Litabomb: The Good & Bad Of Amy Dumas
July 1, 2006 by Tanner Dorman

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Over the past six years we have been graced by the presence of Lita (Amy Dumas). Lita has always been a fine competitor. Whether it's a fight for the title or an all-out grudge match, Lita is sure not to disappoint.

It all started when a new face was added to WWE. Lita debuted as a manager for Essa Rios. This did not last long though, Essa started getting mad at Lita and the team eventually broke up.

As Lita broke away from Rios, she joined a new team that she also knew on a personal level, the Hardy Boyz. Lita and the Hardy Boyz battled their way through the Dudleys, Edge and Christian, Right to Censor, and Rhino.

Later, Lita broke up from the Hardy Boys but they still remained friends, just no longer a tag team. Lita still wrestled Trish, Ivory, Jacqueline, and Molly on different occasions.

In April of 2002, Lita was shooting the set of a Canadian television show, Dark Angel. She was a guest star villain that would perform her signature move, The Litacanrana off a crate onto the main character. As she did it the main character dropped her and Lita fell in and awkward position on her head. Lita came to find out, seven days later, that she had broken her neck. Lita spent about a year and a half recovering in the hospital and rehabilitating at home.

Finally, on September 15, 2003, Lita made her in-ring return, coming to the aid of Trish who was about to fall into the hands of Molly Holly and Gail Kim. I thought, "I'm probably not the only one that was glad to have her there." Everyone seemed to warm right back up to her after her return from a serious neck injury that threatened her career indefinitely.

Once Lita started the engine once again, she, alongside Trish, feuded with Molly Holly and Gail Kim, which turned out to be a pretty heated feud. After that fizzled out, a little bet was made between two men known as Chris Jericho and Christian. All that can be said about this bet is that it angered both Lita and Trish because Lita thought Christian was really in love with her and Trish thought Chris Jericho was really in love with her, but all they wanted was you-know-what. The anger leads up to Armageddon 2003 where Eric Bischoff scheduled a Battle of the Sexes match. This match was a tag team match where Trish Stratus and Lita competed against Chris Jericho and Christian. The men prevailed which put an end to that feud, and the year, 2003. The New Year had arrived along with new opportunities for Lita.

Lita competed in a fatal four-way elimination match for the Women's championship on the 23rd of February. Lita came up short in that match when Victoria beat her with a vicious Widow's Peak. The end of the match didn't cause any heat between Victoria and Lita, so they remained friends. Lita and Victoria made an excellent team for the next couple of weeks against Molly and Jazz. Lita competed in a singles match here and there, but nothing huge.

Once Lita was comfortable and situated, WWE started a feud between Kane and Lita. Kane started keeping his eye on Lita and started having feelings for her. Lita was currently in love with Matt Hardy, so of course, she had no feelings for Kane. Kane and Matt hardy started feuding over Lita, which lead up to a match between Matt Hardy and Kane. This was not just any match; this was a match with a special stipulation. The stipulation was that the winner got to marry Lita on Raw. Kane prevailed in the match and started to torment Lita with his "love." No one thought things could get worse for Lita, but everyone was wrong!

Lita was found to be pregnant with Kane's baby and was harassed by the new "Mean Girl," Trish Stratus. A wedding was finally scheduled for the August 23rd edition of Raw where Lita was forced to marry Kane. The already devastated Lita was still being tormented by the likes of the Women's champion, Trish. Trish made things even worse for Lita, calling her fat and playing tricks on her. Lita then, lost her baby when Gene Snitsky hit Kane with a chair causing him to fall onto Lita. The feud between Trish and Lita got hotter and hotter when Survivor Series 2004 finally came. The card included a match for the Women's championship, Lita Vs. Trish Stratus. This is probably the biggest grudge match I've ever seen. Lita broke Trish's nose with a chair shot causing immediate disqualification. Disqualification didn't hold Lita back. She continued to beat Trish and was relentless to get revenge. It took well over five security guards to hold Lita back from continuing her punishment on Trish.

On December 6th, 2004, Trish defended her title against Lita once again. This time, Lita was able to conquer over Trish and take the gold! About one month later, Lita defended her title against; you guessed it, Trish, at New Years Revolution. In the middle of the match Lita attempted a Lou Thesz Press off the ring apron. Lita landed oddly on her left leg witch caused her knee to collapse, tearing her left ACL ligament, and even worse, causing her to lose the title back to Trish Stratus.

Lita was off television for three months, recovering. Meanwhile, on Raw, Trish started to torment the new diva, Christy Hemme. Christy was not experienced in wrestling at all, so it was easy for Trish to take advantage of her. Lita returned to support and train Christy for her match against Trish at WrestleMania. Lita was still in rehabilitation so she was still out of the ring.

After Lita was separated from Christy, she started to share her Love for Kane and join him in his fight against Trish and Viscera. After that feud, Eric Bischoff arranged a Goldrush Tournament where select Raw superstars were to have a series of matches similar to King of the Ring. On May 16, 2005, the final match of the Goldrush Tournament was between Kane (accompanied by Lita) and Edge. The match drug on until the camera caught a glimpse of Lita giving Edge his Metal "Money in the Bank" briefcase. Lita then, watched as Edge hit Kane over the head with it followed by a cover for the 1-2-3! The audience was confused until Lita climbed into the ring and rejoiced with Edge kissing and loving all over him turning her heel or evil.

Over the next year Lita would do nothing but accompany Edge to the ring and watch him wrestle while looking like a skank and acting like one too which leads us to today, Lita just accompanies Edge to the ring and chants him on. Lita being with Edge, is the worst thing in the world because it's bringing Edge and Lita down. Lita never wrestles anymore and the Women's Division isn't much without her. This is what brings us to the bad of Amy Dumas, Just watching her stand there and look like a you-know-what.

by Tanner Dorman ..

Jon Rosaler wrote:
Lita used to be really hot, but then in 2004, she got fat.(Listen to Jarod's Subway diet carefully, Amy, lol). I don't understand why WWE is continuing the Edge w/ Lita thing. They broke up months ago, god! WWE really needs to get a grip (And WTF is with those goddamn pigtails >:o( ahh!). Sorry, *takes deep breath * ok, where was I, oh,yeah. Lita needs to wrestle again. She is no Chyna or Sherri Martel, she's almost always there. At least Chyna was able to fight guys, with Edge always helping Miss Hoe out, she can't even fight girls. Waaaah, Lita, whine whine whine, funny how everyone makes fun of your nutsack or hairy chest and you actually look at it.

I wrote a column on the Hardy Boyz just recently and Lita's job with Rios was.. very distasteful like it is with Edge right now. It makes sense that Sharmel is King Booker's valet due to being married to her "real" man, unlike some "Queens". I really am not that crazy about Edge, I respect him as a wrestler, not as a person, and I never will. Lita, I would respect more if she would stop eye candying her "Boyfriend" and get her cute ass back in the ring to wrestle.
Mark Patai wrote:
Hey Tanner. I liked you're Column, you're facts were good. Its just one thing I have to disagree with, and I'll qoute what I think is just...not right"

"Lita never wrestles anymore and the Women's Division isn't much without her." Okay, thats what I disagree with. If Lita was competing in the Division, she wouldn't make things better at all. We have Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Victoria to make things good. I mean face the facts, Lita just plain can't wrestle. There was a time she could, but now I give tootles to the WWE for keeping her out the ring. I mean, if Lita were to wrestle again she'd be taking a trip back to the hospital.

I Think if the Edge-Lita love thing is getting annoyed, make her be a sex toy for some other guy. If not, I'd send her to OVW for some traning, I'd leave her there for a good 9 months to improve her WHOLE move set.

Nice column however...(Hehe, It must be hard to accept a positive comment after all that, eh"=] )
Gus wrote:
It is pretty sad how Lita has fallen so quickly over this past year, from stealing the show in the ring, to becoming Edge's B*tch. Well, Im guessing its Mickie James time to shine!!!
John wrote:
Lita at one time could have been considered as the greatest women's wrestler ever. That time has passed. She does absolutely nothing now at ringside. This column couldn't be any more true. Lita should go help RVD retain his title at Saturday Night's Main Event, go back to her ECW roots, and become a face. She needs to be refreshed. Great Column.
Ernesto Diaz wrote:
Lita was such a great competitor. I first caught a glimpse of her when she was managing the Hardy Boyz and I saw her in the ring too and I instantly liked her. She was a great women's wresltler but I was so upset when her downfall with Edge came up. She is just acting like a skank. I can't wait for the day that she leaves Edge, becomes a face, and starts wrestling again.
Alyssa W. wrote:
Though I agree with what you are trying to say, you didn't do much convincing. Yes Lita is not what she used to be, but instead of briefing the last six years of her career, you could have explained just how being a valet is making her look like a fool.

I do miss the old Lita... The Lita who would take just as big of risks as Matt and Jeff themselves, but I don't see her going back to that girl anytime soon. Partly because I think she's afraid of getting hurt again, and because she seems happy only being Edge's "slut."

Overall, I think your article was alright but I was hoping for an explanation... not just a flashback.




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