TNA Tag Wrestling Going Down With AMW
May 1, 2006 by Stephen Rokitka

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It's been a little over six months since America's Most Wanted defeated The Naturals on iMPACT for the World Tag Team Titles, a match that I knew from the start (I'd only been watching TNA for about 3 weeks) they were going to win to go along with their newly formed alliance with Jeff Jarrett and later Team Canada, Monty, and Abyss.

They've had 3 PPV title defenses (haven't seen them) and plenty of iMPACT defenses along the way. The only time I've seen them lose was in a non-title match (Cage/Rhino). The majority of the wins have come with interference from Gail Kim or Team Canada, which goes along with Jarrett's heel faction.

I don't know if six months is considered to be a great or decent reign, but right now I feel like Harris & Storm have had the belts for eternity. It's like a feeling describing JBL's long WWE Champion reign or even Cena's reign right now. I think it's time for a new team to carry the tag team division and TNA, unlike WWE, has plenty to choose from. Whether it's set (The Naturals, Team 3-D, Team Canada) or mixed (Sabin/Dutt, Styles/Daniels, Rhino/Killings, etc.), I just feel like TNA is disrespecting the other teams with AMW's title reign. They had a month-long tournament to decide AMW's next opponent and I was sure the titles were going to change, yet I feel that with Sabin/Dutt losing the month was a complete waste, like it was something just to pass the time (a filler).

Now, I have to make two things clear: First, I'm not saying BLATANTLY drop them to just any team (I think the Spirit Squad beating Big Show/Kane was blatant). If TNA wants to show off the tag teams, then I think a 3-way or even a 4-way match would be appropriate. Second, I'm not saying if any tag team holds on to the belt for six months, I'll be fed up. If the team consistently has good matches, then by all means let them run with it. However, AMW is turning into MNM in the sense that the weekly (bi-weekly or whatever) "Tag Team Title Match" is there to just show them off, a weekly "job", nothing special about it.

I know Tag Team Wrestling isn't what it used to be and it's a real shame, but TNA has something here. They can tie in the heavyweights, X-Division, and the hardcore wrestlers through these belts. It would be a mistake to just leave these belts on certain made tag teams. Put in a heavyweight/X-Division team, something to mix it up. They've tried along this six-month reign, but have yet to go ahead and make that kind of team champions. Go ahead and promote hardcore heavyweights and high-flying cruiserweights, just don't forget about the tag team belts.

Thanks and have a good one!

by Stephen Rokitka

Jon Rosaler wrote:
AMW,huh" 6 months is nothing. The Naturals held for 7 months before AMW and look at MNM, sure they have only held it for 4 months,but that's long enough and right about now there are only about 3 face tag teams I am into: Team 3-D,James Gang and Sabin/Dutt (Fallen Angel and Styles I have yet to see). As for the Heels, A1 and Johhny Devine (Team Canada has that way of choosing 2 at random), I am looking forward to the debut of Tyson Dux. I looked at his status, not bad, but Team Canada should kick somebody to the curve. 7 people in a faction is a lot. I say get rid of Eric Young, he's become the Eugene of the team since that whole "I believe Sting's not gone" bid. Team Canada is a sad faction with terrible combinations of tag teams.
Steven P. wrote:
Tag Teams are dying very slowly. TNA has many, but they don't use them like they used to and the WWE has only four between Raw and SmackDown. It's time for the New ECW to make teams and show them that they can be entertaining. Nice job.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
Well let me just say this 1st of all the WWE has destroyed the Tag Team Division w/The Spirit Squad winning the gold and Vince letting any 2 of the 5 members defend the titles is STUPID, and MNM (mercury and Nitro) having interference by Melina is getting old and ridiculous, TNA has better Tag Teams, but ever since AMW made deals w/Jeff Jarrett they went from being an AWESOME Tag Team to being a disgrace, but I'm not taking anything from AMW, but ever since TNA jumped to Spike TV, A.J. Styles was right they have tarnished the NWA World Tag Team Titles, by not defending them much and whenever they defend the titles, they always have help from the likes of Team Canada, Gail Kim (one of favorite female pro wrestlers along w/Victoria) and of course Jeff Jarrett.

Well I can tell you this: When somebody takes those Tag Team Belts away from AMW, then AMW is going to have get a wake-up call and realize that you don't call yourselves great unless you show them by defending the Tag Team Belts, I mean just look @ the Road Warriors, The Steiner Brothers, and Harlem Heat they've defended Tag Team Golds on more occasions.

So let me say this: TNA DOES have better Tag Teams, I'm saying AMW I know that you're 7x NWA World Tag Team Champions in TNA, but you're gonna have to do better, act like men, step up, put the golds on the line, and quit having Gail Kim, Team Canada, and Jeff Jarrett interfere in your matches and if you can do that, then you'll be successful, but until then you're just another MNM, and I hope that if someone takes the gold from AMW, then that will give them time to think about what they have done and how to fix the mistakes they have made.
MrDarron01 wrote:
If you want to see good Tag Teams check out the roster that Ring Of Honor has put together this year. Teams like AJ Styles and Matt Sydal, Jay and Mark Briscoe, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley, Homicide and Ricky Reyes and Jake and Davis Crist are all very exciting tag teams to watch and bolster Ring Of Honor's Tag Team division. Tag Team wrestling is far from dead, Well at least in ROH anyway.
Ralph wrote:
This article is sad but very true. The tag team division has gone to S***. The Dudley boys were the last real tam in the WWE. And I find it to be a disgrace that Vince let them go and replaced them tieh teams like MNM, The Dicks , Heart Throbs, Gemini, even snitski and goldust are a team now...You have to be kidding me...I'm sure we're all waiting for a Goldust and Snitski DVD to come out just like the Road Warriors Video that was actually a success...TNA does have real Tag Teams that are actually worthy of wearing gold. Unlike the WWE that only has one team in my oponion. And that team is the Mexicools...Why ever they are not champs I will never understand...Lucky enough for TNA they have the New Age Outlaws (James gang), The naturals, AMW, Diamonds in the Rough, Team Canada, And of course the greatest team ever Team 3-D who will always be the Dudley Boys to me...Now to me when the Dudleys actually won the NWA Tag Belts and had them taken minutes after for no reason was a bigger Screwjob that the whole Michaels/Hart incodent...Like I said in many other articles, I have given up with TNA and now I'm just gonna wait for ECW to come back. They'll do the right thing. After all, they were the ones who found the Dudleys aren't they"""

Simeon Hubbard wrote:
Well you know something: WWE will NEVER rebulid their tag teams, b/c they don't care, they might as well just get rid of their RAW and SD! Tag Team belts period.

But let me just say this: after TNA's Slammiversary the NWA World Tag Team Titles will be defended more often as usual.

But AMW just needs to get their act together and TNA needs to do something about AMW, but like I said I am a HUGA fan of TNA and they DO have better tag teams than the WWE, but they need to have AMW defend the Tag Belts on IMPACT! more often and not just on PPV's.


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