Why I Hate Hulk Hogan
August 8, 2005 by Stuart Pinch

Hi, I'm 14 years old from Lima, Ohio and would like to start off by saying, 'I hate Hulk Hogan!'

I can't go deeply into Hulk Hogan's career like Jake Raynor's and Avi Krebs', number one because I hate Hulk Hogan and number two because I don't really know too much about his career in depth.

Sadly I share the birthday with this untalented man - 11th of August - but he was born in 1953 making him an old coot! He weighs about 300 pounds which is WAY too much for someone older than my grandpa, but I will carry on.

The Brisco Brothers are to blame for this untalented monstrosity, they apparently saw 'potential' in him, and I'll give to the overweight guy, he is a star. Hogan started out as an innocent jobber in small NWA promotions, with a lick of wrestling talent. Vince McMahon Sr. would sign him up to WWWF, but Hogan would appear in a Rocky movie so Mr. McMahon Sr. rightly fired him.

However, in true respect to his father, Vince McMahon Jr. would sign him up when he gained control of WWF.

Several times Hulk Hogan has won the WWF Championship when he shouldn't have. When Iron Sheik vs. Bob Backlund was being built up and it came time to face off inside the squared circle, Backlund was 'injured' and Hogan took his place and won the WWF Title from Iron Sheik in under 2 minutes. The idiot wrestling fans sucked it up through straws. Sadly this made 'Hulkamania'.

Hogan once thought wrestling was real and attempted to show a wrestling move to a talk show host and made him pass out, what an idiot. In the '80's wrestlers were banned from cutting promo's about his receding hair line, because Hogan had a sulk about it.Vince, being Hogan's slave, banned it even though you would have thought Vince would answer to no-one. Hogan demonstrated that he is a green untalented muscle guy (like Chris Masters) by body slamming the overweight (like Hogan) but talented Andre' the Giant.

On an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event, Hogan finally lost the WWF Title to Andre' the Giant, in a clean pinfall to admit defeat, NO!!! Hulk's immortal remember! He can't be pinned clean, a fake referee called Earl Hebner was used, then what does Andre' do keep it and brag" NO!! He passes on to Ted DiBiase! AS IF, Andre' would want that title in real life but Andre' didn't have a big ego (just a big stomach!) So DiBiase has the title, does he keep it and defend it regularly against respectable opponents" NO!! It's held up by WWF president Jack Tunney and was eventually won back by 'The Macho Man' Randy Savage! Hogan then TEAMED with the champ, after probably not being able to stay away from the gold legitimately. You know what happens next, at the main event of WrestleMania V Hogan vs. Savage for the WWF Title. Who wins" Hulk Hogan of course, his stupid-ass fans cheer, but the smart fans, like the majority of people at OWW go "oh no, not again". To add insult to Savage's loss, Hogan GOT UP from Savage's

FINISHING MOVE! WHY THE HELL" Because he's immortal, of course, silly me!

Thankfully at WrestleMania V1 (Hogan held the WWF Title for a whole damn year) Ultimate Warrior (who's not the best wrestler actually, but better than Hogan) defeated Hogan for the gold. THEN, Hogan goes and wins the Royal Rumble in 1990! Again at WrestleMania, Hulk friggin' Hogan wins the WWF Title again, this time from Sgt. Slaughter. Hogan is defeated by The Undertaker, but wins it back AGAIN (if you were a fan, who WASN'T sick of Hulk Hogan being champion then you were/are an idiot). Then a magazine said that Hogan uses steroids to make his muscles big, which I daresay is right. Another wrestler stated that he used marijuana and cocaine, which again is probably true. Hogan went home for a sob and disappeared from wrestling for nearly a year (happy days).

When he returned, his ego only got bigger, in a long awaited feud between Bret Hart and Yokozuna which was played at Wrestlemania IX. Yokozuna would be victorious, but can't even keep the damned title for ONE DAY as he loses it to Hogan on the SAME NIGHT! Hogan actually threatened to leave WWF if he didn't get the title. What a HUGE ego. What a HUGE idiot.

Hogan is forced to drop the strap to Yoko and he then sulks and leaves WWF for 9 years (lucky WWF fans!). Unfortunately for WCW fans, Hogan went there. He then turned heel! He pointlessly stuck to the WCW Title like glue, why" Because he's immortal!

I can't report the WCW Title reigns as I didn't watch WCW after Hogan went there. Hogan returns and wins that title again blah, blah, the fans act like its Christmas when "The Immortal" Crap Hogan comes to the ring. Hogan will face Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam, I think HBK will carry the match and Hogan's ego will save him and win, sadly. They call him the 'Immortal' Hulk Hogan, but the only thing Immortal about him is his ego. I'd now like to say I wouldn't be writing this article if Hogan's wrestling skill was as big as his ego.

When Stuart Pinch is not reading and defending himself against hate mail, he can be found on the WWE Chat room. By the way feel free to send your hate mail, and express your views.

by Stuart Pinch ..

Ryi Mysterio wrote:
Im sorry KID but I think your opinions on the Hulkster are invalid, you have no idea what the era of Hulkamania did for profesional wrestling, probably because you are a TOO YOUNG! even I at 18 cant really make a valid opinion on this subject because I never saw Hogans "Hay Day". Despite what you may think I wouldnt class myself as a hulkamanic but I have respect for the guy, I think if you had have acheived what he has acheived then you would have a big ego too. (By the way this is not hate mail itz the TRUTH!) (Why is it that all these young one hate the man who made the sport what it is today"),
Garrett Spears wrote:
First off everyone has the right to his or her opinion. If anyone says they hate Hulk Hogan because he has a huge ego has not read his autobiography he has only done things because Vince told him to and back then they did not have a lot of talent/workers back then so hee used Hulk Hogan as much as he could. When Vince McMahon Jr. was making his company get bigger he needed a star who had charisma. The Hulkster was that man and if anyone says that they are fans of wrestling, one reason and NOT THE ONLY reason, but one reason is because of Hulk Hogan, because of his charisma professional wrestling has become a pop culture phenomenon.
Darren McLea wrote:
What you fail to understand is that wrestling wouldn't be what it is today without Hulk Hogan. All the history that you give I disregard because you weren't alive to experience any of it. You will never hear me say I Hate Bruno Sammartino and I would especially never try and judge what went on during his career because I never saw any of it. It makes me laugh when people who didn't experience the 80's era of Hulk Hogan try to talk trash about him. How can you hate a man who went to hospitals after his matches to visit sick/dying children instead of partying" Read Ric Flair's book in which he praises Hogan for this. Also, your comment about Hogan's finishing move is rediculous. Hogan had that finisher during a time when Hacksaw won with a clothesline, Jake with a DDT, Beefcake with a sleeper, etc. all of which are regular moves today. So don't try to compare it to finishers of today. In case you haven't noticed, the fans go bezerk when Hogan hit's those 3 punches, boot, and leg drop. I don't think any current superstar can match the reaction and drawing power of this "overweight guy".
Indians420 wrote:
hey yo dude i read you little so called article about why you hate Hogan and you know what it suxed it was badly writtin i mean all you basically did in the whole article was call him an idiot you didnt mention any thing that stated that hogan suxs all you did was poke fun of the fans that like him because he isnt like some no talented people like john cena or randy orton no hogan actually payed his dues by facing some of the legends like andre the giant macho man ulitmant warrior ric flair iron Sheike he also faced the likes of sting goldberg the rock kurt angle if my memorie serves me right he beat the 10 time champion hhh hogan doesnt wrestle because he has anything to prove no he done proved it all he wrestles because the fans love him and the fans want him to wrestle that is why he wrestles unlike wrestlers of today like orton or john cena who didnt pay anything to win a title i mean people like the rock faced hogan and yeah he won but after the match he had more respect for him then anything same for hhh everyone that has faced hogan has had more respect hogan was the first to body slam andre the giant after he lost to ultimant warrior did he cry moan and complain like orton or hhh no he handed the title to him and shoke hands with warrior see you didnt even know what his finishing move was your 14 and your on here making remarks like this i mean if you ask anyone like me and all the hogan fans that has watched hogan wrestle for all there lives they can tell you that being a hulkamaniac isnt just cherring for him it is that rush of adrenline you get when your sitting front and center and see him come out you saying you hate hogan is like saying you hate babe ruth cause hogan is the babe ruth in wrestling i mean hogan steales the show ever time he goes out there if he is wrestling or not because they know that hogan fans are going to leave with a smile on there face yea i give has been kid his due he has faced some good people but unlike has been kid hogan has never i say never had a title handed to him he has earned every title he has had weither he is face or heel fans still love him and that my friend is true wrestling fans to love someone as much to no mater what they due they still love him so kid your 14 so what you need to do is learn up on what hulk is all about before you go and make off handed remarks like this i mean hogan was in charge of one of the greates factions in history the NWO he was also part of one of the greatest tag teams the mega powers i mean to say hogan is an idiot no he isnt he was in the main event of the first wm i mean your facts are all wrong and so are you hogan fans arnt idiots your the idiot cause obivisouly you know nothing about wrestling you just think it is cool to get on here and lash out at somthing you dont know anything about a true wrestling fan is some one that will stick by there fav wrestler thick and thin no matter what that wrestler does a true wrestling fan sticks behind him weather he turns heel or face weither he goes on a rampage and beats everyone down that is what a true wrestling fan does and you my friend are nothing but a poser some one that thinks he knows about wrestling but knows nothing
justin lloyd wrote:
I would like to comment on the moron who stated how much he hates hulk hogan. If this idiotic 14 year old would realize that Hogan is the reason that wrestling is as big as it is today he would realize why he is the greatest ever.
Ben P wrote:
Hulk Hogan may not be a good wrestler, but at the time, you didn’t have to be, let’s be honest, without Hulk Hogan would half the people who watch wrestling now be watching" Someone else may have come along and revolutionised the business but maybe not, you can’t judge a wrestler from the mid eighties by the same standards that you judge today’s wrestlers. Importantly Hogan, along with Nash and Hall managed to make fans turn to WCW where the fans continued to watched (for a few years at least) Most people go crazy when Hogan appears on RAW now because for a lot of fans, Hogan is their (and my) first memory of professional wrestling and the reason that we watch it. Most of your points are justified, as he does have a big ego, but if you brought a whole company into the mainstream wouldn’t you" I like many people can’t wait for the Summerslam match, we all know it won’t be a classic wrestling clinic, but this is one of the last true realistic dream matches, like the ones that kept wrestling magazines interesting in the mid to late nineties!
CN wrote:
I will honestly say I still love seeing Hogan part time. Your correct. He isn't talented enough to keep up with the likes of today's ain event stars who are muscular as well as athletic. You said it yourself that you don't have the wrestling history to back your own words up. Hogan enjoyed a steady diet of world titles, true. Yet no one else in that era could really carry the company. Not until Warrior came through did the "FANS" want to see anyone else as champ. It was a different era. As for the should have been called are correct. I don't know if anyone can explain that. The biggest gripe you make is Hogan winning multiple world titles. Then you must despise Triple H, Mankind, Bret Hart, Steve Austin etc... who have just as many world titles in the WWE/F that Hogan did...If you want to get real historical look at Ric Flair or Jerry Lawler who carried the USWA title some nonsensical number like 50 times! The man made wrestling what it is today, period. Can he wrestle like HBK" NO! Can he wrestle like Kurt Angle" NO! Yet the Hulkster has never made this claim...He is an entertainer in World Wrestling Entertainment...He is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time and he has three moves...For some of us, the act will never get old because it reminds us of when we were kids and believed in the morals the Hulkster preached...Babe Ruth is baseball history, Wayne Gretzky & Gordie Howe are hockey's AND love em or hate em the Hulkster is WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT'S HISTORY...I am on the verge of being 24 and have been watching the WWE as long as I can't disrespect the men who paved the way for today's stars....That is exactly why you see Hulk, Animal and Bret around....RESPECT FOR HISTORY!
Lawrence Watson wrote:
Although I'm no passionate Hogan fan, I feel that you may have gone a little too far... After all, without Hogan, wrestling would never be this big. I agree with you that Hogan ended his usefulness... but around 1992, not from the getgo! In any case I agree, but I disagree.
DLMD9 wrote:
The only idiot I see here is you. Once again, another fan who doesn't see the big picture. Hogan was good for the wrestling business. With him on the wrestling scene he helped every other wrestler. He brought in the fans, the publicity, and he brought in the money that paid for everyone checks. This is why most fans can't run a wrestling organization. You can't make the best decisions for business. Hogan name sells more seats than any other name in this business. Any 'smart' fan knows that.

Now you can complain about Hogan all you want but it will change no ones opinion about Hulk Hogan. For every fan that hates Hogan there are twenty that cheer him.
The Thunderer wrote:
Not eloquently said and childish, but with truth none the less. He does have a point but I can't say I totally agree with him. Hogan did build his career around showmanship and persona, which is just as important as actual skill. Yes he doesn't have the athleticism of someone like Shelton Benjamin, or the technical expertise of a Bret Hart, but what he does have is a legacy, a character that has been so effective, so Immortal, that the powers that be have driven it into the ground. Hogan personifies what the 80's wrestlers were, full of flair, and entertaining. His style is past its prime no doubt, and he hasn't bothered to adapt, but he is nostalgia, the feeling that people remember when rick derringer's opening guitar rift hits and the people erupt with applause because of what they remember.

My personal opinion is that Hulk has had his day, is in the hall of fame, is a pop culture icon, and should let the others carry the torch which he caused to burn brighter. He is doing a disservice to his image to carry on, he's slow and faded, ruining the myth of Hulk Hogan. Someone who has done that much for the wrestling community, whether his means were right or wrong, deserves to go out with a bang like he did, not the tedious fizzling that he is proceeding to do. Hopefully this will be the last burst, the "One More Match" then we can see him ride off in the proverbial sunset.
Jmunzueta wrote:
I wholeheartedly agree with everything he had to say about Hogan. Hogan is the worse wrestling personality to ever step inside a ring. Stupid egomaniac.
Caleb Byrne (Proud Smark) wrote:
I just finished reading this column, and have to say I wasn't impressed with the way you presented yourself. Yes, Hulk Hogan is old. Yes, Hulk Hogan isn't the most talented wrestler. You made a lot of comments that came across as adolescent sniping. Your remarks about Andre The Giant ("overweight" and having "a big stomach") weren't necessary. The man suffered from acromegaly, or "giantism", meaning that the body secretes far too many growth hormones and results in continuous growth. Once people suffering from this condition stop growing upwards, they begin growing outwards. So there is the medical explanation for Andre having "a big stomach".

Regardless, moving back to Hogan. As I said above, yes, he's old and he never has been the greatest wrestler in terms of in-ring ability. But you have to give credit where credit's due. The man practically set about the rise of wrestling from a small, regional business to the global industry that it is today. Now I agree that he should no longer be in the ring (watching his last couple of matches have been extremely painful), neither should he be an object of scorn and abuse from immature people like you that rant on about how he's an old coot and weighs more than someone older than your grandpa should. The steroids issue" He admitted it, but how many other wrestlers use/have used steroids" Does this also make them deserving of abuse"

Tone down the subjectivity and maybe come up with reasonable points as to why you hate him, rather than simple going through his career and rubbishing everything he did and placing the blame for the more annoying moments squarely on Hogan's shoulders. Also, calling any wrestling fan who chooses to cheer for Hulk Hogan "stupid-ass" in a little uncalled for. Try growing up a few years before posting your next column.
Victor Lee wrote:
While I do not blame you for hating Hulk Hogan, you were not there during the days of his prime. In spite of the fact that he was by his own admission not a great wrestler, he was the biggest draw in America during the 80s. He controls the crowd with a minimalist effort, as I have seen firsthand. Many smarks hate him because he transcended professional wrestling and became the face of it the way he did. The crowd borderline worshipped him as their hero once; with the kayfabe era ended, he's now just a memory of innocent days.

Don't hate on Hogan for kicking out of people's finishers. Hate Vince McMahon, as he made sure Hulk Hogan would take WWF to the top, and assuring that Hogan would be the template for the future aces of his company, like John Cena.
Garrett wrote:
Being a Hulkamaniac i disagree with alot of your column.Mainly the sentence "Hogan demonstrated that he is a green untalented muscle guy (like Chris Masters) by body slamming the overweight (like Hogan) but talented Andre' the Giant." that doesnt make sense. Hulk slamming Andre was pretty much the most amazing thing in wrestling, and is something that every wrestling fan, no matter if you are a Hulkamaniac or not, will always remember. Comparing Hulk to the Masterpiece is a joke, because Hulk has more charisma than pretty much anyone., and although he doesnt have a huge move set, or do anything that amazing, he makes u get into the match, he tells a story, and he gets you excited about the match. Also, im not a huge fan of HHH, but i dont accuse him of being a crack head. You might have stopped watching WCW when Hulk went there. but everyone else didn't. Hulk being in WCW was a huge reason that they beat WWE in the ratings for so long. Sure he has a huge ego, but wouldnt you if u were him" Like it or not, hes the most recognizable professional wrestler of all time, hes arguably had to most succesfull career of any wrestler, and he made wresting what it is today. People watched wrestling cause of Hulk Hogan.
Brian Folan wrote:
Ok, Mr. Pinch, I understand that you are only 14 years old, but if you are going to go off on a rant about someone, at least have your facts straight first. You also don't do much for your credibility when you admit in the first paragraph that you "don't really know too much about his career in depth." Just a minor point, but Hogan was "stolen" from Verne Gagne's AWA, not NWA. But Hulk has won the title several times when "he shouldn't have"" You know, you're right, he shouldn't have beaten the Iron Sheik, which kicked off the WWF's second best drawing period in history and made Hogan one of the biggest stars on the planet. That was a disaster, how dare Hogan give a jump start to the "Rock 'N Wrestling" era. What was the WWF thinking when it used Hogan's star power to introduce Wrestlemania and usher in the era of Pay-Per-View wrestling"

As for the "made a talk show host pass out" part, I will not dignify that with a response. But what exactly did Hogan prove by body slamming Andre the Giant" That he's a "green untalented muscle guy"" That's strange, I thought he had demonstrated that he and Andre knew how to get the biggest pop that anyone has ever heard out of 93,000 strong in the SilverDome. And the whole Andre/DiBiase thing" What does that have to do with Hulk" And both Savage and Warrior were examples of Hogan swallowing his big ego and trying to pass the torch. But the crowds weren't buying into it, Savage couldn't draw like Hogan and the Warrior was so juiced up he started to believe his own gimmick. So Hogan took the belt back each time for the good of the WWF. By the time Sgt. Slaughter and Undertaker were in the picture, Hulk had basically checked out and wanted freedom to make bad TV shows and even worse movies, but he still spent time in the ring because he was still the biggest draw. By WM IX, however, I will concede that Hulk's ego had now officially taken over and was about to spiral out of control.

As for WCW, Hulk at first rejuvenated WCW, and then went on to help ruin it, so that's pretty much a push. Now obviously, Hulk is not much of a wrestler, but he was among the most charismatic superstars to ever enter the squared circle, he was instrumental in turning wrestling into a national phenomenon and not just a regional sideshow. He tried to put Savage and Warrior over and pass the torch, but fans didn't go for it. In the early 90s, around when you were born Mr. Pinch, Hulk was doing everything he could to help the wrestling business and step away gracefully, but they kept needing him back, and eventually it led to him thinking he was bigger than the business. But whether you like it or not, he earned some of that ego, and when the crowds go wild when his music hits, they're not cheering a great worker, they're paying homage to a great entertainer.
Matthew Aston wrote:
I've read many columns on Online World of Wrestling, and this one is the first I've felt I should reply too. The reason is that a lot of columns are actually correct in my opinion.

The first comment is that the Hulk Hogan/Iron Sheik match went about five and half minutes. I should know, considering I watched it about eight hours before typing this e-mail. Hulk Hogan should have won the title, each and every time, regardless of the situation. The thing is, Hulk Hogan is the main reason wrestling is in the place it is now. He drew more in his prime, which was around 1983 to 1998 than any other wrestler. Steve Austin to my knowledge drew more in certain periods of time, but his prime was 1998 to 2001. If somebody draws, you make them the top person in the company. It's like John Cena now. A lot of people complain about him, but he draws. So why not put him as the lead person on Smackdown and then on Raw"

"ogan once thought wrestling was real and attempted to show a wrestling move to a talk show host". No, Hulk Hogan's job is to make the fans believe it's real. The thing is, kayfabe hadn't been killed back then, so a lot of people would believe in Hogan, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant and all the other top wrestlers.

"In the '80's wrestlers were banned from cutting promo's about his receding hair line". Yes, like the WWE don't allow people to say that Antonio Inoki won the WWE Title, and that Fabulous Moolah did not have one near thirty year reign.

"Hogan demonstrated that he is a green untalented muscle guy (like Chris Masters) by body slamming the overweight (like Hogan) but talented Andre' the Giant". That is opinion. Hulk Hogan is by no means the best wrestler, he is the best entertainer. Look at Hulkamania and look at the money Hogan did and still does generate for WWE and previously WCW. Also, I see you didn't mention the length of the Wrestlemania 3 main event.

"You know what happens next, at the main event of WrestleMania V Hogan vs. Savage for the WWF Title. Who wins" Hulk Hogan". Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were two of the top talents at the time. That means money. One thing a lot of fans, which you probably fall into the catergory of, forget one thing. Wrestling is a business. WWE, NWA TNA and RoH are busienss, and they need to make money. Why would you put say two wrestlers with more wrestling talent and make less money, than have a money making match"

"Hogan held the WWF Title for a whole damn year". Wrestlers like John Bradshaw Layfield, Bruno Sammartino, Triple H and Diesel had long title reigns, and long title reigns are good for wrestling. If you have a title change hands every one or two months, nobody would care about it. It makes the wrestler holding it look a lot better, allowing the person who wins the title look better. The reason" He or she has just won the title from someone who has been at the top for so long.

Hulk Hogan is one of the top people in this industry, and always will be. The thing is, he drew, and he drew big time. The thing is, Hogan was popular. So why not have the title on him" The thing is, WWE is a business. Now this is why I'm glad fans do not run the WWE, but just watch it. The thing is, the person who works at the time is the person that will be at the top. It's okay to hate Hulk Hogan, but nobody can deny the fact that he drew a lot. He went to WCW, and formed the New World Order, which again helped WCW. Then he came back to WWE, and had some great matches against The Rock and Vince McMahon. People can have a go at me all they wish, and if you want you can. I myself like Hogan, and definetly respect his contributions.
Michael Cuozzo wrote:
cut hte dude a break. few of you actually were able to look past yourselves and began to rip on a kid who may not have stated his opinions in a well written manner, but who nonetheless is right in that Hogan isn't anything to look at in the ring anymore.

In the 80's, I loved Hogan and he made the business what it is. His ego was and is HUGE, which is why so few other wrestlers got time in the 80's. As for now, it's old and tired. I hope Shawn Michaels wrecks Hogan and they put the behemoth to bed. THere's nothing there anymore. It still brings the fans, but whoever said wrestling fans were smart.

He came back to plug his new show. Gimme a break, ok. He had his final match vs. Hassan and that was cool, but let's all let it go, ok. Thanks for those who responded with grace. Indians 420, learn how to use puncuation marks so I can read your response w/o getting a headache.
Jack Reeve wrote:
Some of it may be true but it happens today (Anyone remember HHH) He did help create the business it is today along with Andre etc but I think that the HBK turn was the freshest thing to happen to WWE in years and lets be honest we all found the Larry king style segment a couple of weeks ago funny right (He does say brother a lot don't he) but I still think it's good to see Hulk now and then And I still respect him but after what I've read in "Wrestle crap" and his dictatorship of WWF and WCW I've lost a lot of respect for him. In 2002 when he returned I was happy to see the red and yellow back it seemed so long....but you can't diss a bonifided legend and hall of famer so I hope its a gd match at SS but to be honest a HBK win is wat is needed

P.S it was the 91 royal rumble not 90 check your facts next time!
Jacob Kuhn wrote:
Everyone, get over it. Stuart Pinch here has every God Given right to hate Hulk Hogan. Just because Hogan was a top draw, doesn't mean everyone has to love him. While I don't think he made any valid arguements-and the comments about Andre The Giant were uncalled for- it's his opnion and he's entitled to it.

Now, all you people criticizing him for his age, stop it. Just because he's 14 doesn't mean he can't have an opinion on Hulk Hogan. Sure, you guys like Hogan and want to defend him. But you're not defending him, you're finding ways to pick on this guy for having an opinion he's entitled to.

I grew up LOVING Hulk Hogan. I am 30, so I was a wrestling fan throughout the entire existence of 'Hulkamania.' And I loved Hogan up until Wrestlemania 9. Now, because of his politcking and tremendous and OBVIOUS ego, I hate him more than anyone besides the Ultimate Warrior. I don't doubt that almost every other big star has a big ego, but they are much better at not making a spectacle of it like Hogan does. Also, the fact that Hogan's autobiography is full of misrepresented facts does help his case. (And before anyone says "How do you know it wasn't true," anyone who claims to be a 'smart fan' and has not only watched wrestling, but followed the facts and read all of the available books would know that Hogan's opinions seem to be indigenous to him).

So, Stuart, go on hating Hulk Hogan. I encourage it. Our reasons may differ, but you're entitled to your opinion. I am pretty sure you're doing a good job of ignoring people who attack you for your valid opinons.
Christopher Bates wrote:
Well spoken mate, I agree with a lot of what you said. Hogan is nothing special and his ten minute entrances and exits are double the length of a Heidenreich match. Actually......Hogan is just an orange Heidenreich with dodgy facial hair.....
Nicholas Johnson wrote:
First and foremost, this article was pretty hilarious. I was laughing at this article from top to bottom, but after I stopped laughing, I finally approached the realization that this is the opinion of ONE PERSON!!! My friend, your reasons for "hating" Hulk Hogan are just ridiculous. I share a birthday with Brock Lesnar, but you don't see me writing an article on why I hate him. But I digress!

First of all, I want you to name me ONE GOOD MAIN EVENT FACE back in the 1980s. Sure, you had Bob Backlund, Ricky Steamboat, and even Bret Hart. But the three of them combined could not have the same draw as Hogan did. I'm not knocking Backlund, Steamboat, or Hart, but what I'm saying is that while they did sell out crowdsnin their own time, Hogan was indeed the man!

Now, I could go on and on with my rebuttal, but like an old Gospel song says: "I cannot tell it all!" And besides-- what is not to like about the man who revolutionzed the sport like he did"! Hogan said it himself: "Vince gave me the ball, and I took it and ran with it!" No one has run as long and as hard as Hogan! You gotta respect that!
Steven "Hulkster" Nair wrote:
Hi my name is Steven Nair and im from Mangere, South Auckland New Zealand. and ive been following the HULKSTER since i was in my nappies.To start off... all i want to say to you is Hey BROTHER!!!! you better watch what your saying. im a big fan of Hulk Hogan and i was really hurt by what you said. but as a Hulkamaniac i respect your point of view and will take it!!! to start my point why Hogans great is that he IS THE FACE of pro wrestling. He is why pro wrestling is what it is today. when he made the shift to W.C.W he actually boosted the ratings!!!! he had made many great memorable wrestling moments that would be remembered FOREVER!!!! he is a GREAT ROLE MODEL for kids. I remember as a kid growing up man i LOVED hogan!!!!!! Hogans face is universal!!!!! even to people that dont even watch pro wrestling. they will see H.B.K, J.Bradshaw.Layfield,Batista,Randy Orton and dont have a clue who the hell they are" but once they see the HULKSTER they know damn well who he is!!!!!!!

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