No Eddie Tribute At ECW
June 7, 2006 by Stephen Rokitka

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Good day. I am writing this because I've recently found out that the Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit match for One Night Stand has been cancelled. Although this is more or less me rambling, I feel any and all ECW fans should be insulted and ashamed that WWE is taking this out of the PPV.

These three men went to ECW in 1994 and brought technical wrestling to the hardcore nation and the fans appreciated it. Yes, we all want flaming tables, barb-wired ropes, and chair shots, but Dean, Eddie, and Chris, along with Scorpio, Jericho, and others complemented the blood with, as Heyman said, "a pure wrestling." WWE and WCW craved this "pure wrestling" and sadly took the trio away from ECW. With WWE going with storylines of McMahon corruption and putting more sex out, I hope McMahon enjoys his dirty money, for he has ruined and almost destroyed what ECW started.

But, there was hope. Rumors of this tribute match have been around for months, Malenko coming out of retirement, training just for this one night, and I was hoping this was going to be the MATCH OF THE NIGHT. However, Benoit was injured (I'm assuming against Finlay at Judgment Day), and WWE, always looking over its product first, pulled this dream match from One Night Stand.

So, this is the message WWE wants to send to the fans: it's alright to have Randy Orton say Eddie's gone to hell, it's alright for Mysterio to ride the feel-good story of winning the Royal Rumble and the World Heavyweight Championship to honor Eddie, but it's not alright for Dean and Chris to have ONE MATCH, not just for ECW honoring his legacy, but for Dean and Chris personally" Is that too much to ask"

Yeah, Benoit's injured, but do you think he really cares" ECW is about guts, pride, and heart. The fans appreciated these "immortal" wrestlers for putting themselves through various matches (Barb-wired Ropes, Taipei-Death Match, Scaffold, Dog-Collar, etc.) just for their pleasure. But did some minor injuries stop them from performing" No, we've seen Sabu tape his jaw and bicep shut, the Rotten brothers surviving the Taipei-Death matches, and anyone that can leave the ring after facing New Jack is braver/stronger than I'll ever be.

So, WWE won't hear me, but I beg of you, put the match back on the schedule. You're doing a truly injustice to the legacy of Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, AND Eddie Guerrero if you deny this one tribute, one night, one little match. You can use Eddie's death to make more money, but ECW can't PROPERLY honor the late Eddie Guerrero with a Malenko/Benoit Dream Match" That statement itself makes me sick...

Thanks and Have a Good One!

by Stephen Rokitka

Christopher Powell wrote:
You are absolutely right, Stephen Rokitka. I was REALLY, REALLY looking forward to Dean Malenko coming out of retirement to wrestle against Benoit, and it just freakin' sucks that he won't.
Erkka Järvinen wrote: Got this only to say...Think before you say something stupid.
Gazz wrote: I totally agree with this article 100%.

It totally vexes me how in good conciousness Vince McMahon can shoot down an idea for a match between 2 men who want to wrestle for their fallen friend in favour of yet ANOTHER angle which sees Eddie's name dragged through the mud.
Granted, there might be some people out there that might look at this match with the same negative views as those who have spoken out against the recent Eddie storylines, but, in my opinion, this match would have been a fitting memorial for a man who put his whole life into the sport of Professional Wrestling, as i'm sure that the match would have been seen as the proverbial "wrestling clinic".

In closing, I would like to join the author of this article in saying that I too am disappointed that the Benoit/Malenko match won't be going ahead at One Night Stand 2, but I would like to say that with the imminent return of ECW, I am hopeful that the match could still happen, if not soon after the debut, then at least at the next ECW supershow. Once again, a great article.
Kristen F. wrote:
I personally find this terrible as Eddie was a great WWE and ECW wrestler. Although the main reason for the match ebing cancelled was Benoit's injuries, I think there should be something used as a tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero. Miss you Eddie!
Ralph wrote:
This is a sad article indeed. I have to agree with how the WWE used Eddies death to make money...Now many wrestlers have died over the years from Andre The Giant to Owen hart.And we have gotten over them all. But somthing was different about Eddie. Which i think a lot of people will agree with.I can't watch an Eddie match, Listen to his Entrance Music or even look at a picture of him without getting teary eyed. even after all this time...This is going to be the one that I will never let go. And I was so pissed off when I heard Randy Orton said that Eddie was in hell...I have a few things to say about that. But sadly my voice will never be heard...Hopfully until now...And it must be said...And maybe the WWE and Randy orotn will read this...Story Lines will always be story lines...But as for the WWE, how dare they Use Eddie's Name and the word Hell in the same sentence! And as for randy, how dare he go along with it! There are times where you have to listen to your boss when he tells you somthing, and there are times where you have to defy your boss. And when your boss tells you to say somthing like "Eddieis in Hell", that is the time to defy him. Randy orton will never be anywhere in Eddie's League. And as for Beniot being injured...Sadly it's true. and I miss him already. But I don't think he would pass up a shot to do an Eddie Tribute match with Malenko. Not even for an injury. That's just my oponion... Thanks for reading...
Nathan Cortez wrote:
I agree Eddie deserves to be honoured but one fact seems to be slipping Benoit has had nagging injuries for years and has been getting worse recently he has no choice but to cave. Benoit was the one who asked for time off WWE granted his wish in exchange for putting Henry over.

As far as WWE using Eddie to further their product yes sometimes it has been distasteful but you over react way too much. If Eddie was alive or even in heaven watching he would care that WWE is using his name to further their product. He always gets chants of respect and it helps the company that gave him a second chance after his life was so screwed up.

Plus im sure he would be happy if it helped his friend Rey Mysterio get the push he deserves. Finally the Eddie can burn in hell comment you do know that Randy didnt actually mean that dont you"
Ryan Cassano wrote: Benoit is hurt! Otherwise, this probably would have happened.
Jon Rosaler wrote:
Believe it or not, I'm glad the tribute match isn't happening. One Night Stand isn't about Eddie Guerrero, it's about E-C-W! Bret Hart waited 6 months to do a tribute match for his brother. Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko will more than likely happen some day. Maybe it will happen on the ECW brand, maybe it will happen sooner, but Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko at ONS2 for Eddie doesn't really phase it. Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero last year already happend and we all know Benoit would just beat Malenko. It's not that I don't want it to happen, I just think it shouldn't happen at ONS. Eddie was great in ECW, but he wasn't really as popular as he was in WWE.
jamie clifford wrote:
I agree with what he's saying. Eddie deserves a match. Agreed i understand that Benoit is injured, BUT the WWE could EASILY get someone else to do the match even if it was for one night only , Chavo, Perry Saturn, anyone who had one of his amazing matches with him or ran with him in faction. At the end of the day Eddie does deserve the best if that's Benoit and Malenko, that's what he deserves two of the best. But things could be done, even before the match just got cancelled.
Bad Ass Mike Mass (From Chicagoland Independant Wrestling) wrote:
Damn right he deserves to be honored at ECW ONS --- I know Chris Benoit & Chavo... and i know they would want Eddie to be Honored also.
Jack wrote:
Nice article written by you but I was actually happy in a way that they cancelled that match. I really like Eddie in the ring, was a great technical wrestler but I feel his death in the WWE is being used alot till today and most recently with Rey Mysterio. I feel that Rey Mysterio has gone over board with the thing of tributing all his matches in the name of was ok at royal rumble...was significant at no way out...but at wrestle mania and every match he fights....thts just like emotional blackmail. I feel that WWE has missed out of makin eddie's death more special and i bet if eddie was alive he would want more competition in the WWE than jus emotional matches. According to me i respect what Chris Benoit does carrying out his 3 amigos making it special and not naming all his matches in the name of Eddie. Im glad that Reys title reign has ended because i really feel he used Eddie's death to get a push.

Finally i would like to say to WWE we need better wrestling matches than entertainement one, im really looking forward for Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, HHH, Michaels to put up some good wrestling matches because they got the skills and abilities.
Stephen Rokitka (Original Author) wrote: Before I start, I'd like to thank all the comments for the article...

Sure, I may have gone a little overboard about this, but I feel it's warranted somewhat. WWE has used "personal" storylines over the last year (Edge v. Hardy, Rey's Son, the short "Road Warriors" return), but the Orton angle was too much. Yeah, he didn't mean it (I hope), but you just don't say something like that...and it was random, why Orton" And yes, the Eddie tributing since Royal Rumble has been too much...

It's one match, that's all. Benoit's injured (and burned out I hear) and that I went too far...but before he went on hiatus, I think WWE could have let him decide if he was up for it or not.

Finally, ONS is (was) about the rebirth of the "new" ECW, but is it a bad thing to look back at good times" He lasted maybe a year or less there and made a huge impact in that short time.

Thanks and Have a Good One!


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