Respect or No Respect for The Rock"
December 16, 2004 by Steinerecliner

I want too address a topic that a lot of internet fans have been kind of split on. That's respecting or not too respecting the Rock. I know there are more wrestling fans in the world that respect the man. I am one of them and I say that with no problem. I know this because when he shows up rating jump throw the roof and arenas sellout. But, in the internet world, the story I have notice of been different. I have seen the Rock been call a lot of things. Sellout, being the favorite.

Now it seems a lot of wrestling fans don't really understand why the Rock isn't wrestling as much as fans want him or what the definition of Sellout really is. But the simple fact is The Rock tried acting and was successful at it. Now, you can expect the same thing would have happened if Hogan's movies were good and could act. But that wasn't the case. The Rock on the other hand can act and his movies are watch able. So what if Hogan's movies ended up like the Rock. Who these same wrestling fans call Hogan a sellout" Or what about Roddy Piper, who also did the movies, if he was successful at it and was less and less in the ring during his time. Who fans call him a sellout" Now why too people in chat rooms or message board always trash the man for man for being successful" I'm if any of you get the same chance as the Rock did on making millions of dollars without the risk of injuries would all take it. The Rock in my eyes is doing the smart thing. I mean a few years from now. If his movies start too fail and get less and less movie offers. He would have wrestling too fall right back on full time and still have several great years left.

Now, what is a sellout" I always thought it was someone who became successful at one place and goes and does something else without looking back. The Rock doesn't fit that. If the Rock was really a sellout we would never appear at the last two Wrestlemania's or what it should like be at Wrestlemania 21. If the Rock was a sellout. He would never make his appearances like he done especially when he could be at come relaxing because after all a couple those appearances were during his vacations. The Rock never turned his back on the WWE. He still gives credit too him. He always gives credit too his fans. A true sellout is Brock Lensar. Who left the WWE and never looked back. Goes on ESPN and say crap like regretting getting into wrestling like he did.

What makes the Rock great is his attitude. I mean most people in his spot would have a big ego. Could careless about anybody. Not that is not the Rock. This man still respects his fans. He comes back too wrestling for his fans. He entertains everytime he comes back. He still gives for the business. There are a lot of fans who don't give the man credit were credit is do. I don't understand why some fans on the net show no respect for the man and call him things he really not, like a Sellout. I'm trying too figure how fans can have no any respect for a man who goes out, entertains you. Is as nice he can be. Why fans trash him for be successful. The only answer I have is that those fans are Jealious of The Rock. If I'm wrong. Let me know.

What are you thoughts about The Rock" Respect or not"

by Steinerecliner..

Rhey wrote:
I dont see any reason for debate: theres only one reason the rock is returning to wrestling,and its not for the fans...its for money and publicity. I think its time to stop giving respect to someone who, even in his "prime", had no wrestling talent whatsoever. It's time for the Peoples Sellout to retire.
EJO10488 wrote:
I agree with you. Those same people who call Rock a sellout for leaving WWE and making movies and still making money for WWE wont call Austin a sell out when he walked out on the company and didnt help them make money, excluding his merchandise. I respect him because he can at least put Lesnar over, something Austin refused to do. Rock doesnt mind putting the younger talent over, which showed when Orton won against him and Mick at WM XX.
Axel Hawk wrote:
i agree and disagree at the same time, i dont hate the guy because he is succesfull at something other than wrestling. Its Almost like the heat that was given to jim helwig(the ultimate warrior) by all of his peers. he is a good actor and has become succesfull in movies, but on a personal note, i think the guy sucks. i use to like him alot when he was rocky maivia, becuase he actually came out and wrestled, those back stabiing fans who booed him and chanted "ROCKY SUCKS" are not even wrestling fans, there just a bunch of B.S. jerry springer - BET crappy comedy fans who dont even deserve to watch wrestling. Here comes a guy like the rock who has spent 99 % of his air time talking trash and saying a bunch lame ass catch phrases. Unlike guys like austin, taker or even hunter (HHH) who come out and spend alot of time talking thruought the show but they also fight at the same time. the rock hardly ever fights, most of his fans are chicks who are so into this whole dark skin pretty boy complexion and the male fans are nothing but trash talkers who are so full of themselves just like him. don't get me wrong, i'm not bashing him for his movies or his transformation to acting, i like his movies, i bashing the guy becuase he doesn't wrestle at all before or after his transformation. 2 months ago i was at flea market and i bought a copy of an old DVD called "the rock the peoples champ", and this dvd sucks. there arent any wrestling matches all they talk about is how good he is, the dvd doesn't have a single match, its nothing but lame ass promos and catchphrases. thats why i'm glad a couple years ago when chris jericho came over and interrupted him in the middle of a promo and told him to please SHUT THE HEELLL UP!
Rhett Samios wrote:
Regarding your article on the Rock, it seems like theres not a lot of debate on this one for me. Turning his back on wrestling is one thing, but its compounded by turning his back on family tradition. Thats inexcusable. If he respected his fans a fraction of what he claims to he'd be out there wrestling. If he respected the business and the sport as much as his fans all claim he does, then he should be on the active roster right now, not only making an appearance when Raw needs a ratings spike, he's promoting a new movie, or the PPV pay packet is large enough. Sell out of the worst kind.
EJO10488 wrote:
Rhey, I doubt any wrestler wrestles just for the fans, but not only does Rock make money with movies, but some of the money also goes to WWE. What about Austin" He walked out on WWE twice I believe, but I don't hear anybody calling him a sellout. Since The Rock decides to make movies with some of the $$$$ going to WWE and still taking time out of his schedule to make appearances makes him a sell out, though. Now, enlighten me. Who are some of your favorite wrestlers Rhey"
Hardrock wrote:
Now first off, Austin was having problems backstage and one night he was told that he was going to lose to Brock in a tournament style match with no storyline to it. If you're Stone Cold Steve Austin and brought in perhaps the largest number of fans, you don't just lose in a single match with no before story nor a back story. In his book, Austin comments about how he liked Brock and would have no problem putting him over, but as long as there was some story with it. That's a ppv-type match there. That's when he walked out.

Second, the Rock deserves a lot more respect than what people give him. He's spent years getting himself to the top and claimed to have done it without anyone's help. In his book, he comments that the only reason he used the name Rocky Miavia is to honor his father and mother. I'm no huge fan of the Rock myself, I've always hated the Rock, thing is, I also respected him. His movies may or may not have recruited new fans into wrestling, but they were always entertaining. Just as entertaining as he was in the ring. He may have said the same things all the time and he may have done the same five moves a match, but he MUST have done something right in order to gain this much attention.
EJO10488 wrote:
Rhett-Rock is a sell out" What about Austin when he walked on WWE twice" Hogan when he left WWE for WCW or left WWF to do movies" I dont hear them being called sell outs. If The Rock enjoys doing something more than wrestling but still having some of the money he makes go to WWE and still making appearances out of his busy schedule makes him a sell out, then yes he is a sell out. If Austin respected his fans, he never would of walked out on WWE when they needed him. He also would be on the active roster.

Axel-Yes, The Rock is mostly about promos and stuff, but that is what makes him The Rock. Austin isnt the greatest wrestler around, neither is Hogan, but they make up for it with their charisma. Some wrestlers are more mic workers, while other are mat workers, while even other can be both. Rock, Austin and Hogan are more mic workers.
Shortest Straw#1 wrote:
The Rock subject is simple, The Rock is 95% entertainer 5% wrestler.He doesnt have the passion in the ring like superstars such as Triple H.The Rock was a fan favourite because a)good entertainer b)sold tickets. He was a mediocre wrestler.Triple H will never sell out, the reason he is getting pushed so much lately is because the WWE is desperare . If you wacth or own the movie Triple H:The Game it says. "I am one of those guys who has a respect for the business and if the WWE wants me to be the top superstar I will if they don't ill do that too"
Rhey wrote:
EJO10488...I never said any wrestler wrestles for the fans alone. I'm just saying that, for a man who deems himself "The Peoples Champion", The Rock sure does put a lot more value on money and massaging his ego than on the fans. Also, for the record, I think Austin and Lesnar ARE sellouts (although you were the one who brought them into the argument, and, seeing how The Rock is the one up for debate, it shows how weak your argument is bringing in other wrestlers to try to back up your idea), but they don't still consider themselves wrestlers...they left and that was that, unlike The Rock...he STILL decides to show up only when it's convinient for THERES a wreslter dedicated to his fans and the business. The rock should stop treating himself like a wrestler, and more like what he really is...a movie star, and a sellout. Oh, and by the way, in answer to your question, my favorite wreslter is Chris Jericho, who has a band a STILL manages to wrestle at every show, weather televised or thres a wrestler who TRULY respects his fans.
EJO10488 wrote:
Shortest-Hunter isn't getting pushed because WWE is desperate, it is because he is married to the bosses daughter. I am not saying his push is based soley on that, but it is a playing factor on how long he has the title and how long he is in the main event.

Hardrock-I know about the whole Austin/Lesnar thing. I like Austin, I am just pointing out to the people who hate The Rock for leaving to do movies and not saying anything about Austin walking out.

Also, I thought of something else. If The Rock hadn't gone to Hollywood, what the hell would he be doing now" He has done everything he could in the WWE. Do you people expect him to stay in the WWE until he dies" The people who said Rock sold out seriously need to open their eyes and stop being morons.
Axel Hawk wrote:
EJO10488: like i said most fans who like the rock are not wrestling fans, they just love to hear guys running there mouths off, they don't appreciate a good wrestling match. unless he is fighting, but he doesn't do much in his matches but pose around and get the mic and start running his mouth off as usual. personally he should stay were he's at in the movies becuse he doesnt bring anything good to the wrestling table but lame ass catch phrases. he's not even a wrestler, he should tag up with dave chappale on his show and they will do a good job. he should come back to the ring when he is ready to shut the hell up and fight. plus the guy is really consided, no different than HBK was couple of years ago.
Ryan Bellanger wrote:
This comment is not as much related to the original column as it is the comments made by others in rebuttal about the abilities of the Rock as a wrestler. Everyone seems to comment on the Rock being 95% or 99% mic skills, what everyone forgets is although the Rock isn't a technical wrestler like Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle he is one of the greatest storytellers ever to step into the ring. A Rock match is not about devastating moves (ex. the Undertaker) or reversals (ex. Benoit) or even about high risk (ex. Jeff Hardy) its about the story thats going on throughout the match, anyone who thinks the Rock was horrible in the ring only needs to watch WM8 and see him and Hogan (another guy who faces this unfair classification.) tell an amazing story that had the fans on there feet with the timing of the control switchs, the facial expressions, the way they stylize each move and the way they play to and off of the crowd. I didn't see any mics in alot of the Rocks matches, but I do remember always being at the edge of my seat because of the way he told the story of what was happening in side the ring. So please no more unfair classifications the Rock as being all mic, because give credit were credit is due he is one of the greats in the ring.

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