The Rise and the Falling on TNA
November 6, 2004 by Steinerecliner

This is my first of which I hope too be many more Columns I will be writing for Online World of I have been a fan for years. I plain on covering topic such as TNA, The WWE, and other stuff. I hope you enjoy my columns for weeks too come.

This week I want too look at the Rise and Falling of TNA. I have watched TNA since it started back in 2002. TNA from there too now had there pluses and minus. From what I have read on various news sites that Impact isn't doing well with drawing a draw at its tapings. This is a bad sign for TNA. Because Impact is so post too be the flag ship of TNA. I don't think TNA is doing a very good job with impact. Lately there all around booking and business decisions haven't been what they should be or can be. I think what the problem is that TNA comes up with great ideas but makes more bad decisions too go with them. Such as taking avenge of situations. Some good very well made TNA bigger and better faster. So now I will put the good and bad decisions of TNA.

First the good, TNA biggest pro I feel was the ability too develop new match types. Such as Ultimate X, King of the Mountain, or The Clock Work Orange House of fun match. These matches were all fresh and new. Which a lot of times, fans brought the PPV just too see what these matches were all about and that is a good thing. Another thing is the Develop of the X Division. This was at one point the strongest piece in TNA. Which is mostly still is. But it seems too not be as good as it was. I think bring a lot of new talent was another good thing. As well as some of the WWE releases were good. Mostly Raven was the best move. Also the World Cup idea was good.

Now the bad, TNA along with these great moves made some bad more bad I believe. The first one is pushing Jeff Hardy as a Main Eventer. I mean this guy never was a Main Eventer in the WWE or anywhere. These guys last few months in the WWE were bad because he was so sloppy. Nothing much changed since this. This guy was gone into ROH and was booed out of the building. So what does TNA do" That sign and with out any second thought pushes him too the moon. Why" Because he was a former WWE star who held a bunch of belts. That and most of his fans who are girls just scream for him but not because he a great wrestler but they think he cute. It's been this way since the WWE. There is nothing wrong liking Hardy. But, I have heard there some fans would only come too see Hardy. I have been on the TNA forums and people said that some fans who se Hardy, after his match would leave and not give a damn about the rest of the stars. Too me that just wrong and disrespectful too the rest of the TNA roster. Jeff Hardy is not the best wrestler on the roster or was he ever the best in any federation. I don't have a problem with Jeff Hardy fans but when they leave after his match and only care about him and him only that that's a problem.

I think another big mistake was the lack of follow up on the pushing on Ron Killings. In 2002 this guy I thought was developing into a great Main Eventer. But TNA didn't continue the push after he lost the World title too Jarrett. What we get was a few tag matches with him and Lynn. But then we don't see him for a couple months. He comes back with 3 Live Krew which hey they were over but Killings get push down. That was a bad move not following up on developing there first star. Then when Raven came in. Fans loved him. Raven was being Raven a man who can carry great storylines and cut these best promos. Raven in not only TNA but any indies federation he would go too fans loved it. Raven was one of these hottest Indies talents. TNA should have taken avenge of his popularity by given him the World Title. The build up was right. Fans wanted it. But, reason why it didn't happen. Because of Jeff Jarrett. Who seems too developed an ego on the creative team. Which it is advise since we see Jeff Jarrett hold that title longer then anybody. But what made that bad was the lack of title defenses. I mean look at now. Between the last weekly PPV and Victory Road there hasn't been one Title defense. Two months. Now I saw Chris Sabin get stripped on the X title because of a knee injury because of the 30 day polity. Now where is this polity for Jarrett" Before that it was month before that match against Hardy on the last PPV. All we see from Jarrett on Impact is mostly Squash matches. Jeff Jarrett is booked like he Hogan. Which we all know he's not a Hogan or a Goldberg.

TNA writing and booking team needs too change. I always felt that an active wrestlers should not be booking a match were it always makes him look good. Jarrett is no different then HHH, No wait. HHH as been putting people over this year. Jarrett hasn't put anybody over outside of AJ Styles. He seems too be the only guy that can beat Jarrett.

I feel these are only some of the reason why TNA is not bigger or better then it is. That and the fact of not keep someone like a Sting, Steve Corino or Ken Shamrock around. The Japan thing is wrong too. They could also have D'lo Brown who is another good talent the WWE released. Also Low Ki could be here. But TNA doesn't seen too want that Japan thing. TNA needs too start booking better impacts and get two hours shows, too really hype up a PPV. I could go on and on about this. These are what I fell are these most biggest reasons why TNA isn't what it could be. Bigger

by Steinerecliner..

Brad Dykens wrote:
I don't know how you can call Impact's ratings a failure. The ratings are on a steady, albeit gradual, rise. They're not going to turn all head as once. When Vince McMahon took the WWF National, he had an established financially successful regional territory to work with. And even then it took about three or four years to become the dominant force in Sports Entertainment. TNA is a two year old promotion that rarely takes advantage of its 100 year NWA history. They're doing it on their own, and as far as they've come in their short lifespan, they have a lot to be proud of. This can be debated, but their in-ring product IS superior to the WWF's right now; they just need to, like I said, turn heads, one head at a time. My only critisism is that they can't turn heads accross the country if they only run shows in Orlando, Florida. Get on the road TNA! As long as ratings continue to rise, and not decline, then TNA can only be considered a success.
Tomsmillion wrote:
I totally disagree with your comments on Jeff Hardy. I wasn't a Hardy fan while he was in WWE, but now I am. The man has added a few new moves to his set and is actually watchable now... but all that is beside the point.

The main point I disagree with you on is the fact that you have a problem with Hardy's push, mainly becuase he was a midcarder in the WWE, also you feel that him being booed at the ROH show means that he is no good" When will people like you realize that just becuase you hold a status in one company doesn't mean you will/ should hold the same status in another. Look as what WWE has done with Booker T and RVD. Look at what TNA has done with Hardy and Killings.

People need to get the preception of " this guy" is a midcarder so why is he maineventing this PPV" Obviously becuase he isn't a midcarder in that federation. TNA doesn't have Angle or HHH or Taker so you will not see them mainevent. You will see people on their roster mainevent their PPV's so get use to it. Look at Jeff Hardy as the guy who beat Abyss,Monty Brown, Raven, Styles, and others and not the guy who was in the WWE. Thinking about wrestlers past characters and achievements in other companies will make you enjoy the product of another company with that wrestlers presence, even less...

oh yeah and by-the-way ---- it is "suppose to" and not "so post too"
Steinerecliner wrote:
First off I want too thank the two of you on reading my column. I took the time too read your thoughts. I would like too refect my thought on what your guys are saying with my thoughts. First I start with Brad:

The rating of Impact yes are steady. But what is failing is attendence. There not packing the place anymore. Maybe I shoudl be more pacfic. I love TNA wrestling and I agree that there product is better in ring them the WWE. A great example are these moves we seen from Victory Road. The Candian Destoryer from the top rope. You will never see a move like that in the WWE. Or what things we saw in the Gautlent match was amazing. These moves we will not se in the WWE because the WWE is afraid of taking these risks. I agree that TNA needs too get on the road. That should happen now too explain there fans basic with betters the PPV buyrates. Since IMpact tapings are free too get in. TNA is not making money from Tickets sells as fro as I know. Unaversial Stutios get the money from whoever bys a ticket too get in the park. TNA needs too get on the road.


Now Jeff Hardy is a topic that can go on forever. There are people who like him or hate him. But it's true that Hardy did add a couple moves. But Hardy is no were close too being as good as he was in 2000 or 2001. Now, Hardy true my not MEed else were. But let me ask you this. Outside the Victory road ladder match. Show me a match that Hardy showed that he belongs in the ME. That he deserving of that stop. Sure he beat Brown, Raven, and Abyss but that means nothing. It about was any of those matches good. Hardy still the same guy who messes up a lot but with a couple new moves add. I don't see how Hardy is a MEer. He doesn't have Mic Skills and he not that great in the ring anymore. That just me. Hardy as his fans and he hates fans who hate him. I repsect Hardy. I just say what I see.

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