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July 21, 2005 by Stewart Brower

A phone rings. A chorus of boos are heard as a sinister looking Hispanic man strolls confidently to the ring to the strains of some vaguely Latin guitar rock. This is Eduardo Gori Guerrero Llanes, July 2005.

Just a couple of months ago wrestling fans all over the globe were debating whether Eddie Guerrero, arguably SmackDown!'s top face would be able to successfully turn heel. This was a man gifted not only with top athletic ability but also with charisma that simply oozed onto the screen. His 'Lie, Cheat, Steal' gimmick had made him an unlikely hero and taken him straight to the top, with a WWE title reign to his name.

However, as of early 2005 his role on SmackDown!, if not his popularity, had been greatly reduced. For a man who had enjoyed top feuds all through 2004, including the SmackDown! Main event at WrestleMania XX, was reduced to jerking the curtain at No Way Out 2005, in a Tag Team Title match, against the Basham Brothers, that had absolutely no build up. Eddie and his partner won the match and the titles and with that the seeds were subtly planted for what has become arguably the greatest feud of the year: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio.

It was in a Tag Team title defense that Eddie finally turned heel. Having felt overshadowed and inferior to Rey for a while he snapped, first allowing Rey to be destroyed by MNM, and then demolishing him, himself.

Eddie's heel turn was fantastically done, and enabled him to leave behind his previous baby face gimmick and develop a new and interesting twist on his previous heel characters. He is arrogant and egotistical and much more violent and dark than before, yet retains a little of his humour, all building up one of SmackDown's best rounded and repulsive characters.

As I write this article, Eddie and Rey are building to their eagerly anticipated third PPV clash, at SmackDown's Great American Bash. Their first at WrestleMania, a face vs. face clash for Eddie had not yet turned heel, was a solid opening match for what was a great PPV and their next at Judgement Day was a more hyped match, given it had a better story and a lot was expected and although it was by no means a bad match it was to the majority rather a let down.

Where Eddie goes from this feud is the big question. He could go many ways and as I finish this, the first column I've ever written, I ask you that question"

by Stewart Brower ..

Freddy Sturguess wrote:
I have to disagree with you. I think Eddie Guerrero's heel turn was quite the opposite, and one of the most poorly done that I've seen in a long time. But what's worse is the storyline the feud has developed; the involvement of Rey Mysterio's son and the families of both Guerrero and Mysterio, and an excruciatingly tongue-in-cheek storyline that could have come straight from "Guiding Light."

I do agree that Eddie's 'Lie, Cheat, Steal' gimmick was what took him to the top...along with his in-ring credibility of course, which is quickly slipping as of late (one of the inevitable side-effects of turning heel, which also applies to many wrestlers who do so). But the Lie, Cheat, and Steal gimmick fit him better as a face, because it was refreshing to see a fan favorite who was not ashamed to be sneaky in his victories. The days of babyfaces refusing to break the rules went out with "Take your vitamins, kids!"

But this heel turn was pointless and had no creativity with the "He's become jealous of Rey Mysterio" explanation...which obviously even the writers didn't think was enough or they wouldn't have slapped together this embarrassing angle with Mysterio's child. I also disagree that Guerrero has "kept a little of his humor." He's gone from entertaining to disturbing in no time.

That's the problem with most heel turns; usually they're only for the sake of a change of pace and not for any real creative reasons. Most are too sudden and not built up. Don't get me wrong, wrestling needs heels. But when it's time for a face to turn heel, that turn should be molded more creatively.
Carmenoranda wrote:
I am an Eddict - and it's hard for me to say anything against him. However, I hate this storyline and I wish he had not agreed to do it. Because, now we are almost at the end of 'the secret' storyline, Eddie has been so vilified I don't see where he can go from here. True he plays the psycho-superheel superbly BUT for how long will he be the guy that almost destroyed ReyRey's family etc" (Especially since they bleached Dominik's hair, to make him look more angelic.) Dammit, Eddie is a superb wrestler and I really want people to recognise him for that, not for some jive-ass story line which (word is) Rey Mysterio originated himself.
Krippes316G4 wrote:
I know I might sound odd saying this but I'm glad Eddie is a heel. He finally got back in the spot light. I mean what was he doing tag teaming with booker T (one of the most boring tag teams I think). Once he stopped his feud with Kurt Angel he got dare I say a little boring. Eddie has been a heel for a good part of his wrestling career. Why" Because he's good at playing a heel. I always thought the "lie cheat and steal" Eddie was a little untalented in the ring. once Eddie fought hard-core holly I noticed a big change. And finally Eddie is able again to make people tap. I always thought it unfair that the WWE always changes peoples personalities. Just when you found someone u like they turn evil. So I say once an Eddie fan always an Eddie fan. Viva la Raza!
mayur reve wrote:
Hey Stewart.This is a great coloumn concerning eddie's heel-turn& eddie himself.I mean if you don't believe this but I really like him in this heel-turn right now.He's come back into spotlight again,i mean can you believe it!! at No Way Out 2004 eddie was the main-event against lesnar& he did become champion& this year he was put in a tag-team match.What has happened""""Eddie is one hell of a wrestler,he got in-ring skills equal to that of chris benoit&kurt angle,but he was never given a chance.By this new "Heel" eddie,he should focus on capturing gold again than losing to rey mysterio over&over again.He should come in main event cards& should become a great champion again.I really hope you like my opinion i shared about eddie guerrero& that he truly is the LATINO HEAT!!!



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