Keep Your Eye Out For This Man!
April 28, 2006 by Steven P.

With the recent suspension of one Randy Orton, the SmackDown roster lacks a top heel. Or at least a top heel that is believable for winning the World Heavyweight Championship. The WWE has a few options for heels to battle Rey Mysterio. They can make Kurt Angle a heel, but he just became a face, so that won't happen. They can give the run to JBL, but seeing that he is the United States Champion, he won't be winning the strap anytime soon. Batista will be returning shortly, and he can quickly turn heel by attacking Rey during a tag match against MNM or in some other way. They can even make him wrestle faces, and see how that goes. But soon, very soon, a SmackDown superstar that has yet to be pinned or made to submit will be returning to action. And the best part for SmackDown is, he can be a top heel and a believable contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Of course, I'm speaking of Mr. Kennedy (dramatic pause) Kennedy.

Randy Orton was expected to be the top heel and probably the World Champion. However, his attitude and ego forced the WWE to make a serious move in suspending him for 60 days, which later turned to an indefinite suspension. The WWE didn't spread the word to the entire world, but sources say that they were prepared to make Kennedy the top heel, and why not" He's got some impressive microphone skills by doing his own ring intro every match. He's very charismatic and has a huge fan following. Yet, the most important thing of them all, he's a good wrestler with a great finisher. In case you've never seen this move called the Green Bay Plunge, here's a description. He stands on the second rope with his opponent on his shoulders and does an inverted Samoan drop, or a somersault, landing hard on his opponent's midsection.

Ken Kennedy started off wrestling Funaki on SmackDown, and quickly rose to fighting guys like Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, Batista and even our current World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio (and he pinned him cleanly). The one thing that the WWE has done in the recent years was to make new stars and mold them into WWE Champions or World Heavyweight Champions. They did it with John Cena, Edge, Batista, even Brock Lesnar when he first started. Is Ken Kennedy the next on this list"

by Steven P. ..

Jose Aguirre wrote:
I have to agree with you completely. Kenedy is the next big thing, he just needs to do a few US/Intercontinental reigns, and he will have good credibility.
Rita Nichols wrote:
I agree that Mr.Kennedy ( dramatic pause) Kennedy will proubly become the World Heavyweight Champ on Smackdown. However I dont think that it will be anytime soon. He will proubly have to work his way up again and prove his skills. I'm not doubting him because I know what he can do and I've even seen him live however I think it will take some time for Mr.Kennedy to make it to the top.
James Redd wrote:
Right on! Mr. Kennedy is the best thing to come along in the past few years to the WWE. He reminds me so much of Rowdy Roddy Piper; a heel who you just can't help but love. Piper was arguably the most popular heel of his day and is still fondly remembered by those of us old enough to have watched him "in the day." I was so excited to see him back on TV when he appeared on a few episodes prior to Wrestlemania XXI with "Cowboy" Bob and the Suspended One (though the match they had was absolutely atrocious). The WWF tried and tried to make him a heel but he was just so darn likeable. Ken Kennedy is the reinvention of the loveable heel. I can't wait for this guy to get a title shot. Does anyone know when he's supposed to come back"

PS- Thanks for beating me to the punch, Steven Pee. I was working on an article about Mr. Kennedy. Oh well.
Mohamed Omar wrote:
I hope that when Ken Keenedy comes back they give him the U.S title and slowly buid him up from their, because i dont want him to be given a giant push, because so far i dont think hes earned the fans respect. Think about it, look what happened to John Cena, given a mega push, because he can sell merchandise, not becasue of his abilities. So i hope Kennedy does get that push, but i'd rather see it gradual.
Steven P. (Original Author) wrote:
Hey, James. The name is Steven P., not Pee. I find that insulting. You're lucky I'm not New Jack. By the way, you can still write a Kennedy column. Who's stopping you" Thanks.
Eduver3 wrote:
i agree with you completely, i'll admit i didn't like Kennedy at first but then saw him team up with JBL on SD! and I was very impressed and been behind him since, I can't wait until he returns and I do hope he gets into main event status and eventually someday be a world champion on SD!
PtrcTe wrote:
I can't wait until Kennedy heals up so he can get some gold around his waist, mainly the Intercontinental Title. I am not the biggest kennedy fan but he is great on the mic and almost just as good in the ring. Good job on the article Steven P.
rhymescar wrote:
Yo whats up! my name is rhymes and im from portugal, im a huge fan of wrestling and i thing the site is very nice. Lots of info that helps us portuguese people to understand the phenom that wrestling is in US. Weel a got little question for you guys, why does not mr kennedy wrestle lately" From This this wrestlefan HARDCORE HUGS
James Redd wrote:
Just messing with you, Steven P. Thank you for not taking me too seriously, I am still working on the article though it has had to take a back seat to school. We can't wait for Mr. Kennedy to get back, he is my and my daughters' favorite wrestler.

Rhymescar, ele rasgou o parte em baixo do ombro dele. A mesa coisa que aconteceu com Batista. Ele deve voltar ao "ring" em algumas meses.




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