Deserving of the Hall of Fame!
May 9, 2006 by Steven Matthews

Andre the Giant is the one man that everybody thinks of when the term "big man" is used around wrestling. However, as good as Andre was, there is a man that probably fits that role better. That man is none other than Bam Bam Bigelow.

Bam Bam Bigelow began his wrestling career in 1986 and quickly started working for the big three (WWF, WCW & ECW). In 1987, Bam Bam competed in the first ever Survivor Series main-event, wrestling in the Super-Heavyweight division battling Andre the Giant - ultimately getting the win for his team. Although Bam Bam was unsuccessful, his career continued as he made a living in New Japan Pro Wrestling, who had a good relationship with WCW. Bam Bam and his tag team partner, Big Van Vader, wrestled at Starrcade 1991, which was a battle between NJPW and WCW. These two wrestled the powerful team, Doom. Bam Bam and Vader got the win and proved their dominance in tag team wrestling.

After adding the IWGP Tag Team Championship to his resume, Bam Bam tried his luck for a second time in the WWF. Soon after, he joined the Million Dollar Corporation with Ted DiBiase, Tatanka, IRS and others. It was at WrestleMania 11, where Bam Bam Bigelow stunned the wrestling world by competing in the main-event. His opponent, Lawrence Taylor, was able to get the win in a rather forgettable contest; in fact, that whole WrestleMania was rather forgettable. You see, however, that the WWF took a chance by taking a man who never main-evented a WrestleMania - along with a former football player - and threw them into the last match of the evening. It didn't work very well, but they tried. Bam Bam was part of the main-event of a major Pay-Per-View one last time at the 1995 King of the Ring, teaming with Diesel to defeat Sycho Sid and Tatanka; it was after this that Bam Bam Bigelow had his best run in wrestling.

Bam Bam Bigelow had a short stint in ECW, battling Terry Gordy in 1996 at Ultimate Jeopardy. But, what Paul Heyman saw, he wanted more of. So, in 1997, Bam Bam Bigelow was able to capture the ECW Championship from Shane Douglas. It was Bam Bam's first big singles championship and he proved himself to be a worthy champion. Bam Bam was such a great athlete. He was incredibly agile for a man who was between 325 and 365. He was so powerful that he once lifted Spike Dudley in the air and threw him into an ECW crowd. Bam Bam joined the faction known as "the Triple Threat" with Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch, Francine and Shane Douglas. Taz had been a thorn in the side of the Triple Threat, and they needed to find a way to take care of the ECW Television Champion. Bam Bam and the Triple Threat had some tension between them, and Bam Bam needed a partner, who turned out to be Taz. Bam Bam turned on him and then took the ECW TV Championship from Taz after one of the craziest, sickest bumps in wrestling history at Living Dangerously in 1998. Later that year, Bam Bam Bigelow walked out of ECW, most likely due to financial problems, and joined WCW. He would have been involved with Goldberg in a storyline, but it didn't really get off the ground. Bam Bam won the Hardcore and Tag Team Championship with Diamond Dallas Page there.

Bam Bam Bigelow was a man who was truly never intimidated by anything. Nothing in wrestling or his personal life scarred him. In the summer of 2000, he saved two children from burning house. I remember hearing the story and getting a new-found respect for the man who could press Rey Mysterio and at the same time fly like him too. Now, it's time. The night before WrestleMania 23, at the Hall of Fame ceremony, add Bam Bam Bigelow to that elite roster of wrestlers, because he's definitely earned it.

By Steven Matthews

Jose Aguirre wrote:
I love Bam Bam Bigelow, but if you want to write a column about a wrestler you should really make it longer, this is a disgrace to BBB. Go to Wikipedia, there is a longer column there.
T.Chase wrote:
While I admire Steven's openess to express his feelings, I am sorry to inform him that he is wrong in this matter. It's not that i hate Bam Bam or anything, I mean i have all the repect in the worlf for him especially after saving those kids from that fire. But exactly has he done to be deserving of the Hall of Fame" He was never a true main eventer. He was never a big draw that every federation had to have him on their roster. Of the 5 "major" titles he did hold, the only ones that matter were the ECW World Heavyweight and TV title. Him winning the WCW Hardcore belt meant nothing and his WorldTag-Title reign was during the time that WCW was putting the belts on teams like Creative Control and D. Flair/Crowbar. And really, He probably only won the IWGP Tag-Titles because of Big Van Vader (who as a big man, was a much better wrestler and athelete than Bam Bam).

I'm not trying to down his career accomplishments but there just aren't enough to warrent a Hall of Fame induction. As big men go, he was okay but do you really put him in a class with a Vader or the real "Bam Bam" Terry Gordy just because he was a 350lb man doing cartwheels in the ring" I can list 50 wrestlers of the top of my head that are more deserving than him but as I stated earlier, I admire you being his "greatest fan" and all but nothing he did is "wrestling" Hall of Fame worthy.
Steven Matthews (Original Author) wrote:
Alright, I've got to get this under control. First of all, Jose, after doing college reserach paper after research paper, one thing is for sure. Never trust wikipedia. I'm not saying that they're wrong, but usually they're not right. Now, to T. Chase, Bam Bam Bigelow was a main eventer in ECW and when you say that he doesn't belong in the HOF, I can understand that. But what has Tony Atlasf done to be included in the HOF. No disrespect to him, but he doesn't have such a storied wrestling history next to the "Beast From The East." Some of these HOFers probably shouldn't be there. I still hold true that Bam Bam has done enough to get there. At the very least, the WWE should create an ECW wing, and then induct Bam Bam. Either way, if Tony Atlas and Nikolai Volkoff are in, then he must be in also.
Craig Thomson (Motherwell in Scotland) wrote:
HELLO this is the first time ive written a comment on this site, i've been a fan of OWW for a while now (keep up the great work)!

About Bam Bam Bigalow, i agree with the writer to some extent, i dont think he quite Hall of Fame, but i enjoyed the wrestling by him and his character, they couldve pushed him more to win titles. I think the guys that have commented on column are being a bit harsh when JOSE AGUIRRE SAYS THIS IS A DISGRACE TO BBB and it is SHORT, personally i think JOSE is a disgrace for the personal attack on the writer - STEVEN MATTHEWS, there was no need for that. The other guy that made the comments T.CHASE hardly said a good word about the column by putting Bam Bam down all the time.

Guys, STEVEN MATTHEWS is writing this column to express what he feels about a wrestler, and if he thinks BBB show be in Hall of Fame, so be it. STEVEN keep writing your SHORT columns because it's good to get one now and again and i will be looking out for your name to read more from you.
Jose Aguirre wrote:
This isn't a personal attack, on the author. Actually I admire almost anyone who can get his/her column on the website. If you want a personal attack how about, those scottish who wear skirts!! That is a personal attack.
Richard Miller wrote:
Jose, your reasons for denying Bam Bam Bigelow entry into the Hall of Fame are not valid. Outside of regional NWA titles, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has only has one title reign, and it was the Intercontinental Championship. Would anyone dare say that he does not deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame" Hell, George "The Animal" Steele has never a title of any kind, and he's a Hall of Famer - one who is less deserving than Bam Bam Bigelow.



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