Batista now, Cena, HHH is better than ever agian, the posible HBK/Kayne fued there is plenty good going on too, typical internet fans choose to complain about the bad instead.
XtremeFalls43 wrote:
yes these guys all have talent but if u look at them there not Vinces stars there WCW and ECW stars, its no Secret Vince doesn't like WCW. In his mind any wrestler who from there isn't all that great. One problem with Booker T is he hurts his back too much and is now supposed to retire and u gotta worry is he goin to leave the company during a push thats his problem, storm was and is still the biggest Mistake he was a great talent and so was Shawn O'Haira. Anyway if u didn't noticed most of them are on SMackdown which is just the worst Writing in Wrestling Histroy

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